I love liquid eyeshadows; I'm an absolute sucker for them! I just really enjoy the ease of application and the stunning finish you can achieve with them, so when Huda Beauty launched the Matte & Metal Melted Shadows | £22 each | you bet I was picking one up, but was it winner...?

The packaging for this isn't anything special, which I'd probably say for most Huda products, however it does the job! This is a dual-ended product with one side being a matte with a flat foam applicator (that has a dip in the centre to pick up more product) and the other is a metallic liquid shadow with a kind of tiny brush applicator. 

There are five shades in this collection and I've seen a lot of people use multiple duos for a makeup look. I didn't want to pick up more than one shade unless I knew I liked the product so I just have Private Jet & Shimmering Sunrise for now (I'm also on a low-buy so should probably stick to just the one regardless!) Huda billed these duos as a 'super easy cut crease', which I guess they are. 

How I like to use these is to apply the matte shade to the crease and blend it out using a synthetic brush (my personal favourite with this formula is my Zoeva 235 Contour Shader) and then I apply the metallic across the lid, patting it in with my fingers. I find the matte allows a really good amount of play-time before it sets down, which is definitely good for something designed to be used like this. I definitely find it takes me a minute to get the metallic shade down, however I love the effect when it's on. I quite often will apply a primer and then use a powder shadow as a transition (Orange Soda from my Soft Glam Palette* - review - is perfect). I then go in with the matte Private Jet in the crease, blending a little more of the transition at the edges before applying another powder shadow right on the outer part over it to add depth (Raw from the New Nude Palette - review - works really nicely). Finally I place the metallic Shimmering Sunrise on the lid to add that glitz. I have no issues at all layering and blending the liquids with the powders, which I'd originally been scared would go horribly wrong (I also never ‘set’ my primer so the base is tacky).

As you can see; Private Jet is a really lovely warm pinky-nude matte and Shimmering Sunrise is a warm coppery rose gold shade. I think this pairing is really gorgeous and it creates a stunning warm copper eye look. 

In terms of the wear-time; for me the matte shade is pretty much bullet-proof - it wears incredibly well throughout the day and I didn't experience any creasing or fading, even when I wore it for 15+ hours! I'd say the metallics are a little less reliable; on that same long day, I did notice a little bit of patchiness on the centre of one of my eyelids. I wouldn't say it was noticeable because of the 'scattered glitter' effect the eyeshadow gives, however I still thought it was worth mentioning.

Overall I really love the look this gives and I'm really happy I picked one of these up! These are on the pricier side and it does take a little bit of time to apply, but I think the end effect is gorgeous. I hope they release even more shades, as none of the others called out enough to me for me to use one of my low-buy items for the month to get a second. This is a hit for me! 

Are you a fan of liquid eyeshadows?

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