If I Could Create my Perfect Eyeshadow Palette...

Today I though I'd just do something fun and a little bit creative... I went through the eyeshadow files and essentially designed my own perfect palette. I really hope you enjoy this post and if it inspires you to do your own version please do tag me as I'd love to see what you create! But for now, let's dive into mine...


If you read any of my more personal / lifestyle-themed posts, you'll know I love storytelling and mythology, so if I created an eyeshadow palette it would have to be themed around that. I would probably call it the Mythology palette and name the shades after different stories from around the world (so I'd do a little research into this) however some ideas include Andromeda, Eden, Isis, Siren and Isolde. 


I don't think the inspiration would need to be too overt in the packaging but I'd like some subtle nods in there. Although it doesn't have the right number of shades, I really like the component and layout of this Stila Eyes Are the Window Palette in Soul but in a coppery tone. An edit I'd make is having the shade names printed under each eyeshadow instead of on a sticker on the back of the palette. The front would have the brand name and 'Mythology' with the symbol stamped into it being a mythical creature (probably not a mermaid, as that's very overdone at this point!) - maybe a dragon... I really like the font from my OPV Oshun Palette and think it would fit the theme.

The colour story

It was really hard to pick the shades for my perfect palette - there are people who've worked for years to fully understand colour theory and how to build a cohesive collection of shades and I was just sat swatching with a lot of trial and error! Of course my perfect palette has to be warm-toned and - as I do occasionally like a bit of colour - I've added one or two pops in there. What I really wanted was to create something that would take the wearer from day to night and would be versatile enough to create several very different looks from. I never use those bone-coloured matte shades or black mattes so I've left those out and included a bit of a compromise for the latter. I did want the smoky vibe in there and I really like deeper plum tones for that kind of look. I've gone for half matte and half shimmer in here.

The shades

The first shade I've selected is Kitten from my Stila Eyes Are the Window Palette in Soul | review & swatches. This is just the perfect highlighting shade - it's a classic for a reason. It has a shimmer-metallic finish that's nothing too intense or over the top and the formula is soft and looks nice and pigmented. This champagne shade is the perfect highlight for just about any eyeshadow look.

I have another shade here that will work as a highlight (especially on deeper skin tones) for a gold-toned look from this palette or as a lid colour: Gilt Trip from the Pat McGrath MTHRSHP Palette in Sublime Bronze Ambition. This formula is INCREDIBLE! It's so smooth, so pigmented, totally opaque and has this liquid-metal effect. It honestly looks incredible all day long. This is a beautiful warm light gold shimmer.

As a transition shade Brazen from my Blank Canvas Cosmetics Master Series Palette 1* | review & swatches | is perfect! This is a shade that isn't exactly like anything else in my collection - it's a warm pinky-brown matte that's smooth, pigmented and easy to work with. It can also be used as a base colour.

I think the shade Bronze from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette* | review & swatches | adds a gorgeous twist to the palette. The finish is super-metallic and stunning! It's a stunning gold shimmer with a slightly olive undertone that packs a punch on the lids.

One of the pops of colours I wanted to add and thought would work with the warm shades in here is Sandalwood from the OPV Oshun Palette | review & swatches. These sorts of colours are often hard to pull off but this is opaque and easy to blend out. It can be used in the crease, to transition things out or all-over the lid for a very warm matte look.

As a deeper crease colour, I chose Amber from my Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette | review & swatches. This is a warm reddish-brown matte that you can pair with any of the gold or orange shades here. It's very pigmented and blends out nicely. It can also be taken along the lower lash line for a soft bit of smokiness.

This palette needed a gorgeous orange-brown shimmer, so I've chosen Dahomey from my Juvia's Place Warrior Palette (I'll be reviewing this soon...) I love this formula - it gives a sort of foiled effect and the colour payoff is absolutely incredible. 

Ok we're onto the slightly more glam and smoky row of colours. The first shade here is Draft from my ColourPop Double Entendre Palette | review & swatches. This a dewy-look warm coppery-gold shimmer - it definitely adds a more glitzy vibe and has lovely pigmentation.

One of my all-time favourite crease colours is Red Earth, an Anastasia Beverly Hills Single | review & swatches. It's a matte shade that doesn't have the creamiest texture but somehow does really work on the lids. The shade is so interesting - a sort of pinkish-red earthy brown that I love during autumn.

As a deeper shade that can be used on the outer part of the lid, I've selected Caramelised from my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette | review & swatches. This is a warm, deep brown shimmer that isn't the most exciting thing in this palette but is one that I'd reach for all the time to add some depth to a look.

As I mentioned, I don't ever use matte blacks in palettes so I've compromised with Fireside from my Tarte Tartelette Toasted Palette | review & swatches. This is a very deep charcoal-toned matte. It can be used as a soft liner but also on the outer part of the crease for a smoky eye look.

I wanted a little pop of reddy-orange in here so have chosen the Makeup Geek matte: Morocco | review. This is nice and pigmented - it doesn't swatch as nicely as it applies but I really like this shade. It adds that pop of warm 'something' in the crease.

Mulberry - which is also from the Soft Glam palette - had to be in here because it's so interesting. It's a sort of berry-brown matte that has such a lovely formula. A lot of purple shades can be hard to work with but not this; you get the ease of blending but also that pigmentation.

Finally we have a gorgeous smoky shade in ColourPop's Boy Band | review. I know this is a spongy-cream shadow but please suspend your disbelief! It's so opaque and beautiful with a soft red shift to its purple shimmer base. It looks gorgeous taken across the lower lash line.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and please do tag me if you fancy doing a post like this yourself! I'm kind of sad I don't own these shades all together in one palette now... If you're a makeup company and want to make this: you know where I am! (Kidding. But, you know, if you wanted to...)

Which shades would absolutely have to be in your perfect palette if you could design it? What sort of packaging and theme would you go for?

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