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Today I wanted to strip back all the extras and talk about the products that would make it into my capsule skincare collection and really add something important to my routine. Let's jump in...

I'll start with cleansers and I wanted to feature a morning cleanse, a makeup remover and an evening cleanse in this post. A product I recently went back to (and realised all over again that it's absolutely brilliant) is the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel* | £35 | full review. Some people use this to remove makeup (probably because it emulsifies nicely with a bit of water) but I personally find it ineffective for that purpose and not gentle enough on my eyes. I personally love this oil-gel cleanser as a nourishing and brightening morning cleanse to ensure I have a good skin day. It's formulated with Vitamins A, C and E to nourish and brighten, as well as pumpkin enzymes to smooth and even out the skin. As a first cleanse, I really do enjoy the REN Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser* | £25 | full review. It's a sort of balm-oil cleanser that comes out as a jelly and is housed in a practical squeezy bottle. It melts onto the skin, loosening and lifting makeup (even stubborn black waterproof mascara and liner), but also emulsifies easily when you add water. I wipe it away with a damp face cloth and it leaves behind zero residue, it also doesn't sting my eyes, which are really sensitive. I honestly can't think of anyone who this wouldn't work for! Finally, for cleansers, I absolutely love my Wow You! Zen Cleanser | £16 (15% off with code JASMINE15) | full review. It's nourishing, softening and replenishing on my skin, formulated with oat, cucumber and avocado, to also give an antioxidant boost. 

Let's move on to toners. I've picked an exfoliating option and a hydrating mist to form part of this capsule collection. My go-to everyday exfoliator is the Inkey List's PHA Toner | £9.99 | full review. PHAs offer a gentler, more surface-level alternative to the more famous AHAs and BHAs on the market. This gives me softer, smoother skin without any irritation and is gentle enough for daily use if I want to do that. For glow and a moisture boost, I always have the Pixi Rose Glow Mist | £16 | full review | on stand-by. This dual-phase oil mist gives my skin a gorgeous dewy glow in seconds. 

I have two serums in my capsule collection - one for day and one for night. First up, let's talk about my beloved Niod Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex* | £25 | full review. Hyaluronic acid draws water into the skin, making it perfect for dehydrated people like me! This particular serum is my favourite featuring the ingredient; it absorbs nicely without feeling sticky or tacky on the skin and plumps out any dehydration lines, giving me a healthy, dewy complexion. For overnight, I'm a big fan of the Beauty Pie Super Retinol Ceramide-Boost Anti-Ageing Face Serum | £8.95 | full review. This contains retinol to smooth and even out the skin's tone and texture, alongside ceramides to repair, which all helps keep the skin looking plump. This serum is very affordable and does an amazing job of smoothing out my skin so the overall quality and texture is improved.

On to moisturisers. My favourite catch-all moisturiser, whether it's day or night, has been the Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Moisturiser | £35 | full review. This is packed full of plant and fruit derived milks and is so softening, nourishing and soothing if your skin is a little more on the dry side. I love how it's even rich enough to use overnight but it doesn't make my skin feel greasy - if only the packaging was a little less bulky because if it was, I'd go everywhere with this moisturiser! For the eye area, I really like the Cerave Eye Repair Cream* | £10.99 | full review. This moisturising but non-greasy formula contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid and works perfectly for my skin type. Plus, it's not too pricey to repurchase! As an even more moisturising option for those nights when you just need a bit more, I love the Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil | £61 (30ml) | full review. I absolutely love this oil for days when things are looking dry, dull and lacklustre. It softens things nicely, combating dehydration, it's fragrance-free and it's seriously nourishing.

Finally, I've chosen a treatment, for when your skin is in crisis! If I'm having a breakout, I reach for the Ordinary's 2% Salicylic Acid Masque* | £9.90. Salicylic acid is a pore-penetrating BHA that not only helps clear the skin but can reduce the appearance of blemish scars. When I use this mask, I wake up the next morning with my blemishes either gone or significantly reduced in size. I can count on it to help my skin when it's having a mare. 

Which products would make it into your skincare capsule wardrobe and why?

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