A Few Words for my Hometown

I'm not really one to post spontaneously, nor am I someone who shares my innermost thoughts and feelings freely, but I'm still processing what happened in my hometown of Manchester last night. Normal service will resume tomorrow but it just felt wrong to talk about anything else right now.

Fuss-Free Lips

As much as I love a dark lip in the evening or a bold liquid lipstick at the weekend, for most of the week I'm in the office so I gravitate towards quick, easy products to apply that are in natural shades. These are a few that I'm reaching for at the moment...

Taking Time to Unwind

For most of us, life moves quickly and it's not about to slow down. We're always taking on that much more, stretching ourselves that bit further. But in the midst of the madness of modern life, I think it's more important than ever to set time aside to relax. When I unwind properly, I honestly find I'm a lot more productive too. This is how I like to chill out...

The Skincare Ingredients You Need to Know About | Partnership

Now that I've been blogging about beauty for a few years, I feel I've gained quite a bit of knowledge on skincare and there are certain ingredients that immediately grab my attention when I'm shopping around for products. I'm sharing those with you today in a way that I hope is helpful, regardless of whether you're a seasoned skincare pro or a complete newbie!

How to Pack the Perfect Makeup Bag

This is a bit of a different post for me, but today I'm going to be talking about how to pack your makeup bag like a total pro! I've got ideas for makeup bags for any occasion. I always pack products I know I can trust to work for me and I bear in mind where I'm going and what I'm doing; so if I'm off on a beach holiday, I'll leave the dewy foundation at home, and if I'm flying off on a short city break then I'll try and go for as many two-in-one products as possible and minimal liquids. It's also important to pack shades that are going to work together and that you know you'll actually wear. Let's have a look inside the makeup bags!

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