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Today I thought I'd share the love, because I haven't done a post like this in a while, and point you in the direction of some of my favourite creators sharing great skincare content on Instagram (hopefully most of them will be new to you, as I've tried to steer clear of the super-obvious ones and stick mostly to creators focused on Instagram specifically!) I hope they inspire you too...

1. @skincareshaun

I feel like Shaun's account has really taken off in the space of a few short months, which is a real achievement, and I can see why! His posts feature all of the latest skincare launches and he often posts really helpful reviews that are great for making your mind up on if you need a product or not. I also love the style of his photos; they're varied and not at all same-y, yet when I open my feed, I instantly recognise it's a Shaun post.

2. @addicted_to_face

Eilidh's skincare collection is truly something to behold! I love the regular does of skincare routines and the videos she uploads. I also like that she's a little older than your average beauty influencer; it really gives more credibility to her recommendations, as she has the experience of what's worked for her over the years and what hasn't. I also think we have similar skin preferences - i.e. all of the glow!

3. @skincareandfashionlover

I won't lie; this is an account I love for the pure pretty shelves of pink skincare that Louise always delivers! It's a gorgeous feed full of visually appealing content for any beauty lover. Louise does a fantastic job of creating beautiful content that doesn't feel recycled or repetitive.

4. @ashleyfrichmond

I find Ashley's photos beautiful and clean and I really like her approach to skincare and the fact she isn't out buying every new product under the sun; she uses things up and sticks to what works for her. She also does some really great, more in-depth product reviews, which I find so helpful.

5. @znariah

I love the simple, clean, pastel aesthetic of Nicki's feed; it's really beautiful and she posts about all the skincare brands I'm most interested in and excited about! There's a consistent theme across all her photos and I genuinely look forward to her posts popping up in my feed.

 6. @othersummers

I really enjoy Billie's feed because not only are her photos cosy, casual and visually appealing, but I feel her approach to beauty is quite similar to mine. There's lots of glowing skin stuff but also some fun bits of makeup to vary things up. I also like that her photos don't look like everyone else's.

7. @sharmtoaster

The rosy tones of this account always jump out in my feed. I love the dressing table shots and the enviable product collection, but I also find her skincare memes really funny and relatable. There are also loads of great texture shots, which I find so satisfying!

8. @the__glow__girl

This is another account I love for pure escapism; it’s just shelves and shelves of pastel skincare prettiness to scroll through. I will never own that much skincare, I will never have that setup, but it sure is visually appealing when it pops up in my feed!

9. @abbymariehardie

Dreamy shelfies? Check! Great texture and water shots? Check! Helpful reviews? Check! I only quite recently discovered Abby’s account but I’ve really fallen for it. It’s a great mix of beautiful imagery and helpful product information. I also love her illustrations. 

10. @projectskin_

Aesthetically, I just love the restrained, more minimalist, chic vibe of this account. It looks classy and it’s instantly recognisable. Whilst there’s not a ton of detailed reviews on this account, I just love seeing June’s photos in my feed.

Do you follow any of these accounts? What other creators would you add to the list?

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