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Zoeva is one of my favourite more affordable / mid-range brands for makeup and brushes. They recently launched their Visionary Light* | £20.50 | highlighting powders and their first proper concealer - the Authentik Skin Perfector* | £15. I was also sent the Rose Gold Volume 2 146 Concealer Perfector Brush* | £15 | to try, so today I’m returning my verdict on these new launches...

Let’s start with the Visionary Light powders, which are marketed as multi-use face powders that can be used as eyeshadows, on the body and as highlighters, bronzers and /or blushers. They come in this stunning (if slightly impractical) rose gold metal packaging and the design is beautiful. There are three shades in the collection: Surreal is a bronzed-champagne, Unbelievable is a true yellow gold (think Fenty’s Trophy Wife) and Supreme is a raspberry pink. The one thing I would say is that, unless you want to use Supreme purely as a blusher, there’s not much in this collection for fair skin. The formula is very nice and smooth and once you apply it with a brush, and they really aren’t as scary as they look in the pan; it’s actually a nicely diffused bit of colour you get. What I would say, though, is that if you don’t like a glittery highlighter; these aren’t for you! They aren’t chunky, it is a very fine glitter, but it’s definitely there! I don’t mind it too much, but there’s a time and a place for it, I guess, which probably isn’t when I’m going to work. They’re pretty, but I personally don’t see myself reaching for them a ton.

On to the concealers! The Authentik Skin Perfector comes in 30 shades, which I do actually find have a nice gradient to them. There are three undertones: neutral, peachy and yellow. Although I do have more of a yellow undertone to my skin, I personally often use a peachy colour under the eyes to help counteract the tone of dark circles. The concealer is formulated with skincare ingredients like rosehip oil and I do find it has a creamy, more hydrating finish. I’ve tried this both with a blending sponge and with the brush (which I’ll get on to in a minute) and it goes on really nicely, blending out like a dream. I was sent a few different shades but, by chance, I cracked open 130 For Real and it was spot-on (I haven't swatched the other two so I can pass them on to people they'll suit). It's a neutral tone that's nicely brightening under my eyes without being too much.

I’d class the coverage as medium-full; it doesn’t look heavy or cakey, but it gives my under-eyes a flawless, more perfected look. I also like how the wand just scoops up the exact right amount of product. I always set my concealer with a loose powder, though I did find that this creased a little more than the Milk concealer I usually use. It’s nothing major, but worth noting (the amount of creasing is similar to the Too Faced Born This Way, if you’ve ever used that, and I still reach for that concealer a lot). I do definitely notice a bit of fading towards the end of the day, which isn’t ideal, but not a total deal-breaker. I think it’s a nice, reasonably-priced concealer for those of use who want something with good coverage that’s not matte or heavy. My only slight negative is that the longevity could be improved.

Finally, I have a little bonus review of the concealer brush to share, because I was actually pleasantly surprised by it! I usually go for a sponge, to be honest, because it’s one tool to do all off my base makeup (alongside using my fingers) and I’m kind of lazy. However a damp sponge definitely does take down the coverage. This synthetic brush is really densely-packed in terms of its bristles, so it effortlessly presses the product into the skin to get a flawless, full-coverage look with no brush marks. I’ve really been enjoying it with my more hydrating concealers, in particular!

Will you be picking up any of these new launches?   

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