After being bumped by festive content for a couple of months - I'm finally back with a new Makeup Monthly. In case this is your first time checking this series out (or if you forgot what it's all about, given how long it's been!): this is the post where I talk all things makeup. That includes: new products I've picked up, my go-to look, my thoughts on new makeup releases and products I'm trying to pan. Let's dive into it...


I've mentioned on Instagram and in my last Sunday Catch-Up that before Christmas there was a water leak in my house, so I'm staying downstairs at the moment and don't have easy access to a lot of my stuff whilst my bedroom ceiling and floor are all redone... That's meant that for a lot of the time since my last post; I've been reaching for the same products a lot, plus Christmas and New Year meant I was travelling around quite a bit.

The first firm favourite has been the Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions Palette* | £25 | review. I absolutely love this warm-toned palette - especially the metallics, which I pat onto my lids with my fingers. I think the finish is absolutely stunning and the small size means I travel with this a lot (which is how the mirror unfortunately smashed!) To go with these sorts of tones, I've been reaching for my beloved Milani Baked Blush in Bellissimo Bronze* | £10 | review | which is just the perfect warm-toned bronze shade with plenty of glow. The Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Trendsetter | £18 | review | pulls the entire look together. This is such a comfortable but true matte liquid lipstick formula and I love this warm rusty brown nude.


I have a bunch of new products here that I've been testing - unsurprising, given I've not done an update for the past two months! 

The first things I have here are the Pixi Glow Cakes in GildedBare Glow and PinkChampagne Glow* | £24. These are essentially gradient cheek products (definitely a little reminiscent of the Kevyn Aucoin ones) with a highlighter, blusher and bronzer, though in all honesty; I tend to just swirl it all together and apply it to my cheeks (I've swatched them below in this order). GildedBare is my favourite; a subtle radiant peachy-nude colour, though PinkChampagne is pretty if you prefer a pinky-berry tone. These blend out really nicely and it's pretty much impossible to go wrong with applying them. They last well on my skin without going patchy, too!

I was also really kindly gifted the ENTIRE YSL blusher and highlighter collection! I picked out the shades I thought I'd use, so keep an eye out for the others in a giveaway. I've swatched all the shades I kept and will run through which are my favourites too. Here we have the YSL Couture Highlighter in 01 Perle, 02 Rose & 03 Bronze* | £32 each. This is the perfect highlighter formula for people who want a natural look or don't usually wear a lot of highlighter. It doesn't emphasise texture and gives a gorgeous soft glow to the skin. 01 is my personal favourite - a warm champagne. I actually wear the warm rosy shade 02 as a subtle blusher, however it would be a gorgeous highlight on deeper skin. I'm also a fan of the warm golden-bronze of 03 (P.S. apologies but I did get 02 and 03 mixed up in my labels in the swatches below). The YSL Couture Blushes in 04, 09 & 10* | £32 each | are in a similar vein; they have a bit of a sheen to them and give a natural colour payoff, making them foolproof to apply. From the lightest to the deepest shade I have; they really don't go patchy on application and wear evenly throughout the day. 04 is an apricot tone (perfect for spring), 06 a sort of muted rose (I do have to build up the pigment quite a bit with this particular shade) and 10 a gorgeous berry tone.

I also picked up a couple of things from Too Faced. I was really interested in the Tutti Frutti collection when it first launched but had come to assume it was never coming to the UK! I actually decided just to order from their US site eventually, as they had a discount on back in November for Black Friday. I picked up the Fruit Cocktail Blush Duo in Apricot in the Act | £25 | although I could have treated myself to more quite easily! I love a little cheek duo, as they're just great for travelling with and this is a gorgeous pairing for the makeup looks I like. There's a glow-y satin deep apricot colour and then this gorgeous deep, warm golden highlight. The highlight has a little glitz to it but I don't mind too much, as it's not like there are big chunks visible on my skin. The blusher is really nice; it's pigmented but nothing over the top, blending out easily and staying there all day. I also picked up the Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick in Got Peach? | £19. This is a lovely matte formula that doesn't have any shine to it but doesn't dry my lips out either. It does need a little bit of building but I really don't mind when lasts so well on me and doesn't cling to any patches on my lips. This colour is an interesting warm muted dusky deep peach.

I've also recently discovered a brand called Ainsel who do gorgeous matte lip colours. I have three shades: the Ainsel Lipstick in Camel Coat, Button Up and Parka* | £24 each. These have a lovely creamy formula that's very opaque and pigmented from one swipe. They don't skip or have a dry formula once applied and, although they do need touching up during the day, they still have a matte finish. Camel Coat is an unusual sort of pop of peachy-nude. Button Up isn't my favourite as it's a bit cool-toned on me; a sort of deep brown colour. I really like Parka for a more subtle, warm berry lip.


There are a handful of other products I've also been using a lot recently. I'm well and truly back in love with my beloved Nars Sheer Glow Foundation* (Barcelona) | £33 | review. I just love the satin finish, the medium coverage and the flawless finish this gives my skin without being at all heavy. It's a great day-to-night option too, so if I'm travelling and need one product to cover both bases then this is perfect. Also in terms of base, I'm enjoying the Laura Geller Restore Spackle Mist with Coconut Water* | £25. It's a gorgeous, hydrating setting spray that gives my skin that healthy glow it needs during the winter months.

I'm also really enjoying my Huda Matte & Metal Melted Shadow in Private Jet & Shimmering Sunset | £22 | review. This is something I reach for when I want a quick and easy glam makeup look. One end has a gorgeous warm peachy-nude matte liquid eyeshadow and the other has a beautiful peachy-copper opaque liquid glitter.


We're also finally revisiting my 'to use up' pile of products - if you'd like to see more detail on any of the products I've already talked about and why I've chosen to pan them; be sure to check out my previous posts in this series

The first product we'll revisit is the Lorac Unzipped Palette | $42 | review and swatches. Ok, I haven't been using it every day - I usually have this and a newer palette in my weekly rotation - but I've been reaching for it every so often and still haven't got anywhere with the 4 shades I use a lot and thought I could pan. I'll keep you updated on this one but, yeah, panning an eyeshadow is harder than it looks...

There are two cheek products here: the Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Baby Love | £25 | review and swatch | and the Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Bronzed | £23 | review and swatch. I've actually got some pan on the Too Faced blusher at long last, which is bittersweet because it really is the perfect everyday cheek colour, however I do have other similar shades I can use when this is done. I do think I'd repurchase it in the future though! I did already have a little bit of pan on the bronzer however, as you can see, I'm steadily working my way through this by using it every day. Fingers crossed I'll be able to move onto my Make Up For Ever one soon!

There are a few base products here too. I'm working my way through the Too Faced Hangover Primer | £27 | review | slowly but surely - it works really well with my new Fenty foundation, as that's quite matte and this primer hydrates my skin so it doesn't feel drying. My Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (Medium) | £22 | review | is like some sort of makeup product TARDIS! Whenever I think it's done, I just keep getting more out of it...

I'm still trying to use my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light | £42 | review and swatch | but I've come to realise I definitely prefer a loose powder these days, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to how I continue! I've decided to instead focus on my Vichy Dermablend Translucent Makeup Setting Powder* | £18 | review. This is a great affordable setting powder option, as it's so finely milled and never looks dry or cakey on my skin.


Let's finish up with my thoughts on two big recent beauty launches - one I'm excited about and one I won't be checking out!

One thing I will be going and having a swatch of when I have a minute is the MAC in Monochrome Collection. They've released small capsule collections with a matte shadow, shimmer shadow, a glitter and a blusher, all themed around their most well-loved lipstick shades. The rosy beige tones of the Velvet Teddy collection definitely caught my eye and the berry theme of Diva also appeals to me. See Sheer (a grapefruit colour) is also super pretty. I think this is a really good idea - it's not trying too hard, it's just giving fans of the lipstick colours something they'll love!

Image via: elitedaily.com

I'm really not interested in the Morphe Fluidity Foundation! This was creating drama before it was even released when the PR was sent out and the majority seemed...not keen on it at all! Even prolific affiliate Manny MUA called it dry and said it settled into his pores (whilst pushing his code, of course...) The undertones of a lot of the shades (especially on the deeper end) seem a little... off to me too! Looking at people trying out this foundation, I do think Morphe was more focused on being able to say they had 50 foundation shades than getting those shades right. It's a super thick, full-coverage foundation that many say feels tight and drying on the skin, which just isn't within the realms of my personal makeup style. Many of the shades also stained people's skin. Overall, it's just nothing I'm interested in - next!

Image via: finder.com.au

Let me know what you think of these releases - agree? Disagree? If you got any makeup for Christmas - let me know what you thought of it!

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Disclosure - products marked * were gifted to me as unpaid advertisement for the brands / websites mentioned. All opinions expressed are my own. Please read my disclosure page for more information.

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