Taking the Stress Out of Christmas Shopping | Sponsored

If you're like me then 'actual Christmas' (as in Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day) is always great, it's just the build up that can get a bit stressful! These are my top tips for staying calm when it comes to Christmas shopping, plus how to plan your present-buying with Shoptagr.

The November Beauty Report

It's the end of another month and I'm already gearing up for Christmas and end-of-year content! However today we're talking hits, misses and new discoveries from the past month. 

The Dirty Peach Edit

Dirty Peach is shaping up to be the beauty trend of Autumn 2016 and I have to say I'm totally on board with that! These are my favourite autumnal peach tones and a few other shades that really compliment this sort of look.

Diversity & the Beauty World

Earlier this year I wrote a post called The Problem with Drugstore Foundation and I really wasn't expecting it to get such a huge reaction! The issue seemed to resonate with so many people - I do understand that in the grand scheme of world problems, perhaps finding an affordable foundation for a range of skin tones isn't at the top of the list but to me it's a reflection of wider issues in our society. Today I'm reflecting on the topic but also bringing you something a little more positive: the brands that are making waves and changing things!

ColourPop Free International Shipping Haul

Colourpop brought back their free international shipping (for orders over $50 or a low flat rate for orders less than that) so obviously I did an order! They released a new peach-themed collection as well as putting out a last call for the limited edition KaePop collaboration, which were my main reasons for doing another haul. Their products are just so affordable, high-quality and they have a vast range of colour products that they're constantly adding to. I don't want to keep repeating myself on shipping and customs so please check out my post here for the details on that and let's dive into the makeup...

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