What I Got for My Birthday

Today I'm sharing some stuff I got for my birthday! I also have a few bits I bought when I went shopping on the day and some things I picked up with the many birthday discount codes I was emailed by my favourite websites... I would've posted this sooner but I already had content planned and I thought it would be more useful for me to do this once I've had a chance to use the beauty products so you can have my first impressions. 

The Double Cleanse

Double cleansing seems to have taken the beauty world by storm! At first, I must admit I was slightly bemused; surely cleansing your skin after removing makeup is a no-brainer? However that would be losing sight of the fact that a lot of people have a much simpler routine than myself (as a blogger), plus I do think there's an art to picking the products that perfectly compliment each other. I tend to use something oil based, massaged into my skin to lift up even the most stubborn black eye makeup. I then remove it with a damp muslin cloth and use a skin cleanser to wash away any lingering impurities from the day. These are the pairings that work for me...

Summer-Proof Evening Makeup

I honestly LOVE summer makeup; for me, there's nothing more gorgeous than a warm-toned golden makeup look with plenty of highlighter. This is the kind of look I like to do for the evening and of course I've ensured it's all super heat-proof and long-wearing, as the weather has finally started hotting up... You can even adapt this into a  festival look, which is what I did for Love Saves the Day last month, basically: just add glitter! I also have a few different options so you can tailor this look to what you want whilst still keeping the overall vibe.

How to Blog Consistently with a Full-Time Job

I think all of the questions I get asked the most are to do with time management when it comes to blogging, so I thought I'd do an update on the topic. Obviously this is related to my situation but it can equally apply to juggling blogging with kids, a demanding university course or whatever else you have going on!

8 Beauty Discoveries You Need to Know About

I mentioned a few months back that favourites are pretty much dead on my blog, for various reasons... However I thought that it'd be cool to tell you about my favourite beauty discoveries on an ad hoc basis, as and when I find enough products or brands I really think you should know about!

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