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My ColourPop collection is worryingly huge! Today I thought I'd sit down and talk through my absolute favourites from this affordable brand which has an INSANE range of products and colours.


Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Dream Catcher | $8 | ColourPop's Super Shock Cheek formula is kind of like a spongy cream, though this particular shade is a little softer and more moussey than the others. Sadly Dream Catcher isn't currently on their site but they do have a habit of bringing back discontinued products every so often, so keep an eye out! It's such an interesting shade that photos never quite do justice - it's a light frosty gold with an iridescent pink sheen running through it.

Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Wisp | $8 | This is such a classic highlighting shade that will work for a lot of different skin tones. It's hard to describe but I'm going to go with 'somewhere in-between a cool gold and champagne'. 

Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Churro | $8 | Again, this isn't available at the moment but don't be surprised if it makes a comeback! It's actually one of their tie-dye products, though I've long-since ruined the pattern. It's a blend of Avalon (a warm amber-bronze), Wisp and Stole the Show (a bright white). Swirled together these shades make the perfect bronzed rose gold shade. Formula-wise it's a little softer, like Dream Catcher.

Super Shock Cheek Blush in Flush'd | $8 | This blusher is from the Karreuche collaboration, which just ticked all the boxes for me overall. It's a bold colour however the formula is build-able - I also like that it applies smoothly with minimal effort and doesn't go patchy during the day. Unlike most cream formulas on my skin (especially during the warmer months), it doesn't leave me looking shiny after a few hours of wear either. This is a warm orange coral that's so pretty for a summer makeup look.

Pressed Powder Highlighter Compact in Bae Area | $8 | I did find the formula of these highlighters to be a little bit inconsistent, however Bae Area is gorgeously smooth, glitter-free and has a lovely metallic finish. The colour itself is a warm golden-bronze with slightly amber undertones. It's perfect for a warm makeup look and I know I'll be reaching for it a lot when summer comes round again.

Pressed Powder Face Duo in Double Play | $16 | The quality of these duos is fantastic, however Double Play specifically has the most perfect combination of shades. The blusher is one of my everyday go-tos because it's pigmented without being too strong and the formula applies so nicely. It's also incredibly long-wearing and paired with the fact it's a wearable warm peachy-terracotta, it's perfect for work days. The highlighter is intense and metallic, though the texture is incredibly smooth - I actually find it to be a good Becca dupe. The warm, slightly peachy champagne also makes it similar to Champagne Pop.


Matte Lippie Stix Lipstick in RAYEzor | $5.50 | This specific shade isn't available at the moment but I absolutely love the formula. I personally find it has more of a satin finish as opposed to being a true matte - it has a creamy (very opaque) formula that has a slight sheen. It doesn't last as long as a more matte product, however still gives me a good amount of wear-time. This is a warm peachy-brown nude.

Matte Lippie Stix Lipstick in Brink | $5.50 | Brink has the exact same 'matte' formula as RAYEzor. This colour is hard to describe - it's like a warm brown nude with slightly mauve undertones. It's one of my go-tos for work days.

Ultra Satin Lip in Strip | $6.50 | This is one of my all-time favourite liquid lipstick formulas and it's just $6.50! It feels and acts like a normal creamy lipstick once applied and has a semi-matte finish, however despite being so comfortable it really lasts. Strip is a gorgeous sandy-beige nude with a slightly pink undertone.

Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park | $6.50 | This is another shade in the same lovely formula. This was the first colour I picked up from the collection and I'm reaching the end of this tube (though there's a backup waiting in my drawer already...) It's a sort of warm peachy-brown nude that just always seems to work for me.


Super Shock Shadow in Sunset Blvd | $5 | This seems to be out of stock at the moment but it's one of my all-time favourite eyeshadows: I've used an entire pot of it so I'm on my second and have a backup waiting in the drawer! It's in the Pearlised finish so is a beigey-nude that has a soft pearly golden sheen. This is a light wash of colour in comparison to the other shades I have here, making it perfect for everyday. It has such amazing wear-time - it doesn't crease even after hours of wear, including when I'm on holiday in the heat! The formula is much like the Super Shock Cheek products - it's a slightly spongy cream, so I also apply it with my fingers.

Super Shock Shadow in La La | $5 | This has a Metallic finish so gives an amazing dewy dewy look without any flecks of glitter. It's opaque and pigmented so has an amazing impact on the eyes. This is a warm coppery rose gold colour. 

Super Shock Shadow in Kathleenlights | $5 | Kathleenlights is another Metallic formulation so again really gives off a stunning dewy finish. This is a warm golden-amber colour that I love paired with a berry lip.

Super Shock Shadow in On the Rocks | $5 | I'm a little bit gutted that I can't find this on the site at the moment because it's gorgeous and I need a backup! I really like this for a glitzy evening look - it's a warm brown shade with gold and iridescent micro glitter running through it.

Super Shock Shadow in Boy Band | $5 | I snapped this up when it was brought back along with a ton of ColourPop's other classic shades. I actually tend not to use it as an eyeshadow but as an eyeliner. It's gorgeous for smoking out the lower lash line because it's so long-wearing and has that beautiful metallic finish. It's a sort of warm reddish brown colour.

Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette in Double Entendre | $16 | This is my perfect palette for a smoky evening look, though at the same time there are enough lighter shades in here to do something for everyday wear. I really can't fault the formula - the mattes are creamy and blend out with ease and the shimmers have an incredible, almost foiled effect. This isn't the palette I reach for when I specifically want a really long-wearing look, however it works most of the time. I really like that you get a range of matte crease shades as well as some to highlight with and lots of lid colours.

Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette in I Think I Love You | $16 | I find the formula of these eyeshadows to be consistent with the Double Entendre palette. This shade selection is more on the warm, romantic, rosy side. There are some lovely brown, bronze and rose gold colours in here and again, you get that perfectly-balanced selection of shades and finishes.

Have you tried ColourPop yet? Which products are your favourites (or have made it onto your wish list)?

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  1. I’ve never bought anything from Colour Pop but your swatches look so gorgeous that I might just have to! Especially the lip colour in Brink, that’s definitely the sort of shade I like to reach for.


  2. Colourpop has so many amazing products! I really want to try their pressed eyeshadow palettes.

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

  3. Great picks! I'm obsessed with ColourPop lip products so have an absolute ton of them, but I don't actually have toooo many of their other products. I've tried not to pay too much attention to their new launches lately because they're always coming out with so many new things, my wishlist gets ridiculous! Am definitely tempted to make an order soon though (y'know, to reward myself for not making one for so long...)

    Pumpkin Lemonade

  4. I have wanted to try colourpop for so long, this is perfect! Now I can see what your favourite products are, I will probably start off with some of these! Loved this! xx


  5. I'm dying to try some ColourPop products! These all look amazing, especially the lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes.

    Lorna | www.girlinalbion.com

  6. I love the colorpop brand.


  7. I really want to try ColourPop but i hate buying things like makeup online haha i would rather see them in front of me in a shop

    Andrew James - beautyandtheboy.com

  8. I haven't pulled out a CP product in so long! I must dig 'em out and start using them again!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  9. Echo park looks like such a stunning colour - i would love it x


  10. I went to order sun sent blvd and it was out of stock :( I used up a whole one to! I love Echo park and brink. I can't believe I don't have stripped, I'll add it to my next order xx


  11. I love their Super Shock Shadows because they're properly gorgeous and unique and their lip products because they're fab and so affordable! Their powder eyeshadows are really nice but I wasn't as wowed to be collecting all the palettes ;) x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  12. Wow the swatches of these products look amazing! Sunset blvd is just gorgeous!

    -Sophie xx | Cherries & Perfume

  13. I'm so obsessed with colour pop I can't even deal! They keep coming out with amazing stuff, I am already planning another massive order and their palettes keep getting better and better. I definitely need to pick up 'Give it to me straight' and 'Dream st'.


  14. I love the look of the eyeshadow palettes - so many pretty colours! x


  15. I cannot believe that I still haven't tried anything out by Colour Pop, I am going to have to put in a haul very soon!

    Danielle xx

  16. They just keep bringing out the most gorgeous collections of colours! x

  17. To be fair, I often do a bit of a 'lucky dip' as the products are so cheap it's not the end of the world if I don't love something x

  18. I think I need to unsub from their mailing list - it's not good for the bank balance...haha x

  19. I really like the feel of the pressed powder face products, but I have the Alexis Ren one and it's a little dark for me!


  20. Loved reading this. I've just done my first ever ColourPop order (I'd been resisting, but Kathleen Lights 'best of' video and the 20% off code got me) and can't wait for it to arrive on Saturday. Among lots of other bits I got a super shock highlighter, super shock shadow, eyeshadow palette, ultra satin lip and matte lippie stix - so glad to hear you really rate yours! xox

  21. I've still yet to try any Colourpop products! The eyeshadows look so good.


  22. I am so curious about those super shock shadows! Everybody raves about them, can't wait to try.


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