The 5-Minute Makeup Crayons

Makeup Crayons really seem to be having a moment right now and their quick and easy nature definitely appeals to me, especially now Summer is coming and I'll be travelling quite a bit. I've done a little round-up of my favourites and I hope it's useful if you were looking for some suggestions to check out! 

Clinique Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick | £23

I've actually never tried a foundation stick before, despite the Bobbi Brown and Makeup Forever ones being so talked about. For whatever reason, Clinique's new Chubby Stick offering appealed to me (perhaps due to the lighter coverage) and I picked this up in Grandest Golden Neutral, which is pretty much spot on for me. It's fairly light coverage but looks very natural on the skin and isn't too dewy or greasy at all. I do a few swipes down my nose and across my cheeks and forehead then buff it into the skin. I then add in a little extra coverage where I tend to need it: on the t-zone and under the eyes. I find this has decent (but not amazing) longevity and it's really easy to just throw in your bag for on-the-go touch ups.

No7 Instant Radiance Bronzing Highlighter | £9.95

This has to be one of my favourite cream highlighter products; it's seriously underrated! There's also a lighter pink-toned version for pale-skinned ladies but I have this gorgeous golden-bronze shade. It has the most natural, subtle metallic sheen and applies to the skin beautifully. It isn't overly glittery or greasy at all. I just dot it onto my cheek bones and dab it in with my fingers for a natural, sun-kissed glow.

Rosie for Autograph Starstruck Killer Contour* | £15

Ok, contouring isn't exactly necessary for a quick and easy makeup look but when it's this effortless, it's much easier to justify spending that extra minute or two to do it. This has a gorgeous formula; it isn't greasy but blends out so easily and doesn't go patchy or wear away throughout the day. Unfortunately there is only the one shade but I really like this colour, as it's warm but not overly orange and is cool enough to give really natural definition. I tend to dot this under my cheekbones before blending out with a synthetic contour brush.

KIKO Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush in 02 Golden Peach | £7.90

I've mentioned before that this is one of the only cream blusher formulas that works on my combination skin. True to its name, it has a velvet finish so doesn't dissolve into a greasy mess. It's beautifully pigmented and again, as the name suggests, it's a gorgeous peach tone with a very subtle gold shimmer running through it. I tend to dot this straight onto my skin then dab it out with my fingers. It's so quick and easy to apply in a matter of seconds, yet stays on my skin all day long.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon | £29

You definitely don't need to splurge so much on an eyeshadow stick as KIKO have a virtually identical dupe for under a tenner (read my comparison of the two here), however mine was getting disgusting (they are well-loved...) and this is that tiny bit better! It has such a creamy, beautiful formula that practically melts onto the eyelids. The pigmentation is insane so it literally takes one swipe on each eyelid and a couple of seconds to blend out the edges. Bronze Moon is a gorgeous neutral-toned deep bronze-brown and it has this amazing, dewy finish that looks so multidimensional on the lids. These set in place after a few seconds and have amazing staying power once they do.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Balm in Curviest Caramel | £17

I absolutely love the creamy, pigmented formula of the Intense Chubby Sticks. This is a gorgeous, flattering everyday pinky-brown nude that's just so comfortable and hydrating on the lips. You can apply something like this in a couple of seconds, even without a mirror. Although it isn't the longest lasting formula, it fades evenly and naturally.

All you need is a little concealer, mascara and brow action and you're ready to go!

What are your must-have crayon makeup products?

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The Sunday Post #10 | Bristol with the Girls, Exam Pressure & More

I haven't done one of these posts in a while because (as sad as it sounds) for what felt like ages there wasn't a huge about to update you on! However I felt it had been far too long and wanted to have a catch up now my exams are out of the way (for now, at least) so today's is a bit of a bumper post...

Exam Pressure

I've mentioned a few times that as part of the graduate scheme I'm on, I have to obtain professional qualifications. I'm cramming becoming ACII-qualified, which normally takes 5-6 years, into 2 so it's an intense time to say the least. And that's not even taking into account the effort put into my day job and the travel involved. Luckily next time round it shouldn't be quite as full-on because I have found it pretty tough. It's strange because when you're doing professional qualifications, pretty much no one cares what mark you got as long as you pass and you're doing so many at once (this time round I've had 4) that you have to get used to not having the time you'd ideally like to dedicate to each topic and just knowing enough to pass.

As I said last time, during exam period I couldn't sustain my blogging schedule so went down to posting 3 times a week, however you may have noticed that as of this week I'm back to 4! It feels like a huge weight off my shoulders to have my weekends back to spend with friends and family, as well as being able to put more time into my blog. It was so rubbish having to spend all of my spare time studying and having to say no to just about every fun thing that came up in the meantime. I don't want to relax too much as it'll benefit me in the long-run to get ahead on my coursework for the next round of exams, however I do plan of giving myself June and some of July off completely.

One of the hardest parts of all this studying was how little I've been able to see my boyfriend during it. We wen't from seeing each other at least every other weekend to not seeing each other for over a month at a time (he lives in St Albans, I live in Manchester). However we survived it and although I'm in no rush to do it again, it's good to know that when you need to you always have Skype and if you set aside time for each other, it goes pretty fast.

One of the minor up sides of exams is that you get to go away on workshops, which inevitably leads to nights out. Although on the night before an exam it's advisable to get an early night, sometimes if you have a 2-day workshop you can have a bit of fun! Last time was Leeds and although it was brief, it did remind me what a fan I am of that city. I stayed in perhaps the worst hotel I've ever been to in my life though. I suppose a £40-a-night Ibis Budget was never going to be great but it really did resemble an Amsterdam hostel and barely had any lighting. I feel like I stayed out late playing beer pong all night to avoid going back to it!

Bristol with the Girls

It feels like ages ago but I think my last Sunday Post went up whilst I was there so I never got to talk about my first ever trip to Bristol! I managed to get a direct train and had a really productive blogging and studying session on the way down, which is always a plus. We got some really good weather and in the space of one weekend managed to eat and drink our way around the city. We visited Boston Tea Party for a really late brunch once we'd all arrived and I had a really yummy smoothie and smoked salmon with scrambled egg. We went out for dinner (and of course cocktails!) at my favourite chain restaurant Wahaca, which does nice, light Mexican food and has plenty of vegetarian options then went on to a few other places for more drinks. We were originally going to a Thai tapas place which sounded amazing but we didn't book ahead and they were unfortunately full for the evening. Next time... The next day before we all headed back off home we had ale, cider and potentially the best pizza of my whole entire life at The Stable. If you're ever in Bristol then this is a must-visit place for food! We had a nice little wander around the waterfront in the sun and got some extremely unhealthy but rather yummy frozen yoghurt at a place called Angel Berry.

It was really great to spend some time with all the girls, as we are going away for my friend's birthday and along with my good friends from university, her 'home friends' (yes, I still call it that!) are coming. I'd never met a couple of them so it was nice to all spend some time together before we go next month and they're a lovely group of girls. I think we will all be hanging out in London for the weekend when this post goes up too!

Bank Holiday Weekends

Spring means one thing for me: lots of Bank Holidays! We've been lucky enough here in the UK to have two recently and myself and my boyfriend seem to have settled into a little habit of going to the Trafford Centre for breakfast, a film and shopping. It's a great way to spend a day because everything is under one roof.

The Monthly Viewing

On our first trip we went to see Batman vs Superman. It was not my choice, I actually think I only went because my boyfriend wanted to see it so much that he offered to pay! (And the cinema is expensive these days...) I have to say it was one of the worst films I've see in a long time. Every tense and dramatic moment just came across as cringe-y, there was barely a story line and the actors didn't even seem to want to be there! In fact, the best thing about the entire thing was Wonder Woman's eyebrow game.

Our second trip was a little more successful film-wise as we went to see the live-action version of the Jungle Book. The CGI is absolutely amazing and overall it's visually stunning. It's obviously influenced by the Disney version but is quite a bit darker (it's been so long since I read the book that I really can't comment if this adaptation is more faithful to it). I actually think it would be quite scary for children, as a heads-up! I think the voice actors were brilliantly-chosen (Bill Murray as Baloo, Scarlett Johansson as Kaa, Idris Elba as Shere Khan, to name a few) and it all seemed to come together really well. It was exciting and action-packed, even if you know the story. The only thing I found slightly odd were all the different accents; maybe it's because it's live-action as opposed to animated, or maybe it's because I'm older and now notice these things but it was a little jarring to hear a totally American Mowgli!

I recently watched two programmes on BBC iPlayer I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. They weren't easy to watch but it really opened my eyes to the issues they raised. The first I watched was Murdered by my Boyfriend and every event and scene is based on a real-life story, making it even more heartbreaking. It follows a teenage girl who meets a guy at a party who seems cool, charming and funny, however it soon transpires he has a nasty side to him. It charts over a 5-year period all the times he assaulted her, how he wormed his way back in, all the times she tried to leave him and ultimately the brutal attack that killed her. It really was striking to see the difference between the happy, bubbly character at the start and the complete shell she became by the end. 

After seeing that I braced myself to watch the follow-up: Murdered by my Father. This charts another young girl's story. What also makes it so much worse is that you can see at the start that she has a good relationship with her family; there really is a lot of love there between her and her father. However the expectation is that she will do 'one thing' for him, which is go into an arranged marriage with a family friend. She already has a boyfriend and has nothing in common with her fiancĂ© but tries to go along with it for the sake of her family, though she clearly knows her own mind. Things begin to unravel and her relationship with her father turns sour after her secret relationship is discovered. I won't say any more but the ending is one of the most shocking things I've seen on TV in a while. Although the story is about the female main character, it really does delve into her father's mind too and the fact he seemed to think (right up until the moment of no return) that he was doing right by his family is one of the most harrowing parts of it all.

Despite the obviously spoilers in the names of the programmes, it doesn't dull the impact of their finales when everything comes to a head. It almost makes it more sickening because there's this awful sense of foreboding built through the events leading up to the murders. Both are brutal and unflinching and shine a light on important issues.

There are two amazing, cliff-hanger-y police dramas I've been hooked on recently. The first is Line of Duty, which I'd heard a lot about but never really got round to watching. I hadn't watched the previous series as this was a new story, however the background information I found out afterwards did help me understand it better (thank you to the person who tweeted me that 10-minute catch-up of the series video!) It centres around an officer who investigates corruption in the force. I can't really tell you an outline of it without giving it away because the first episode is almost a red herring. I'll let you find out for yourself but believe me: it's compulsive viewing and there are so many twists and turns! The other is Marcella. It's a sort of Swedish Noir drama with a British twist. It's pretty dark and I think I genuinely let out a squeal at the end of each episode because **** gets real! Again, I don't want to give too much away but the basic outline is: Marcella is a former detective with the Met and it seems a murderer she couldn't catch 10 years ago is back.


I recently revisited one of my favourite places to eat in Manchester: Artisan. I'd not been there for a good 18 months but I always really rated their food and cocktails. They do a little bit of everything but mostly pizzas, platters and steaks. I have to say that although I loved the little plates we had for a starter, I was a little disappointed with the pizza I had compared with how good they were a year or so ago. However I still had a really nice evening because there's always a great atmosphere in the restaurant and the cocktails were just as good as I remembered!

Both of our little Bank Holdiay Trafford Centre trips started with breakfast at Bill's. I'm a really big fan of their food and although the vegetarian cooked breakfast is gorgeous, my sweet tooth just can't resist the French toast with strawberries and peanut butter. The food is amazing but I have to say that every time I've visited, I've experienced really poor service. They always seem to be under-staffed and you have to wait ages to be served and have an 80% chance of being ignored if you try to ask them for anything. Also on our most recent trip we were told the food would be a 20 minute wait and we said that was fine. Despite the restaurant being only around 40% full, we were seated at a rubbish table next to the fire exit. When I asked if we could go somewhere else I was assured they were all booked. Bizarrely the food came in 5-10 minutes after we ordered and all the tables which were 'booked' were still empty when we left. Make of that what you will. It's such a shame because great food doesn't mean a whole lot if you don't look after your customers properly.

Over Easter weekend I also re-visited one of the best restaurants in the Northern Quarter with two very good friends. It doesn't look like much from the outside and the service is a little...odd but bear with me because the food at Ning is so good! It's Thai and Malaysian and is also really reasonably priced, with a good cocktail menu. Naturally we ended up at Turtle Bay after for 2 for 1 cocktails!

I know I mention it all the time but if you haven't visited Cote Brasserie and sampled their £12 menu: do it! We went for a bit of a belated Mother's Day meal there a few weeks back and it was as amazing as ever. They do really good quality French food and nice portion sizes. Although it's a bargain menu, you could almost forget that until the bill arrives!

As a little side-note I'm off away to New York (!!!) at the start of June and Spain at the end of June so if you'd like to come along on those trips with me then make sure you're following me on Instagram.

Have you watched any of my favourite shows or checked out any of these places to eat?

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Rosie for Autograph Makeup Collection

The moment I saw Lisa Eldridge post a preview of this collection on Instagram, I knew I had to have it! Seeing her video doing a tutorial of Rosie's look using some of the products from the range just made me want it even more. Everything from the stunning, luxurious packaging to the reasonable price tag to the beautiful selection of shades ticked all the boxes for me. 

Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been working with M&S's own brand Autograph for a good few years now but this is the first time she's done makeup. As you would expect from Rosie, there are lots of cream products, products that are going to make your skin look radiant and the shades are very classic but fresh. I feel like the range is built around enhancing your natural beauty, so you're not going to find anything too crazy or unwearable. The price tag is what I'd describe as 'mid-range'; it's not cheap but it's not super-premium. The quality and packaging really is impressive so it honestly feels like you're getting a luxury product for half the cost.

A collection by Rosie was always going to include a glowing primer, as she's pretty much the queen of radiant, dewy skin. This can be used as a moisturiser in itself as it's hydrating and has a subtle sheen to it, however I tend to moisturise first and then use this like a primer. It gives a really natural glow to the skin and I've also been enjoying using mixed in with other products. My skin has been quite dry and dull recently and I've been mixing this in with my Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, which has helped me get that healthy, fresh look. If you want to make your favourite matte foundation a little more natural and dewy then this is also amazing for that.

I've really been getting into cream contouring lately and this is one of my favourite products to do it with. I wasn't sure if the shade would be right for me as this only comes in one colour, however I find it's perfect for a natural, everyday look. The shade itself is warm in tone but not orange. I just dab along my cheekbones and blend it out with a synthetic brush; all in all it probably takes about 2 minutes! It applies so beautifully that it makes contouring an effortless step that I don't mind doing for a daytime look. The formula is creamy but not greasy and pigmented but not too strong. It wears well on my skin without going patchy too. Overall, this is one of my favourite products from the range.

There's also a cream stick highlighter to go with the contour. It's a pearly colour with a subtle, glitter-free pearlescent sheen. It's very slightly more silvery in tone than something like Becca's Opal. Overall I'd say the tone is slightly on the cooler end of neutral, which is something different for me. It's not greasy at all and looks so beautifully natural on the skin. I don't feel like it settles into my pores or enhances any uneven texture on my skin. It just gives this amazing, natural glow.

I think this is one of my favourite cream blusher formulas. It isn't thin or greasy at all; it has beautiful pigmentation and almost a mousse-like texture. It applies evenly and doesn't disappear or go patchy after a few hours like some cream products do on my combination skin. I find these so quick and easy to apply with my fingers in just a few dabs. I love the healthy glow they seem to give to my cheeks without anything overly shiny (they don't contain shimmer either). Romantic Flush is a vibrant pink shade that you only need a small amount of to get a gorgeous flush of colour. I've mentioned many times my love for English Rose Flush, which is a  beautiful nude-rose that I like to wear on my minimal makeup days. I've actually never come across a cheek product that's quite the same colour as English Rose Flush before.

Eyeshadow Palette in Deco Diamonds* | £18

On first glance, this definitely isn't the palette I'd have immediately been drawn to from the collection however once I started playing around with it I really did like the taupe shades. The quality of the eyeshadows is beautiful; it's so creamy and pigmented. Not a single shade is chalky or wishy-washy, which really impressed me. I don't tend to go for the silver-blue-toned shade in the top right-hand corner (though it can actually look really nice just patted on the centre of the lid with my finger) but I've been loving the cream-champagne shimmer in the inner corner, the dark matte brown in the crease and the taupe shimmer across the lid. I was pleasantly surprised at the colour payoff for the matte shade especially! They also last really well on my eyes; though they aren't quite as sharply defined by the end of the day, they haven't worn away either. All in all it's well worth picking up one of these palettes.

I'm a bit of a cream eyeshadow obsessive so I know what I'm looking for and I can be a tough critic. However this really impressed me. I had heard good things about the original Autograph eyeshadow sticks so when this range was first launched, this was the thing I knew I had to try. It's a gorgeous beige colour with a pearly shimmer to it. The formula is creamy, pigmented and doesn't crease or wear away. It's virtually identical both in colour and formula to Laura Mercier's Rose Gold (comparison here), which is nearly twice the price (plus, this has nicer packaging!), so I definitely recommend picking this one up.

Lipstick in I Love You So Much (ILYSM)* | £14

Like the Romantic Flush blush (which it pairs perfectly with), this really isn't as 'scary' as it seems in the packaging. It has a creamy, semi-sheer formula and has that vanilla scent that seems to make a lipstick feel that much more luxurious. There's actually a very slight shimmer in the formula but it doesn't translate to the lips at all, it just makes them look a little more glossy and full. I find this really comfortable to wear and once applied I'd describe it as a vibrant rose shade. It's almost like a pared-down version of MAC's super-vibrant neon pink Viva Glam Miley but a little brighter than Nars's Dolce Vita lip pencil. It's definitely one of the more daring shades in the collection but like everything else, it's still made really wearable. I'd say it lasts up to 4 hours on my lips before I need a touch-up.

Have you tried anything from Rosie's collection? What did you think? If not then what's on your wish list?

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My Top 7 Liquid Lipsticks

If you don't know about my liquid lipstick obsession then you must be new here: welcome! I love a matte lip and I love a long-lasting formula, so since edging into the world of liquid lipsticks I've gone a little bit mad for them. I've stuck to proper liquid formulas as opposed to lip creams for this post, but please let me know if you'd like to see something on those too. All of these are easy to apply, can be layered on and won't flake or peel on you as any of those things are deal-breakers for me! None of them are too hard to remove or stain, but bear in mind these are mainly light-medium tones.

7. ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in Frick N Frack | $6

I'm a huge ColourPop fan (find out how I ship their products to the UK here) and whilst their Ultra Matte Lips are good and a total bargain, I definitely found them a little drying. When I saw they'd released a new Satin version, I just had to snap one up and I'm glad I did because they're the perfect solution. Still intensely pigmented, still long-lasting (though not *quite* as transfer-proof) but so much more comfortable to wear. Frick N Frack is a gorgeous rosy-mauve-terracotta shade that I love for something a little more deep and dramatic in the evening. The packaging is simple but doesn't feel cheap and just has your standard doe-foot applicator.

6. Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Gemini | £14

This is only further down on the list because it's a relatively recent purchase but I'm already in love with it. I have to say it was so hard to get my hands on this! These are only stocked in the UK by Cocktail Cosmetics and every single time they re-stock the range they go within minutes (I'm not quite sure why, as they've stocked them for a little while and usually these things become easier to get hold of over time), especially new releases like this. The packaging is a little tacky but in a good way and I'd expect nothing less from such an extravagant creator! The wand is slightly curved so fits perfectly onto your lips and means the product can be applied with minimal effort. The formula is incredibly pigmented and completely matte yet doesn't dry out my lips. It's so long-lasting but does transfer slightly. I definitely need more shades if I can bring myself to go through the stress of trying to get them again! Gemini is a very warm reddish-nude. This one has a bit of a tropical fruity scent to it when first applied, which I don't mind but I can see a lot of people not liking at all.

5. Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Everything Nice | £9.50

This is definitely my favourite formulation that's on the right side of £10. It just has this amazing pigmentation and dries down matte but stays very slightly tacky which stops it feeling dry on the lips. The wear time is a good 6 hours for me, even when I'm eating and drinking. It's definitely one of the most watery options (along with the Kat Von D and the Balm formulas), with a standard doe-foot applicator and the packaging is very lightweight. Although it's a more affordable option, I think the packaging is fine; it has a gold top with a frosted tube. The only negative I really have is that it doesn't seem to have a stopper inside it to stop excess product coming out on the wand so you do have to scrape it off a little before you apply. I think the colour is beautiful and as close to a 'true brown' lip shade I'm comfortably going to get! It's a medium-deep, very warm brown nude with yellow undertones. It was hard to choose between this and the more mauve-y 1995 but this is just a different kind of shade for me and I like it.

4. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina | £16

It was tough to choose between this and Sephora's Marvellous Mauve, which is a very similar shade, but I think this is that bit more comfortable and has that bit more longevity. It's definitely the creamiest of the bunch; halfway between something very fluid like the Gerard Cosmetics and something very fluffy like the NYX Soft Mattes. It actually has one of my favourite and least drying formulas that still lasts me hours and hours so it's a real shame there aren't more shades in the range that do it for me. It has quite a wide, flat wand which I don't feel hinders application but I also don't feel like it does anything particularly special that a doe-foot wouldn't. The shade itself is that perfect 'more than a nude but less than a colour' mauve.

3. Dose of Colors Matte Lipstick in Truffle | £14.50

From the packaging, price-point, application and similar formulas I was convinced that Dose of Colors and Jeffree Star were in some way related but a cursory Google didn't throw up anything to suggest they are. Again, these are hard to get hold of and I was really lucky that I managed to snap up one of the nudes as BeautyBay seem to be having some supply issues, as every time I've checked in the past month or two, most of the shades have been sold out. Anyway, I really like the clean, simple packaging with a frosted tube which, as I mentioned, has the same basic design and applicator as the Jeffree Star. Like with Gemini, I find this to be very pigmented and although it is matte, it has the slight tackiness that keeps things fairly hydrated, however still has that amazing wear-time. Truffle is a slightly different shade for me as it has a bit more of a light and cool brown tone to it however doesn't wash me out (like Stone did). This one has a scent that I love; sort of like coco pops!

2. The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Committed | £13.50

This was actually one of my first liquid lipsticks and remains one of my favourites. I think this probably tops every other formula when it comes to longevity because I can go a good 7 hours with it! It's slightly more drying than some of the others but nothing overly uncomfortable. I think the packaging could have been a little nicer when you compare it to the other products in this post around the £14 mark (especially considering the amount of product is also less) but I can live with it. It just has your standard doe-foot applicator but like with the Gerard Cosmetics, I do feel like I have to scrape off the excess product before I can apply this. The colour is absolutely beautiful; a sort of pinky-nude that's just perfect for me. Every time I go away from this then come back to it again, I remember what a stunning shade it is. It works for daytime or for evening looks when you want your eye makeup or blusher to be the focus. This is another scented one with a bit of a minty fragrance.

1. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Double Dare | $20

Finishing up with one of the most hyped-up liquid lipstick formulas ever: Kat Von D's. The tube is very long and so is the doe-foot applicator, which a lot of people dislike but it doesn't bother me personally or hinder my application. The lid is a nod to Kat Von D being a tattoo artist, which is a nice touch, though some of the artwork that runs down the tube itself has unfortunately started to wear off. It's a very liquid formula and though a lot of people say these are drying, I can't say I have that problem. They are more so than something like the Stila, however I don't find it a big issue and certainly not a deal-breaker. The wear-time is very good, however the Balm still wins on that front. The main reason this is my #1 is the shade. It's described as 'cocoa blush' and has a similar tone to Committed but is deeper and has more of a strawberry colour to it. I just think it's absolutely stunning and is what I reach for when I want something muted but not a nude.

What are your favourite liquid lipsticks?

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The Spring/Summer Beauty Update

I have to say I'm really excited that Spring/Summer is finally underway! I'm already loving the lighter, milder evenings and I just have so much to look forward to over the next couple of months. Obviously I've taken the new season as an opportunity to update my makeup bag a little and have tried a few new products; some of them were winners, others not so much! I thought I'd share with you the latest additions and whether I rate them or not. I was also  kindly sent several things by Fragrance Direct, so for these products I've put their price and the RRP in brackets because they sell some of my favourite brands for that bit less (which always helps).

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