Streamlined Skincare

Ok, so when I say ‘streamlined’, I mean ‘beauty blogger streamlined’! These are the products I reach for when I don’t any specific concerns that need addressing (with a mask or treatment), that I just can always rely on to do the job. They’re the essential steps to my routine that I wouldn’t cut out unless I was running veeeerryyy late or I was practically unconscious...

A Weekend in Prague

I'm sat typing offline on my flight back from Prague. It's Sunday, I'm back in work tomorrow (why oh why didn't I take the Monday off?!) and have the journey back to Birmingham once we land... My long weekend in the Czech capital went far too quickly, as always, but we crammed a lot in. Here's what I got up to!

The Skincare Brand That's Changing the Game

If there's one brand that's had everyone talking in 2017 so far, it's been the Ordinary. After several products on back-order finally arrived (believe it or not, this post has been in the pipeline since October!) and I had a chance to test everything fully, I'm now ready to share my full and honest review of the products I have here.

The Everyday Makeup Edit #4

It's time to fill you in again on the makeup I've been reaching for the most lately and there are lots of new products in the mix to tell you about this month!

To Dupe or Not to Dupe?

The blogging world seems to be seriously abuzz on the topic of 'deliberate' dupes, where an affordable brand knowingly creates a product similar to a high-end one. We all love the feeling of discovering a dupe that's a fraction of the cost of the original, but are brands that deliberately 'copy' high-end products crossing a line...?

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