Glow-Boosting Skincare

This month over at Cult Beauty it's all about skincare and choosing the right products to tackle your specific concerns. I often get dull, dehydrated skin and of course Spring is all about fresh, glowing skin, so today I'm going to talk you through the very best skincare for getting that radiance back. I also have a discount code for 15% off orders over £20 if you feel inspired to check out any of these products: CBXJTB (this is not affiliated, it's valid until 21/02 and you can check out the terms and conditions here). There's also an amazing competition running alongside this, so stay until the end of the post to find out how to enter.

An Ode to the BeautyBlender

There are dozens of makeup sponges on the market now but I'm pretty sure this was the original. With plenty of options at a lower price, it's easy to see why people might not want to spend the extra on this tool, however I think it's worth the splurge and today I'm telling you why!

The Highlighter Edit | Affordable & High-End

Highlighter is one of those beauty products that just brings me joy! I feel as though it's only really become a 'must-have' outside the beauty world over the past few years but now there are amazing options out there no matter what your budget is. Today I'm going to take you through both my favourite high-end products and my top affordable formulas.

Beauty & Ethics | When Should We Stop Supporting a Brand?

I've realised in recent years that we live in a world where the past is never buried thanks to the internet and pretty much none of the brands out there are squeaky-clean. As a blogger, that puts us a bit of a tricky position. Sadly there are very few companies I can say the words 'I love the brand and what they stand for' about. And gone are the days when you could wander through the beauty aisles, pick up an intriguing-looking product from a brand you've never heard of and go home to review it in a post. Now it's almost as though you have to do a full background check on Google before appearing to promote anything or anyone.  And that's not a bad thing - people and companies are finally forced to be accountable for their actions! Today I thought I'd venture into this sticky topic in a pretty chatty post that I hope will explore the issue, even if we don't come to any firm conclusion...

ColourPop | My Top Picks

My ColourPop collection is worryingly huge! Today I thought I'd sit down and talk through my absolute favourites from this affordable brand which has an INSANE range of products and colours.

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