5 Eyeshadow Palettes Worth the Splurge (+ Swatches)

Neutral eyeshadow palettes are one of my true beauty loves. This post is going to be about the 5 I think are worth spending a little bit more on (do let me know if you'd like to see a budget/drugstore version, I did a Makeup Revolution one not too long ago as well).

1 - Virgin, 2- Sin, 3 - Naked, 4 - Sidecar, 5 - Buck, 6 - Half-Baked, 7 - Smog, 8 - Darkhorse, 9 - Toasted, 10- Hustle, 11- Creep, 12 - Gunmetal 

Of course this cult classic was going to be in this post, and with good reason. It's my 'do it all' warm neutrals palette. I love this one because of the variation; you can get so many different looks out of it for both day and night, though I tend to favour the bronzier tones. There are 4 mattes and 8 shimmers, which is perfect for me as I tend to prefer shimmers but you still get the basic matte shades for your crease, base and smoke. Half-Baked, a brilliant bright gold, is one of my all-time favourite eyeshadow shades. I also love Sidecar (a cool bronze-taupe shimmer), Buck (a reddish brown matte) and Smog (a warm bronze). The only thing I dislike about this product is the packaging as it really is quite rubbish, especially for the price! I wish they'd bring out the original in the same tin packaging as the later versions, however for now we're stuck with the flimsy cardboard and felt. However Urban Decay do some of, if not the best quality eyeshadows out there. The shades are buttery smooth, easy to work with, have amazing pigmentation, minimal fallout and wear really well. Personally I think the original has the best balance of tones but if you prefer cooler shades go for the 2 or for rosier shades 3. There's also a new smoky eye version coming out you might want to check out!

1 - Light, 2- Individual, 3 - Being, 4- Kitten, 5 - Affection, 6 - Character, 7 - Thought, 8 - Heart, 9 - Peace, 10 - Vitality, 11 - Substance, 12 - Essence

The newest addition to my stash, but one I can't stop wearing is Soul, from Stila's Eyes Are the Window line. I hadn't really considered Stila's eyeshadows before, especially as they aren't the easiest to find in the UK. However when I saw these cropping up on blogs I knew I had to have one. Firstly the gold and copper packaging is beautiful and makes a great addition to my dressing table. The shades are also impressive, a mix of warmer and cooler mainly copper/brown tones. Again, one of the great things about this is that you get a few mattes as well as shimmer shades. This isn't as versatile as the Naked 1 but it makes for a lovely everyday look. My favourite shades are Individual (a very warm matte brown), Kitten (a champagne shimmer highlight) and Affection (a warm copper tone). Whilst not quite as pigmented and beautifully smooth to work with as the Urban Decay offering, the texture of these make the shades effortless to work with.
Full review here.

1 - Undercover, 2 - Unbelievable, 3 - Unattainable, 4 - Unconditional, 5 - Unbridled, 6 - Undiscovered, 7 - Unreal, 8 - Uncensored, 9 - Unspoken, 10 - Untamed

I could sing this palette's praises all day everyday! I ordered this from the US, which was surprisingly fuss-free (check out full review linked below for all the shipping and tax details). As with the Urban Decay palette, the downside is the cardboard packaging, however that's easily forgiven once you open it up. Every single shade makes me swoon and the quality is just out of this world. The incredible pigmentation and super-smooth texture makes this at the very least comparable to Urban Decay's quality and the shades in this last on my eyes like no other! I cannot rave about this palette enough and it was really tough to pick my favourite shades as they're all so beautiful. After careful consideration, my most-loved colours are Unbelievable (a rose-toned shimmer), Unattainable (a bronze shimmer), Undiscovered (a bright gold) and Unspoken (a caramel-brown matte). In short: this palette is just perfection!
Full review here.

1 - Prime, 2 - Enhance, 3 - Pop, 4 - Smoke

A bit of a luxe pick at £45 for a quad, however look at those shades! It's a small, compact palette however I love the rose gold detailing on the packaging and it really does feel like a luxury when I get this out to use. The entire palette is beautiful but the shade that really sold me on it is the Enhance shade, a gorgeous deep red. It's a bit of a one-note palette; for day I just skip the Pop shade, however it's one I'm glad to have in my collection for evening wear and especially when Autumn comes around. The texture is beautiful, though Pop is a little full of glitter to be to everyone's tastes. I love the champagne shade Prime and the brown-grey Smoke colour is beautiful. For a night out I rarely reach for anything else and love to pair it with a dark nude like MAC Taupe.

1 - Heaven, 2 - Cashmere Bunny, 3 - Sexpresso, 4 - Silk Teddy, 5 - Push-Up, 6 - Erotica, 7 - Nudie, 8 - Honey Pot, 9 - Chocolate Martini

The final palette on my list is my go-to for everyday or if I can't quite decide or I'm going for bold lips or blusher. It's probably the one with the least 'wow' factor however it's one I reach for over and over again. Good mattes are hard to come by and these really are effortless, if you're after an all-matte palette Too Faced have released a matte version of this you may want to check out, however I love the mixture. These are all really natural gold and brown shades, they're not the most pigmented on this list but so easy to use. My favourite shades are Cashmere Bunny (a pink-taupe matte), Push-Up (a copper-bronze shimmer) and Honey Pot (a bright bold shimmer). It's one of those ones where the shades don't look like much in the pan but on your eyes they really come to life.
Full review here.

Which palettes do you think are worth splurging on?


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  1. The Lorac Palette and the Too Faced Palette are both firmly on my wishlist! Very tempted to order the Lorac one on Payday...

    allthatshimmers.co.uk xo

  2. What a beautiful collection and I totally agree that these eyeshadows are a must although I don't own any......yet!!!...Thanks for sharing!!...xx

  3. I'm setting my eyes on the Charlotte Tilbury palette and the Lorac one as well! SO GORGEOUS!


  4. That Lorac Palette looks amazing, and so does the Charlotte Tilbury one! Maybe I'll pick that one up in London, too ;)

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  5. I love the look of the Stila palette. Have recently renewed my love for the UD naked, such a goody!

    Bry x

  6. I'm obsessed with eyeshadow palettes, I have way too many but this post has only made me want to get some more aha :)


  7. I absolutely love the Lorac Unzipped Palette, it's just so beautiful and the shades are all stunning xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  8. There are only 2 matte shades in the Naked palette, the other 2 are definitely not 100% matte, maybe more of a satin finish. And I agree, the packaging is terrible, mine is falling apart and I'm thinking of trying to depot it... unless that's insane lol


  9. I totally agree about Naked palettes :)


  10. I have the Naked 2 and love it, but I think I might have to get the Naked 1 now; it looks so pretty!
    The Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette is stunning!

    Sophie x

  11. Love my Naked original palette it is seriously the best and actually one palette that I have used for being the kind of a person who rarely wears eyeshadows. But I seriously want to try the charlotte tilbury makeup and her eyeshadow quad looks phenomenal..

    Sam|| Beautydetour

  12. I swear by the Naked 1 palette it's just the perfect shades, though you have swayed me with to Lorac platte, that colour pay off is amazing, may have to invest!!

    Pale Aesthetic BLOG

  13. I have to say that the loratadin pallettes look very pretty, but they all do in my opinion. Arch it is tough as I am not sure what is go for!


  14. I keep trying to tell myself that I don't really need that CT offering but I think you may have converted me, I mean... those shades are absolutely gorgeous, especially the burnt/rustic/bronze-red shade! I may have to pick that up on our little shopping trip ;) & that LORAC palette is just gorgeous too! My bank balance officially hates you!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  15. The Lorac Unzipped is such a beauty!

    Lovely post gorgeous lady!


  16. Great post!! <3 love how you have shown the swatches!! they all look beautiful!
    Chloe xx

  17. I hear such good things about the Lorac palette, may just have to invest!

  18. I need this Lorac palette in my life! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  19. The only one of these I own is the Naked Palette, but all of the other four are ones I've eyed up! The Lorac Unzipped is particularly high on my wishlist (typical seeing as it's the least accessible!) I love that you've included all the swatches - so helpful :)

    Amy | Lilac Lemon

  20. Oh my, the Lorac and Charlotte Tilbury ones looks amazing! xx


  21. I've not tried the others, but I will always sing Naked's praises!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  22. I am thinking of getting the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette to wear as my graduation eye makeup, so thanks for the swatches and also the run through of the other palettes as they're all popular high-end choices! Eyeshadow is just so beautiful and I'm so glad I got into wearing it over the last year as I never even used to know where to start with it! Lovely post :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  23. Swooning over these gorgeous swathes!
    I've always thought about getting the Stila one because the packaging and choice of shades are just beautiful but I already own the stila in the light one and enjoy it for everyday but I'm not blown away by the formula over all :/ also Dolce Vita is on my wishlist, totally lusting after it and that Lorac palette! GORGEOUS *_*
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  24. Ahhh all these palettes look gorgeous!!! :o

    Although I'm really curious to check out Too Faced Matte nude or whatever it's called lol it has some of the shades from that too faced palette :)


    Xoxo Jessy

  25. Okay I basically want them all! I'd seen some other reviews of the Stila palette, but never with swatches and now it's definitely on the top of my list. Those colors are gorgeous! And the Lorac Unzipped Palette is so beautiful as well! Thanks so much for the swatches and reviews!


  26. OMG these look amazing! I'm feeling I now need to buy the Lorac palette. Swatches look really good as well. Lovely post xo

  27. I like neutral palettes, but I think the one from Naked has the most pretties colours. I like how they have a little bit of sparkle to each tone. Lovely!

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  28. You can't have too many neutral palettes right? I am very tempted to buy the Stila and Charlotte Tilbury palette x


  29. Eek, I truly can't decide my favourite from these stunners! I always enjoy the effort you go to with your swatches :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  30. I absolutely love the lorac palette, never really wanted it that badly until I saw your swatches, absolutely gorg!

    Just Little Things xo

  31. You've got a great selection of amazing palettes here. I completely agree with you on Naked and Dolce Vita. The only thing I'm not lusting after is the Lorac Unzipped x

    Beauty with charm

  32. I've been reaching for my Naked palette a lot lately- it's such a classic! And that Lorac Unzipped palette is so beautiful- I need to check that one out!

    She Likes to Shop

  33. Ugh those Charlotte Tilbury swatches are just too much. Wish I could afford that gorgeous quad!
    All these neutral shadows swatched is like serious makeup porn for me hahaha love it

    Kat | www.kathorrocks.com

  34. I couldn't possible choose, they're all amazing! The shades in the Lorac palette are so vibrant :)

    Velvet Blush

  35. I can't live without my Naked Palettes, I have them all! They are perfect for any type of look. You can't go wrong with them. I would love to get my hands on the Too Faced Natural Eyes, the shades are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing, Jasmine! A really useful post! xx


  36. 100% agree on Naked Palette, it was my first eyeshadow palette and it's still one of the best. Charlotte Tilbury is finally launching in Canada this month and I am looking forward to pick up her lipsticks and eyeshadow quads!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  37. Hi there! Greetings from Singapore. I really love those eyeshadow palette. Lovely blog you have here. Do you want to follow each other? Let me know at my blog.

    Lots of love,
    Shikin Kikin
    Blog | Google+ | Twitter | Bloglovin

  38. I adore the Too Faced eye shadow pallets! So very worth the money
    Lovely post

    LIZ| lotsofloveliz

  39. All of these palettes are stunning! I need the Too Faced one in my life!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  40. Gorgeous palettes! Your swatches just convinced me I need that Lorac palette :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  41. OMG! you own a great selection of neutral palette :) Have you noticed the new UD smokey palette? I'm now eyeing on that :P


  42. I have been wanting the Dolce Vita palette for what seems like a life time. Those swatches look gorgeous, I have a real weak spot for gold bronze tones :).


  43. These palettes look gorgeous - I love neutrals xx
    Pop on over | Rachael Styles Me

  44. Great post. I had the UD palettes but passed them on because I never used them enough, however I can attest to their quality.

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  45. I love natural/bronze eyeshadows and judging by the swatches I would definitely go along with the Too Faced palette - there's quite a few matte shades witch I really like ;)

    Best wishes,

  46. Thank you for your comments, lovelies! I'm sure you won't be disappointed if you invest in any of these ;) xx

  47. The Charlotte Tilbury and Lorac palettes look stunning. Being an eyeshadow obsessive, I may have to splurge!


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