I think the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer | £22 | and the Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer | £24 | have to be two of the most hyped-up concealers on the internet! However most normal human beings really don’t need two moderately pricey concealers in their collection, so today I’m going to do a bit of a comparison to hopefully help you decide which might be for you. 


Ok, we’ll start at the top; the Tarte comes in at £22 for 10ml of product whereas the Too Faced is better value at £24 for 15ml. Based on the bulky packaging; I actually thought the Too Faced was going to have way more product! I do think the frosted tube and gold and black detailing are really pretty but it's not very travel-friendly. The Tarte is simple but functional with a much narrower tube.

Both concealers have a large doe-foot applicator, which makes it easy to cover the amount of surface area you need to get a good layer on under the eyes. The Too Faced one has a bit more of a dip in it so scoops up more product than the Tarte.


I've seen a lot of people say that these two concealers are really similar formula-wise but I actually have to disagree! The Shape Tape is a little more opaque (though I'd still say the Too Faced is full-coverage, the consistency is much more watery) and has a very slightly thicker texture. I personally find the Tarte formula to be so long-wearing and it's incredibly crease-proof; it's a product I reach for when I need something that's going to look flawless all day long. It definitely isn't drying on my under-eyes, however it isn't specifically hydrating.

The Too Faced, on the other hand, is definitely more fluid, which is why I think a lot of people like it for contouring, because that makes it really easy to blend out (I don't really contour so I just use both of these concealers under my eyes). It's definitely slightly more sheer than the Tarte option and is very hydrating, so if you have dry eyes; this is the option for you. What I don't love about this concealer is that on my skin, I have to set it very quickly with a heavy-duty or quite a matte powder to minimise creasing. Even with all that, I do often get creasing with this concealer. I do also notice a little bit of fading towards the end of a long day when I use this one.

I apply both of these concealers with my makeup sponge. As I mentioned, I don't really contour but I think you could probably use both of these for that purpose, though the Too Faced is going to look more natural because it sheers out. I think the Tarte can be used to spot-concealer but the Too Faced probably isn't as suitable for that because of its more watery texture.


The Shape Tape concealer comes in 30 shades but, like its infamous foundation counterpart, I don't think they got the gradient right with this one! There's a lot of minor variations on the lighter end with a range of in-between shades and different undertones vs. only a small handful of dark/deep shades. I use the colour Medium, which is actually perfect for me in terms of having a tone that's very slightly highlighting (as an NC37-40).

The Too Faced concealer only comes in 20 shades but I actually think there's a more even distribution within those colours; there are no big jumps between the colours. I use Golden Beige in this, which is a little more of a stark highlighting colour on me, making it very brightening.


For my personal skin type; Shape Tape wins out. However if you've ever found that concealer drying or need an extra boost of hydration under your eyes, the Too Faced concealer is that rare combination of fresh, radiant and hydrating whilst still being full coverage.

Have you tried either of these concealers?

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