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Decluttering my makeup collection is going to be hard. It's going to be hard because I actually do like everything I own! However it's become a bit overwhelming and there's no way I can use it all - I also have lots of friends and family who would really appreciate and love a lot of these products, so I'd much rather pass them on to a home where they'll be used to death instead of sitting neglected in my drawer (which makes me feel kind of guilty). Why hold onto all of this *stuff* that's just bringing me anxiety when it could be bringing joy to someone else? There are also a few bits in my stash that I think are getting old and need to be binned... I'm definitely trying to be more mindful about what I bring into my collection - you've probably noticed far fewer big hauls on my blog this year (though right now is a bit of an exception; it was recently my birthday, I treated myself to a few bits when I got my ACII and I have a few things from Cult Beauty I was sent and will probably grab something with my birthday discount). This is because I don't want or need that much  new 'stuff' constantly but I also have other things going on in my life now, such as saving towards buying my first home.

I think the bottom line is that I want to feel excited and inspired by the products in my collection. I totally get where project panners are coming from, but for me - life's too short to force myself to use a product I just don't like that much, when makeup is meant to be fun and exciting. I can definitely do that with more functional products like skincare and brow pencils but when it comes to colour products, I really want everything I own to bring me joy in some way. Plus my tastes have definitely changed over the years since I got into beauty. I generally am quite good with not adding products I didn't like to my collection in the first place; I put new things in my everyday makeup drawer and if I don't like them they immediately go in my box to pass on, so this declutter series is going to be tough! I think I'll probably take the photos and put the posts together pretty far ahead of time as I do want to get the declutter done but I don't want every post on a Monday for the next 2 months to be just this! So if you see me post about a product that isn't in this series, that's probably because I did the declutter before I acquired it. Now I've set out why I'm doing this, I want to bring you along on my little journey and today we're tackling the palettes...

My thoughts on palettes

Palettes have long been my weakness and I'm actually surprised how much my tastes have actually changed. I've tried to be as brutal as possible here because my collection really was out of control! I think that before this month the last time I got a new eyeshadow palette was probably for Christmas. I definitely won't be buying any more face palettes after this as I've somehow acquired a lot that just aren't quite right and surely the point is to use every shade in there. I just feel as though going forwards, a palette is going to have to be really special to make me want to buy it.

Highlighter palettes

First we're tackling the highlighter palettes and I have two of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits | £41 each. I originally got That Glow | review & swatches | which was limited edition and no longer available and really did love it. However I acquired Sun Dipped*  | review & swatches | towards the end of last year and although they aren't super alike, they do have a similar feel. I just never reach for That Glow any more - I also way prefer the formula and colour payoff of Sun Dipped. The two shades on the bottom row of That Glow are also very similar. I was debating over keeping the light iridescent yellow shade but I'd rather pass it on to a loving home intact and, as I went through my palettes, I clocked that this shade from my Zoeva palette (right-hand swatch) is actually pretty similar. 

The Zoeva Summer Strobe Spectrum* | £19.50 | review & swatches | is provisionally staying - I definitely don't use it enough but looking at the shades now, it's something I definitely want to wear. We'll see how it goes over the next few months. I'm definitely hanging onto my Huda Beauty 3D Highlight Palette in Golden Sands* | £40 | review & swatches - it's just beautiful (especially that peachy colour)! I kind of forgot about the ColourPop Gimme More Highlighter Palette | $18 | review & swatches | but I do want to use it - there are some really unique colours in here that I don't have in my collection. Hopefully now it's a bit less buried I can show it some love.

I actually picked up the L'Oreal La Vie en Glow Palette in Sunset | £12.99 | really recently (a review is coming) - it doesn't look like it in the pan but once swatched (the L'Oreal is the bottom row) it's actually a really good dupe for Anastasia Sun Dipped. The quality really is incredible and it's great to have such a good drugstore option to recommend. It might not stay in my collection forever given the similarity but I'm keeping hold of it for now.

I accidentally didn't take a photo but out of these palettes I'll be getting rid of That Glow (for reasons previously mentioned) and the Sleek Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette | £9.99 | review & swatches. There's nothing that wrong with this palette (though one of the shades is definitely a bit chunky) but I never seem to use it and looking at it now, it just doesn't excite me, so I'd rather let someone else have it.

Face palettes and duos

Onto face palettes! I have a few from Pixi: the Maryam Maquillage Strobe & Bronze Palette* | £24 | review & swatches, the Strobe & Sculpt* version | £24 | review & swatches and the Cafe Con Dulce Palette* | £28. I knew straight off the bat it was going to be a bit excessive to keep both of the strobe palettes but it was tough because there were shades I liked in both - if only I could mix and match them! In the end I went for the bronze version as I rarely do that sort of a harsh contour, plus I tend not to use matte highlighters. The gold shimmery highlighter is gorgeous but I'm sure I have something similar in my collection. As is the peachy tone, but it's pretty close to the one in the Huda palette. Whereas in the bronze edition, I really enjoy all three highlighters. This formula really is great - it's soft-focus and sheeny but nice and pigmented. The Cafe con Dulce was a bit of an easier product to part with - it's nice enough but I have so many highlighters that I can't imagine bypassing for these ones. The shades are pretty so-so and can also be used as eyeshadows, but I personally think they're a bit sheer for that.

Next I have two from Zoeva: the Coral Spectrum Blush Palette* | £14.50 | review & swatches | and Cream Contour Spectrum* | £24 | review & swatches. I'll be saying goodbye to both of these. I used to love Coral Spectrum and went through a phase of almost exclusively using this, however now I think there's only one shade in here that really does it for me. The quality is really nice but it just isn't something I use anymore. The contour palette is going because I rarely contour, let alone cream contour and although there are a couple of really good shades in here, a lot of this doesn't work for my skin tone.

I have two palettes from Sleek that I'll be keeping hold of: the Blush by 3 in Lace | £9.99 |  review & swatches | and Contour Kit in Medium* | £6.99 | review & swatches. The Lace trio is more for sentimental reasons as it's an old favourite I can't bear to part with. The colours are stunning and pigmented, plus perfect for summer. I actually used to have the Face Form version of this contour kit which contains these two shades but also a shimmery bronzer which I never use - my friend hit pan on that colour so I let her have mine and I kept this duo. As I said, I don't often contour but when I do, this shade is perfect.

I'll also be keeping my MAC Blush Pans | £16 each | review & swatches | that I depotted (badly!) into this duo. These are both Sheertone in the perfect everyday shades of Blush Baby and Gingerly. I also will be keeping provisionally the Nars Dual Intesity Blush in Frenzy | £30 | review & swatches. I don't know why but I haven't used this that much since I got it - the shades are perfect for summer so I'm going to give it another chance! 

I have three face duos from ColourPop (I don't think any of these are available any more, which is a real shame) and I'll be keeping all of these. I have the Pressed Powder Cheek Duos in Topaz & Double Play | $16 each | review & swatches | and the Super Shock Cheek Duo in Here Comes the Sun |$16 | review & swatches. I love the powder versions - the highlighters are so smooth and pigmented and the blusher and bronzer shades blend beautifully and last really well - plus they're perfect colour pairings. The cream edition is one I'm keeping for the blusher as it's a gorgeous colour that doesn't go shiny or patchy on me.

I'm also going to be keeping my Becca and Hourglass palettes (these were all limited edition). The Jaclyn Hill Champagne Face Collection | £48 | review & swatches | is a product I still use and abuse - I can take it away for weekends and holidays and create a variety of looks with it. I haven't got as much use out of their Apres Ski Palette | £45 | review & swatches | however I do really like the bottom row and the pinky shade Rose Quartz is unique to my collection, so I'm going to hang onto it. My Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette | £59 | review & swatches | has had a bit of an accident, so isn't looking her best! Luckily it was my least-used shade that suffered! I really like this palette - it isn't my ultimate holy grail blusher palette but I still reach for it and the formula is unlike anything else in my stash.

The duos that are going are from Charlotte Tilbury, Ciate, ColourPop and KIKO. I'm letting go of the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow in Medium / Dark | £49 | review and swatches | at long last - I think I've only been holding onto it because it was so expensive! The highlighting shade just isn't to my taste - the bronzer is lovely but I wanted my perfect palette for both and unfortunately the light edition is too fair on the bronzing side. I have friends and family who this would work for so I think I just need to pass this on to a better home. I'm going to pass on the limited edition Ciate x Olivia Cheekbone Cheat Duo in Seaside Park | £25 | review & swatches. This is another thing from the era when I really liked brighter pinky-coral blusher and it's not my thing any more. I don't know what happened with the ColourPop Mermaid Glow Pressed Powder Duo | $10! I'm going to pop this into a disappointing products post before I pass it on but it's not the formula or quality of the full-sized standard pressed powder duos - it's not very pigmented and the blusher is patchy on me. Such a shame as the colours are very pretty! I will also be getting rid of the KIKO Daring Game Top Pairs Blush Duo in Raspberry Rose & Peach | £14.90 | review & swatches. This is my all-time favourite limited edition collection but as I mentioned, I just don't wear these sorts of colours any more - I think it only made it this far because of nostalgia. This will probably need to be thrown out as it's pretty old!

There are a few more palettes I'm showing the door. The first is the Laura Geller Illuminator Palette* | £22 | review & swatches. This isn't available any more but they have since released a new version. This is actually a lovely product however I have Gilded Honey as a single, Peach Glow is quite light on me and it's just too bulky to keep for Ballerina alone, when I do have some other similar shades to that in my collection. I'm probably going to bin the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit | £6.47 | review & swatches | as it's quite old and one of the shades I've nearly hit pan on, so I can't really pass this on. I do really like this however I don't really set with a pressed powder any more and don't contour enough to justify multiple products (as there are some singles I'd like to keep). I'm also going to let the NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette | £17 | review & swatches | go. It's relatively new so I'd rather pass it on now because I really don't reach for it very often and I don't need it.

I thought I'd done all of the face palettes then turned round to see another little stack on my bed! It was pretty easy to choose what to keep from this group, to be honest. I'm keeping the discontinued Tarteist Blush Palette | $38 | review & swatches | which I picked up in New York. I want to use this more and I used to wear the shade Love all the time. This is also one of my favourite blusher formulas, so although I'm decluttering a lot of pink shades, I want to keep hold of a couple. The Zoeva Opulence Blush Palette* | £12.50 | review & swatches | and Zoeva Aristo Blush Palette* | £12.50 | review & swatches | are both staying. The formula of these palettes is so good! The Opulence trio is my perfect collection of shades and the fiery colours in Aristo are unique to my collection.

I'm going to be letting go of the Zoeva Offline Blush Palette* | £12.50 | review & swatches | because I only really reach for the light gold with an iridescent purple shift (Calm Comfort) and I have another similar shade in my single highlighter collection. Likewise with the AHB Highlight & Strobe Kit* | £40 | review & swatches. I didn't love the blushers and the main shade I reached for was Miami Sun but I duped it from my singles collection. Dubai Haze is another interesting, unique shade but this is a big, bulky palette so I can't keep this just for one shade (and as we've already seen; my de-potting skills aren't great...)

From left to right we have ColourPop's Dream Catcher, Zoeva's Calm Comfort, AHB's Miami Sun and finally Elf's Golden Apricot. As you can see, on the skin there'd be very little difference between these single highlighters I have and the shades I like from the palettes I'll be passing on.

Small eyeshadow palettes

Ok, it's time for the small palettes! I definitely haven't been using the Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette in Ablaze | £24 | review & swatches | enough but I do want to. I really like the colours, the formula and how compact it is, so I'm hoping that now I have a few less palettes in the mix, it'll get a bit more love. So this is provisionally staying. I put my ColourPop Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette in Gemini by Night | $18 | review & swatches | into an empty Anastasia quad and I use it way more now as it's a lot less bulky. This isn't available any more but the shades are super pretty and I like the quality so it's staying. I'm also keeping my Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in Dolce Vita | £39 | review & swatches. I definitely don't use this on an everyday basis but it's gorgeous for an evening look. I will hang onto my custom Urban Decay Palette | £14 per shade, £10 for palette | review & swatches | for now at least... This was a bit of a misguided purchase to be honest; I picked up the shade Chopper and then tried to build the rest of the palette around it. I don't know why I went for that colour looking back! I'm going to try and use this going forward without necessarily forcing myself to go for all of these shades at once (update: since I can dupe lost of these shades in a more easy-to-wear palette that I got for my birthday, I'm actually going to let this one go now). Finally I have my Inglot Freedom System x 5 | £6 per shade, £8 for palette | review & swatches. I really love the shades and the formula is great so I'm keeping this in the hopes that I'll remember to use it more now my collection is less crammed!

Just as a bit of a side-note: you'll have probably noticed my MAC, Makeup Geek, Anastasia and other assorted custom palettes aren't in this post. I'll actually be tackling those shade by shade in an eye product declutter at a later date, as I'm sure I have a lot of repetition in there and so many of my friends would love to get their hands on some MAC shadows!

I'm getting rid of my NYX Lid Lingerie Eyeshadow Palette* | £8 | review & swatches | because although the formula and shades are lovely, I have all the mattes I need and can dupe all of these shades from my Anastasia palettes. This is a great selection of matte neutrals, it's just not for me. It pains me to do it but I'll also kiss goodbye to my Viseart Eyeshadow Palette in Tryst* | £38 | review & swatches. I love love love these formulas but wouldn't have picked these colours for myself - I think I'll replace this with one of their Theory palettes as they have some gorgeous shade selections in that range.

I'm getting rid of the Sleek i-Lust Bronze Palette* | £7.99 | review & swatches | because as great as the foiled shades are (the creams are so-so), I have all of these shades in my Makeup Geek collection (these are on top in the swatch image - from left to right we have Grandstand, Flamethrower and Legend).

Next I have even more small palettes! I'm obviously keeping my Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette* | £25 | review & swatches | because I love these colours and this formula. I'm also going to keep my ColourPop Take Me Home Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette | $12 | review & swatches. This is now discontinued and I hadn't been reaching for it as much as I'd hoped, however got it back out a few weeks ago and really liked it! I'm also keeping my Rimmel 5 Pan Eyeshadow in Brixton Brown | £6.99 | review & swatches. I kind of forgot I had this - whoops! - but I used to love it so want to give it a chance to wow me again. I definitely don't use the discontinued Ciate x Olivia Smoky Suedes Eyeshadow Palette | £35 | review & swatches | enough but I think the colours are stunning so I want to get back into it. I also forgot about my custom Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows* | £15 each | review & swatches | but this is a failsafe duo in a formula I really like, so I'm going to keep it.

I'm going to get rid of my Clarins 4-Colour Eye Palettes in Rosewood & Oud* | £34 each | review & swatches. As lovely as these shadows are and as easy as the formula is to work with; I just don't think they're adding anything to my collection, so I'm going to pass these pretty, wearable shades on to someone who can show them some love! I'm pretty sure I'm getting rid of my Pixi Dimensional Eye Creator Palette* | £22 | which I haven't reviewed yet (it's probably going to go in the Bad Box now so I can include it in a disappointing products post before I pass it on). So many people seem to love it but I just can't get the pigmentation! I'll give it another go but at the moment I'm not feeling it. Although the colours are really pretty I just never use my poor Pixi Mesmerising Mineral Palette in Copper Peach | £15 | review & swatches | so I'm going to get rid of it.

I'm going to declutter my Suqqu Eyeshadow Palettes in 110 & 113* | £46 each | review & swatches. There are some lovely shades in here but it's one of those where I wish I could mix and match the colours, however I can't keep these for two shades from one and two from the other! I'm getting rid of my Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude* | £3.99 | review & swatches | because it's old and probably not to my taste any more. I still recommend this for a nice-quality drugstore option though.

Large eyeshadow palettes 

This is a pretty easy category for me! There are a few shades I really love in the MAC Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette | £49.50 | review & swatches | and I want to use it more, so will be keeping it. 

I feel like the Zoeva Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette | £28.50 | review & swatches | always looks a bit boring in photos but I love their formula and this palette is full of everyday staples, so I reach for it a lot.

The first things I'm definitely getting rid of are my Morphe palettes. I have the 35O & 35T | £23 each | but I just never reach for them - they're so bulky and I think so many of the colours in them look super-similar on the lids so realistically these could probably both have been 14-pan palettes. I just don't get the hype at all - the quality isn't anything special; they don't wear that well and the packaging is so cheap (the 35O actually arrived to me with several of the pans having fallen out and I had to superglue it all back together). I remember being really into the 35T at one point but it just looks a same-y boring selection of shades to me now. 

I also have the famous 35O but again, there are too many variations of the same thing in there. Just to demonstrate how little I need this in my collection, I pulled out some of my single eyeshadows and they're virtually identical in colour but are soooo much better quality-wise. I'm not going to sit and swatch every single one as this post is already a long one but the exact shade names are below - most of these are from Makeup Geek with some of their foiled shadows and I have a couple from MAC. Obviously this is a much more expensive option with Makeup Geek shadows retailing at £4.95 each (rising to £7.95 for the foiled finish) and MAC at £10 per shade, but to be honest you're better off investing in maybe 6 super-pigmented, long-wearing, blend-able Makeup Geek shadows for £30-40 than getting the 35O. That's just my opinion!

As I mentioned in my post, I just know I'm not going to get the use out of the Viseart Grande Pro Eyeshadow Palette* | £130 | because it is more of a makeup artist product - so I'm going to give this to someone else. I'm going to pass on the Iconic London Day to Slay Eyeshadow Palette* | £45 | review & swatches | as the colours aren't anything new to my collection and my mum mentioned she liked the look of this when she saw it in a magazine, so I think she'd give it a better home (given that she pans eyeshadows within months!)

Warm eyeshadow palettes

If you come here often, you'll know that warm-toned eyeshadows really are my weakness, so this is going to be tough... I'm going to keep the Pixi It's Eye Time Palette* | £28 | review & swatches | because I really like this formula and the shade selection is spot-on for me. I'm also keeping my ColourPop palettes: I have Double Ententre, I Think I Love You and Give it to Me Straight | $16 each | review & swatchesreview & swatches | in this batch. I just can't get over how good and affordable these palettes are! Double Entendre is gorgeous for a glam evening look, I Think I Love You is an 'every single day' kind of palette for me and Give it to Me Straight is a wearable, warm take on pinky-purples (I really don't have much from that colour family at all). I was really unsure over whether to keep the Blank Canvas Master Series 1 Palette* | £30 | review & swatches. Part of my brain was saying that I have the Anastasia palettes for neutral mattes but then the other part just really loves the quality and formula of these shades! I also loooove this one shade Brazen, so I decided to keep it. I don't use my Milani Everyday Eye Collection in Earthy Elements* | £13 | review & swatches | nearly as much as I should, but the colour story really appeals to me and there are some unique shades in here that make me want to keep it.

The only one I'm getting rid of is the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange Palette | £8.99 | review & swatches. There's nothing wrong with this palette and it's relatively new, however on reflection it was a bad purchase as I already have similar shades and the formula just doesn't impress me as much as it used to (whether their quality has gone downhill or I've just got a wider experience of different brands now, I don't know).

We have more warm tones - obviously! And I'm keeping all of these... First up is my rather battered-looking Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette | $42 | review & swatches. As you can probably tell: I love this palette! It is getting a little old but it still performs for me, so I'm going to keep using it. If you love warm coppery-bronze tones then this palette is for you. I really like my Tarte Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette | £36 | review & swatches | plus it's pretty new, so that's staying. It has everything a normal person could possibly need for a warm day or night look and the formula is so long-wearing. I love my Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette | £56 | review & swatches | and the shades are pretty unique to my collection, so I'm obviously keeping that! I use my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette | £39 | review & swatches | all the time and the formula is so lovely so it's definitely staying. I love my two Zoeva Eyeshadow Palettes in Caramel Melange & Cocoa Blend | £18 each | review & swatches | and they're my go-to affordable recommendation so I'll continue to use and abuse these two! I'm also keeping both of my Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palettes in Soft Glam* & Modern Renaissance | £43 | review & swatches. I did have a bit of a debate over the Modern Renaissance because, as I mentioned in my review, I don't find it that versatile but I do find myself reaching for it regularly even if it is just for one or two shades. It's a great selection of matte shades, I just love Soft Glam so much more now!

Colourful and unusual eyeshadow palettes

Here I have some more colourful palettes and a few with slightly more unusual finishes. I have several Zoeva palettes | £18 each: the Opulence* | review & swatches, Aristo| review & swatches, Offline| review & swatches, Matte| review & swatches and Cafe| review & swatches. I'm going to keep hold of the Opulence palette (despite it being mainly shimmers) because it just has such a nice balance of colours in there. The Aristo is pretty but I just don't reach for these colours. Offline is going because the top row doesn't inspire me and I feel like I'm keeping this for the two cranberry shades, which I probably have in my singles collection. I'm going to say goodbye to the Matte as it's only the red, orange and purple that are adding something new to my collection (as far as neutrals go, my Anastasia palettes and my single pans have got me covered). I saw that they're releasing a mini version of this with 6 shades and it has those ones in it, so I'll probably end up getting that instead (despite having said I wouldn't on my Instagram 'new beauty launches' rundown!) Finally, I have the Cafe palette - this colour selection is gorgeous and definitely adds something to my collection (it's stunning in Autumn especially) so is staying.

I also have three ColourPop palettes | $16 each | in this lot: the Dream Street | review & swatches, Yes Please | review & swatches and the discontinued Fem Rosa | review & swatches. I like the Dream Street because it adds some unusual shades to my collection as well as those pretty champagne and rose golds in there. I haven't used Yes Please as much as I'd hoped as it's a lot bolder than maybe I'd anticipated, however I've been using it at the weekend quite a lot recently and it's beautiful. I don't use the Fem Rosa enough but I want to - there are some stunning duo chromes in there.

Cool and neutral eyeshadow palettes

Onto the neutrals! I definitely gravitate more towards warmer tones now (to the extent that I wonder how I ever thought cool shades looked good on me...) so I went into this batch hoping to get rid of quite a bit. I'm 100% keeping my Zoeva Naturally Yours Eyeshadow Palette | £18 | review & swatches | because I wear these shades all the time for work and there are some gorgeous duo chrome shades in there. I'm keeping the Stila Eyes Are the Window Palette in Soul | £30 | review & swatches | because these are really the only slightly cooler-toned shadows that suit me and I love the quality (I also can't live without Kitten!) To be honest, I'm keeping the Urban Decay Naked Palette | £39.50 | review & swatches | for the nostalgia, as it's too old to find a new home, plus I do still reach for Half Baked. Finally my Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette | £34 | review & swatches | is staying - the quality is incredible and these colours will take you from day to night.

The shades in the Buxom Palette* | £8 per shade, £8 for palette | review & swatches | are quite similar to the ones in my Inglot system, so I'm going to pass on the Buxom while it's still relatively new.

On that basis I'll be letting go of the Zoeva palettes | £18 each | in En Taupe | review & swatches | and Basic Moment | review & swatches (which is a bit light on my skin tone and my mum wanted it anyway!) I just don't use this Sephora It Palette Nude | €29.99 | review & swatches | so that's an easy one to say goodbye to. I'm also decluttering the Memi Creative Control Eyeshadow Palette* | £22 | review & swatches | because although this is a really lovely affordable option, realistically I just already have these shades so why not let someone else have it when it's relatively new.

Miscellaneous palettes

Finally (finally!!!!) we're finishing off with a few miscellaneous palettes. Something in me made me keep hold of the Zoeva Brow Spectrum* | £20 | review & swatches | as I'm so fickle when it comes to brow products. There's so much colour choice in here to mix and match and create the perfect shade. I kind of forgot about my BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette | £18 | review & swatches | but these colours are beautiful and I did love it when I first got it, so I want to use it more. This version isn't available any more but they did re-release something similar.

I only just got the Pixi Palette Chloette* | £28 | and the Dulce's Lip Candy* | £28 | but just can't see myself using them, so I'd rather give them to someone else while they're brand new. The 'everything' palette just isn't for my skin tone and it's not inspiring me. I also just don't find lip palettes practical, so I don't see myself using the other one either.

Final reflections

I'm really proud of getting rid of a good 1/3 or so of my palettes! I can now close the drawer comfortably and see everything I have in there. I'm excited to go into that drawer now and play with the products I have instead of feeling overwhelmed or obligated to use things I'm just not feeling. Each palette brings something a little different to my collection and that's really what I wanted. It's actually a huge weight off my shoulders not to be hoarding all these products any more and I'm going to be very mindful about what I bring into my collection going forwards.

Have you done a palette declutter before? Was it tough for you?

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