I think all you regular readers are well aware of my love for Pixi skincare! For Autumn 2018 they've launched several brand new products - including these four. Today I'm going to talk you through what they are, what they claim to do and my experiences with them, so I hope this is helpful if any of the new skincare has piqued your interest!

Retinol Tonic* | £18 | Ok let's jump right in there with the most - dare I say it? - controversial product of the lot. Perhaps 'controversial' is too much of a loaded term but there was a lot of confusion and plenty of questions surrounding this toner! If you aren't familiar with retinol; it's Vitamin A and one of the few proven anti-ageing ingredients that can prevent and lessen the signs of ageing when applied topically. It can also be amazing for battling acne - though be careful because you shouldn't use retinol if you're on accutane, so make sure you chat with your dermatologist before use. The reason this product has so much hype is because this ingredient can be incredibly expensive but Pixi have brought it to us for just £18! The reason it's caused confusion for us skincare geeks is that retinol is typically put in opaque packaging to stabilise the ingredient and this is obviously in a clear bottle. At the event I went to and received these products at, I asked the question and it turns out that the retinol in this product is encapsulated and this technology means it remains stable, even in the classic Pixi packaging. 
The second question mark was over the percentage of retinol that this product contains - it isn't listed on Pixi's website, on the packaging or on the websites of any of the retailers that stock Pixi. I've even seen that one of the members of the Instagram beauty family emailed Pixi to ask the exact quantity and didn't get a response. I decided to park that and just try out the product to see if it works! I've been using this after cleansing every evening for the past few weeks and last week (after finishing my trial of the Rose Tonic) I upped my application to twice a day. I definitely haven't seen any dramatic results - spoiler - but I guess I'm comparing it to the quite concentrated retinol treatments in my collection. I can't imagine this is a very high-content product but that's not necessarily a bad thing - a lot of skincare experts actually think the 'little and often' approach of using a low-percentage retinol regularly is more effective than going for something that's, say, 2% but you only reach for once a week. I do think the texture and quality of my skin have been looking really since I started using this - things are nicely smooth - it just hasn't been a big, massively noticeable different. This is a great starter product if you're just getting into retinol or if you just want something for everyday maintenance, however if you use retinol-based products that are more intense, you might find this doesn't 'wow' you.

Rose Tonic* | £18 | This is a far more basic product and one I found far easier to love right off the bat! It also couldn't have been released at a better time, as the weather turns icy and that gorgeous summer we had here in the UK becomes a distant memory... This rose and elderflower toner claims to calm redness, soothe irritation and hydrate the skin. I tend to go for this in the morning to lock the moisture into my skin before it gets exposed to the harsh, cold weather. I love this stuff - it's exactly what my skin has been in need of - it just relieves any tightness and has a softening effect, leaving my skin fresh and plump. It's a simple, straightforward toner but I love it!

Rose Glow Mist* | £16 | I'm also a huge fan of this! I actually bought another one so I think I may have to pop that in my handbag for on-the-go. This face mist contains 7 different flower oils, essential fatty acids and antioxidants so it has this dual-phase effect and needs a good shake before use. The key ingredients listed are rose oil, argan oil and avocado oil. Not only does it smell divine, but it's so hydrating, really making my skin plump and soft. It also gives this gorgeous fresh, glowing effect without leaving any messy residue on the skin. I am more on the combination side, though I definitely suffer from dehydration (particularly during the colder months) but this isn't too much for my skin. It can be misted over makeup to get that gorgeous dewy effect and you can even use it to refresh your makeup during the day when things are starting to look a bit cakey or tired! I can't recommend this product enough and I use it every single day. Whatever your skin type - if you like a 'fresh skin' look then definitely check this out.

Rose Ceramide Cream* | £24 | I think this could be my favourite product of the bunch! I'll be pretty straight-up about this; I don't think this is going to be for you if your skin is on the oilier side. It's incredibly nourishing, taking care of any dry patches and plumping up my skin, giving a hydrated and smooth base for my makeup. It definitely gives a fresh, dewy look to the skin but the texture melts beautifully, so it absorbs without sitting on top of the skin like some very rich, more traditional face creams. This cream purports to be antioxidant-rich due to containing botanicals like rose flower oil. It also contains ceramides, as the name suggests, which are lipids. These are meant to help protect the skin against environmental factors, strengthen its barrier and give lasting moisture. I definitely find this to be true; it keeps my skin feeling supple and hydrated all day long, even in the cold weather.

I really hope my review of the new launches was helpful! Do you have your eye on any of these products? 

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Disclosure - products marked * were gifted to me as unpaid advertisement for the brands / websites mentioned. All opinions expressed are my own. Please read my disclosure page for more information.

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