US Beauty Must-Haves | Drugstore & Affordable

Last week I brought you the High-End version of this post but this week it's time for the drugstore and affordable edition! Again, there's a mix of products that are reasonably accessible, ones that you can ship to the UK and ones to pick up if you're heading Stateside and as usual I'll give the shipping details below (all links ship to the UK unless stated otherwise).

My Holiday Beauty Picks | Italy Edit

Tomorrow I'm off to Florence, on a bit of a impromptu kind of trip, however I'm so excited! I went to Florence and Pisa 6 or so years ago and loved it, so I'll be sure to do a post on the trip this time round. I thought I'd give you a little peak at the products I'll be taking for our 5 nights there. It's not every single product (because I don't want to just repeat what was in other posts I've done this Summer and if you know me, you already know my Urban Decay concealers MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural and Stila eyeliner are in there!) but these are the edited highlights.

50 Things to do in Manchester

Next weekend it is Manchester Pride and of course the Bank Holiday! If you're heading up for the event next week or just thinking of visiting; these are 50 things (in no particular order) that I recommend you do in and around the city centre. Also, I'm just feeling nostalgic and sentimental because I'm moving away in a couple of short weeks *sobs*....

The Single Eyeshadows I Actually Use

Single eyeshadows have to be my most neglected beauty product! As my moving out date looms closer, I've been whittling down my beauty stash and thinking about the products I genuinely use and love. Today I'm showing you my favourite single eyeshadows. So I wasn't including all my single shadows from my custom palettes (that's for another post!) I've tried to keep this to ones that I'd use on their own when it comes to pans.

US Beauty Must-Haves | High-End

This post has been sat in my drafts for a while but I finally feel like I’ve gathered my thoughts enough to give you the run-down of my favourite high-end US beauty products. I’ve kind of got a mix of products you can get in the UK (though not just by wandering into your local Boots), ones you can get shipped here and products you might want to get your hands on if you’re visiting the States. I’ve got something in most categories but haven’t forced it! Make sure you come back next week to check out my drugstore and affordable version of this too.

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