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I can never resist a cheeky ColourPop order - their products are just so affordable and are always amazing quality. They also consistently launch new collections that never fail to catch my eye...

Dream St. Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette | $16 | This is the most gorgeous, slightly festive palette! It's part of the new collection by YouTube beauty guru Kathleen Lights, and so far I'm really enjoying it. There's a mix of glitzy champagne shades, rose golds and more interesting pink, red and turquoise colours. There are enough matte crease shades and a good balance of finishes and colours to create multiple looks using just this palette. I find this to be pretty consistent with the other ColourPop palettes I have - the shades are pigmented and there are no chalky mattes or chunky shimmers. The formula is very smooth and overall blends easily. The longevity is pretty average - not incredible, but I've had much worse.

Shooting Star is a perfect matte mid-toned caramel brown crease shade. Magical is a medium matte peach colour that I like to use as a transition. Star Dust and Twinkle are very similar rose gold shimmers - I personally don't think the inclusion of both was really necessary (Star Dust pulls slightly more copper-toned, whereas Twinkle is a bit more pinky, but the difference is minimal). Sweet Dreams is my go-to highlighting shade because it's a warm champagne shimmer. Water Bearer is a matte deep teal - it doesn't blend out that easily, though I suppose a shade like this isn't really meant for that so as a liner it's fine. Potion is a very warm reddish terracotta matte crease colour. Spark is a pinky-poppy matte, which I haven't quite found a use for yet. Kaleidoscope is another highlight option or a shade you could pat on the centre of the lid to add some sparkle - it's a light silver that has an obvious glitter but still quite a smooth texture. Elfish is a slightly cool-toned deep brown matte. Moony is another shade I like for highlighting - it's a soft satin-finish creamy-beige champagne. Finally, Mermaid Boy is pretty a teal-toned shimmer. 

Double Entendre Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette | $16 | When this arrived, I was a little dubious because it looked a lot like the I Think I Love You palette which I already have (review) and I hadn't really made the connection when I'd placed the order. However I gave it a go and actually, once applied, it is different enough - it definitely has a smokier, more evening-appropriate vibe to it. I really liked the quality of this palette and there isn't really a single dud in here. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I really do think ColourPop improves this formula with every palette they launch!

Locked and Loaded is a standard matte cream shade (albeit with a slightly yellow undertone), which I don't tend to use! Uninhibited is a warm yellow gold shimmer to apply all over the lid. Hot Bod is a matte-based warm brown with gold micro glitter running through it - I've actually come to really like these sorts of shades on a flat shader brush patted on the outer part of the lid. Flasher is a soft warm golden-beige colour with a satin finish that I like for a more subtle highlight. Extra Curricular is a warm mid-toned matte orange crease colour. Nekkid is the kind of mid-toned peachy matte I like to use as a transition. Hard is a warm medium-dark chocolate matte. Draft is your other lid option - a warmer, more coppery-toned gold shimmer. Keep it PG is an alternative highlight - a shimmery light champagne. Nip Slip is a classic mid-toned matte brown that's neither warm nor cool in its undertones. Send Noodles is a second matte cream. Teddy Bare is a darker, more charcoal-toned brown matte.

Take Me Home Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette | $12 | This is a really cute little compact and also comes with a mirror, unlike the large palettes. It's so handy for travel and the shades are definitely very 'me' - I use every single one. Overall, I do really like the quality of these shadows - the pigmentation is very good but I'll also talk you through them individually. Again, the longevity isn't the best in my collection but it's pretty reasonable, so I can't complain too much!

Issues is a lovely matte peach, which I use as a transition. It does kick up some fallout but blends out easily and smoothly, so I can forgive that. Side Tracked is a warm terracotta-beige colour with a soft satin finish, containing a very fine gold micro-glitter - I use this as an all-over lid shade. French Kiss is a warm chocolate colour with a slightly purple undertone - it doesn't have much fallout, however it does take a little more work to blend out than the others in here. Salt Water is a true shimmer shade - a sort of peachy gold, which is a good addition to add a bit of sparkle because Side Tracked is a more subtle lid colour. Popular Demand is an earthy reddish-brown matte that's the perfect crease shade. Bitter Better is a light, cool, frosty gold shimmer to highlight the inner corner with.

Sugar & Spice Super Shock Shadow Set | $15 | I love the original single ColourPop eyeshadows so couldn't resist picking up this little set of three. They have a cream-sponge texture that's incredibly opaque and smooth, as well an soooo long-wearing. I tend to prefer the shimmer shades (which I apply with my fingers), however the mattes can also be used with a synthetic brush in the crease.

Super Hard Core is a warm frosty gold that can be used as a highlighting shade or all over the lid on a low-key makeup day. Spinkle Me is a pinky-rose colour with a golden sheen running throught it. Fade In is a red-brown matte crease shade.

Have you tried any of ColourPop's recent launches?

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  1. The Double Entrendre palette looks really gorgeous! xx


  2. These Colourpop palettes look absolutely gorgeous!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. Star Dusk and Twinkle from the Dream St Pressed palette are so gorgeous! Definitely need those shades in my life!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  4. All of these bits look gorgeous and the swatches are amazing! I really need to place another Colourpop order myself. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  5. ColourPop are killing it at the moment with all of their releases! This is a great haul, and you got so many gorgeous bits. I really want to get my hands on the Dream St Pressed palette xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  6. Arghhhh i just placed a big colour pop order during their christmas sale but didn't think to get any of these palettes! I'm having regrets now! The Dream St one looks soooo pretty. I need to place another order but hate paying the customs lol!


  7. Ooh I've never thought about purchasing their palettes before but you may have tempted me! Double Entendre sounds perfect for me - some beautiful nudes! Lovely photography too! x

    Lizzie | www.lizziegines.co.uk

  8. I was tempted to place an order for Kathleen's palette but I kept reading horror stories about shipping to Canada that I decided against it.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  9. I want to get a Colourpop palette but I have no idea which one! All of these look beautiful, this post made my choice even harder haha


  10. The pigment is just insane on these, I really want to try them! I wish they would just stock in the UK already lol, I want them all :(

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  11. DE looks gorgeous, I love the look of that little palette too - perfect for travel!

    A xx

  12. Kathleen is one of my favourite youtubers! Her palette looks so nice but I know I would never wear blue shades. I haven't tried anything from ColourPop but I've heard so many great things!

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries & Perfume

  13. I've never tried ColourPop before but I like that packaging!


  14. These are so pretty!


  15. I came to read about Double Entendre but Take Me Home has got all my attention. I love all the shades and would definitely get more use out of it than the larger one (I hate bigger palettes lol!). I think for the price I wouldn’t mind the lack of longevity either xxx

  16. The Take Me Home palette looks beautiful - I would definitely use all of those shades! I need to pick up some eyeshadows from Colourpop, as I've never tried any and I loove their lip products. Great post :) xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  17. Such a lovely shades. <3


  18. I went through a phase of being very addicted to ColourPop shopping and making constant orders, but it's actually been quite a while now since I last bought any of their products. I haven't even tried any of the pressed powder eyeshadows, but I keep hearing really good things about them, and they seem to have a lot of nice neutral palette options!

    Pumpkin Lemonade

  19. I really want to try the Dream St palette!

    The Lisa’s World

  20. Their Dream Street palette looks incredible, I am definitely going to have to treat myself to that!

    Danielle xx

  21. I have to say the one thing I do think the Colourpop palettes could do with is a mirror so that's great that there is in the Make Me Home palette although shame about the longevity! Twinkle in the Dream Street palette has to be my favourite swatch, how stunning is that! xx


  22. They're really great! And thank you :) x

  23. It's so pretty for this time of year :) x

  24. I think I'm still in that phase...haha x

  25. These all look so nice!! I've just done my first Colourpop order and so far I'm impressed! definitely want to give one of their palettes a try! great post :) x


  26. I have seriously been obsessed with colour pop ever since last year. They are slaying it with new releases. I only got my recent order the other day and I'm already planning a new one!


  27. Ah I really want to try their pressed formulas as I just love the super shock one! That Take Me Home palette is so cute, perfect for travel!

    The Makeup Directory

  28. You would love either of them ;) x

  29. It's so handy when you're going away for a few days :) x

  30. I just have a constant background wishlist for my next order haha x

  31. I'm really pleased with all these palettes! x


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