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I was seriously excited when Beautylish began offering an affordable skincare collection called Good Molecules. I was kindly sent over some of the range to try and have been using these products for the past couple of months, so today I'm going to talk through my thoughts on them!

Just to cover off the basics - Beautylish is obviously an American site and I've not ordered from them for few years but I don't remember having any issues. Essentially - you just need to set your location to the UK and if you spend $35 it's free shipping (which I think is a really reasonable threshold). You will have to pay 20% VAT on your order but this is calculated at checkout so you don't need to worry about that, there are no charges or delays when your parcel is delivered and what you see at checkout is your final total. If you're in another country - they do ship far and wide so check out their information page for more details. 

Getting into the products themselves - I actually think the packaging is really cute for the price-point. Affordable doesn't have to equate to basic or cheap aesthetics. The products are a mix of single-ingredient actives (like the Niacinamide Serum) and some more concern-led mixes (such as the Discolouration Correcting Serum). It's a little simpler to decode than a brand like the Ordinary because it briefly and simply tells you what the ingredient or product is going to do for your skin. The products are largely vegan, gluten-free and fragrance-free, plus the page for each active tells you the pH of it so you know what order to apply things in and which products you might not want to mix.

We'll start with the Hyaluronic Acid Serum* | $6. Hyaluronic acid is my absolute favourite skincare ingredient that I think almost everyone can benefit from adding to their routine. It occurs naturally in the skin, however you can buy synthetic versions that you apply topically to draw moisture into the skin. It's known for being amazing at retaining water and will pull moisture from the atmosphere to hydrate the skin; for this reason I often choose to apply my hyaluronic acid serums to slightly damp skin to help that process along. This serum has a very fluid formula, which I like; it absorbs so quickly with no stickiness left behind on the surface of my skin. I love how this plumps out my dehydrated skin and gives it a healthy, dewy glow.

A product it took me a while to see the benefits with was the Niacinamide Brightening Toner* | $14. I used this for almost a month every day without really seeing much in the way of results, however decided to persevere on and see what happened. Now I'm a good 1/4 of the way through this bottle, I'm finally seeing some improvements as a result of using this. The toner contains arbutin (to even out hyper-pigmentation), licorice root extract (to calm the skin and prevent dark spots) and stabilised Vitamin C (to protect the skin from the environment and promote collagen production). The star ingredient is one I usually love; niacinamide (a form of Vitamin B3), which can help to repair and reinforce skin cells, even out your skin tone and protect the skin from aggressors. What's great about niacinamide is that it can be mixed with other products like retinol, exfoliating acids or Vitamin C. This toner isn't sticky and doesn't leave a film on my skin after use. Whilst it's not hydrating as such, I have begun to notice my skin is looking more even and clear. It isn't a game-changer (it's actually probably my least-favourite product from the range that I tried) but I did eventually notice a difference from using it.

Whilst it isn't the most exciting product of the bunch, I just can't fault the Instant Cleansing Balm* | $15. This is a solid balm cleanser that comes with a little scooper. When I first used this, I definitely overestimated how much product was needed; it works with just the tiniest little scoop. I warm it between my fingers before massaging it over my face to gently lift makeup. I add a bit of water to start emulsifying the formula and then wipe my makeup away with a damp face cloth. It doesn't sting my eyes, it works incredibly well (I usually take a little bit of micellar water on a cotton wool pad to ensure everything is off and after using this balm, it was completely clean) and it doesn't leave a greasy or filmy excess behind once I've removed it. I really can't fault this in terms of just getting the job done! It contains buckthorn oil, camellia oil and shea butter so it doesn't strip the skin and there's no noticeable scent to it.

Finally, we have the Squalane Oil* | $8. Squalane isn't some super-ingredient but it's gentle and it works! You'll find that a lot of cleansers and moisturisers contain this ingredient because it's a lipid that naturally occurs in plants and animals (this formulation is plant-derived). It's an emollient that's very moisturising and this formula is light and absorbs beautifully into the skin, so if you're on the dry side and like to wear oils during the daytime; a couple of drops of this in your moisturiser would be a really great option. It's not an active so can be combined with them to replenish the moisture levels of your skin, such as with retinol to combat the common peeling and dryness side-effect. It's also just great for locking in any ingredients you've used. This is a really handy product to have in your arsenal and I really like it as a great all-round hydrator. I tend to use it before bed to hydrate and soften my skin overnight.

Overall, I've been so impressed with this brand and would absolutely order more of their from Beautylish. The quality and consistency of the range really is standout and the price-point is unbelievable! 

Have you tried Good Molecules?

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