Perfect Palettes #3

I will always have a soft spot for palettes! I travel a lot, so they come in handy for that and they're also just gorgeous to look at and it means you have perfectly-balanced, complimentary shades already picked out for you. These have been my favourites over the past few months... (though I'd probably add ABH Soft Glam now!)

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette | £56 | review | I was incredibly lucky and got this gorgeous palette for Christmas, because let's face it: it isn't exactly cheap! I'm so glad to have got my hands on it though because it's perfect for evening eye looks. I'm sure you can see from the swatches how intensely pigmented these are, plus they blend like a dream. The only one I have to put in a bit of work with is the pressed glitter but it's fine as long as you use a glitter glue. It's just the perfect more purple-toned twist on warm shades and I really don't have much purple in my collection. There are enough colours in here to get a variety of looks, which makes it versatile enough to be worth the investment. They also wear really well on me, staying bold and defined instead of blurring into a muddy mess!

ColourPop Pressed Powder Face Duo in Double Play | $16 | review | I use this face palette ALL THE TIME - it's so great for everyday wear and I love finding a duo that has the perfect complimentary shades. The pan sizes are also huge, so I won't be running out any time soon. The formula is amazing - the highlighter is intense and dewy whilst having a smooth, glitter-free texture and the blusher is pigmented without being over-the-top, blends beautifully and doesn't wear off or go patchy during the day. The highlighter is a warm peachy-gold champagne, whereas the blusher is a sort of matte nude terracotta.

Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette | £36 | I'd never tried Tarte eyeshadows before but this formula seriously wowed me! It's just so opaque and pigmented, as well as being easy to work with. There's not a single dud shade in here and I find these soooo long-lasting! This is a gorgeous collection of shades if you love warm tones because it contains a variety of colours for creating different looks. There's every matte you need in here as well as a really good selection of lid shades, which gives it that versatility. Overall, it's a perfectly balanced palette in terms of the colours and the finishes.

ColourPop I Think I Love You Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette | $16 | ColourPop's premade eyeshadow palettes really are fantastic and a total bargain! The matte shades have a smooth consistency and the shimmers have an almost foiled finish. I Think I Love You is my favourite, as it has the most wearable colours from their range - it's all warm nude browns, rosy coppers and golds. Again, this is a palette you can not only do your entire look with but several different ones. It's definitely an everyday one for me - I can reach for it and know I'll get a nice eyeshadow look with little effort. The only thing I would say is that the longevity isn't amazing - it's not bad, but I do see some wear by the end of a long day.

Zoeva Cafe Eyeshadow Palette* | £17.50 | This is a palette that saw me through the autumn / winter months because it's perfect for creating a cranberry-toned makeup look. I've tried so many Zoeva palettes and the quality is excellent - I really like the level of colour payoff because it doesn't take any building but it's nothing too over-the-top that you have to spend ages blending out; it's that perfect everyday formula. The wear time is pretty good, I have enough crease colours in here and the lime green shimmer adds a nice little twist.

Zoeva Opulence Blush Palette* | £12.50 | Zoeva have a few of these affordable cheek trios, but none of them quite had that perfect set of shades for me until Opulence came along. There's a beautiful, unusual sheeny muted-champagne highlighter that gives a stunning soft-focus look. There's a great everyday warm neutral matte blusher (or bronzer on fair skin), that's very smooth and easy to blend out (as well as lasting all day on my skin). Finally you get a slightly sheeny warm red blusher that does need a bit more work, because it's quite pigmented, but isn't anything patchy like so many of these kinds of colours.  

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sun Dipped* | £41 | review | I actually have a different Glow Kit but this kind of blew it out of the water! It has such a smooth, pigmented formula that gives an intense, dewy highlight without a speck of glitter. This is the warm-toned, golden option and all of the colours in here work on my skin tone. You get a warm bronzed gold, an iridescent light yellow-gold, an unusual cool-toned bronze and a light, frosty gold in here. You get so much product and there are a variety of these Glow Kits to suit different skin tones.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette | £39 | review | I know this palette got an insane amount of hype but I truly love it and use it all the time, one year on! The Too Faced formula is excellent - it's blendable, opaque, long-wearing and never muddy. Despite the name, it's actually a very wearable collection of warm nudes with little pops of peach. There's a range of crease colours in here, meaning you can make the look slightly cooler if you want, and several lid colours to get that variety in. I never thought I'd be into pinky-purple tones on my eyes but I reach for Bellini and Peach Pit just as much as the classic 'me' gold and bronze shades. 

What's your favourite palette?

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Disclosure - products marked * were sent to me for consideration however all opinions remain my own.

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