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Today I've rounded up some of my go-to skincare product and found alternatives in my collection that come in at a cheaper price-point. But should you save or spend on these products? Let's find out!

Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm | £24 | full review | vs. Good Molecules Instant Cleansing Balm* | $15 | full review

When it comes to products designed to remove makeup, you can definitely stand to save a little bit. They aren't sitting on your skin, so as long as they're gentle on and come off easily; if the product does the job then just stick with it! The Farmacy cleansing balm does feel that bit more luxurious as it melts onto my skin, however the Good Molecules option does just as good of a job at melting down my makeup so it can be wiped away with a splash of water followed by a damp cloth. Neither product has any issues when it comes to emulsifying and neither leave an unpleasant film on my skin. You need a tiny amount of these sorts of cleansing balms because a little goes a long way. Whilst the Farmacy product feels that bit nicer to me, it's not worth paying double the price for that! This is an easy 'save'.

Pixi Rose Glow Mist | £16 | full review | vs. Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist* | £25 | full review

I absolutely love using face mists to get a dewy glow - they can replace the toner step in your routine or you can have a spritz after doing your base makeup to get that healthy skin look. I actually love both of these products equally in that respect, so it's a no-brainer to go for the cheaper option when it comes to repurchase time. Both of these face mists are dual-phase, so you have to give them a good shake before use. Be aware that they do contain fragrant components, so might not be for you if you have sensitive skin. The Pixi version contains flower oils whereas the Glow Recipe contains watermelon extract. They give a very similar boost of moisture and radiance to my skin.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel* | £149 for 60 | full review | vs. Primark x Alex Steinherr Pollution Solution Dual Texture Exfoliating Pads | £5 for 60 | full review

The Dr. Dennis Gross peel has been a revelation for me - it contains exfoliating AHAs and BHAs to smooth, clarify and renew the skin. Then there's a second step too, which contains a soothing serum to calm the skin after exfoliation. I honestly love this product - it gives me that 'brand new skin' look instantly! However they definitely aren't cheap; even a pack of 5 will set you back £19, and they're designed to be used daily... A great alternative are the pads created by Alex Steinherr in collaboration with Primark Beauty. Though they're just a one-step exfoliator, I'm sure you could treat yourself to a nice, calming serum with all that money you just saved! These pads are formulated with AHAs and PHAs, so will be more suitable for dry skin as opposed to oily skin (which benefits more from BHA use). Are they slightly more drying? Yes. Are they quite as amazing and dramatic in terms of the results? No. However, even if you love the Dr. Dennis Gross version, it's an expensive habit so maybe use that one once a week and go for the Primark ones for the rest of the week. And if the Dennis Gross peel is totally outside your price range; you'll still get smooth-skin results with the Primark version.

The Peter Thomas Roth face mask is an old favourite of mine; it's formulated with enzymes to eat away at dead skin cells, then there are microexfoliation particles in there to buff those cells away after they enzymes have worked their magic. This mask honestly reveals a brand new, much fresher and younger-looking layer of skin for me and it's one I always reach for ahead of a big event when I want my skin to look its absolute best. The Fourth Ray Beauty mask reminded me of it a lot, so I tried it out in the hopes of finding a cheaper alternative to my favourite. Spoiler: it's nice, but it doesn't live up to the Peter Thomas Roth for me. It contains AHAs and papaya enzymes, but just doesn't feel as strong for me. It also contains organic exfoliation particles, but again, they don't really do that much for me. I do get a bit of a sensation with the pumpkin mask, though it's nothing uncomfortable, and this is definitely gentler. Whilst it does help smooth my skin, the results just aren't as dramatic, so I'm going to stick to my Peter Thomas Roth.

Hylamide Photography Foundation* (Golden Tan) | £15 | vs. Niod Photography Fluid, Opacity 12%* | £20

These products are both designed to be makeup-skincare hybrids to give the skin luminosity and a perfected glow. Both are manufactured by Deciem, though one comes from their high-end brand and the other from their mid-range product line. The Niod product is actually slightly white in colour with a pearlescent sheen and, though it sheers out on me, I'm not sure it would work that well on deeper skin tones. I do, however find it far less thick and gloopy than the better-toned Hylamide option (which I have in a golden bronze pearly colour) so it mixes in better with foundation and you don't have to be quite so careful with it. Neither are really essential to my routine, but they are a 'nice to have'!

Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum* | £76 (30ml) | full review | vs. Fourth Ray Beauty 10% AHA Serum | $16 (30ml) | full review

Using a chemical exfoliation serum overnight a couple of times a week is a great way to get smoother, clearer, more even, more radiant skin by morning. It gives your skin a concentrated hit of your chosen acid and will give immediate, amazing results (just be sure to use a good sunscreen the following morning). The Drunk Elephant serum contains 12% AHAs and BHAs, including lactic acid, salicylic acid and glycolic acid. It's pretty strong stuff and I'd recommend following it with a nice, nourishing oil or moisturiser. But, wow - it works! It has really helped smooth my skin, making it look its best and reducing the look of hyper-pigmentation. The Fourth Ray Beauty serum contains 10% lactic and glycolic acids, which makes it pretty similar to the Drunk Elephant option. I've also noticed some amazing results with this and, whilst it's still pretty intense, it is a little bit more moisturising. What I would warn, however, is that it does contain some fragrant essential oils (the Drunk Elephant serum does not), so it might not be for everyone.

Omorovicza Miracle Facial Oil* | £82 (30ml) | full review | vs. Bybi Bakuchiol Booster | £12 (15ml) | full review

Finally, bakuchiol is an ingredient I've been really into lately; it's touted as a natural alternative to retinol and - though I wouldn't say the results are as dramatic - I do like the smoothing effect it has on my skin. I really do love the Omorovicza oil; it not only nourishes my skin but improves its overall look and feel. It gives me that softer, smoother, 'healthy skin' look. However, it's not exactly cheap! I was really pleased when I tried the Bybi booster oil and found it to give me a very similar effect for just £12. Obviously you do get less product but you could get the same amount for just £24!

Have you managed to find good dupes for any of your favourite skincare products?

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