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The first cleanse isn't the most exciting part of your skincare routine, but I appreciate a product that does the job and does it well! The REN Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser* | £25 | fits the bill exactly, and here's why...

I'm a long-time fan of REN - they really work to keep their ingredients and packaging sustainable (they've pledged to be zero-waste by 2021), they're cruelty-free and vegan too. What's really unique and great about this product is the packaging. I love a balm or oil cleanser but neither are incredible for travel. Potted balms can get messy and tend to be a quite bulky, and I often to get through oils really quickly. This squeezy tube is a great alternative and I've really not seen anything like it before.

Likewise, I've not really come across anything else with this texture that's an oil-based makeup remover. It comes out as a clear jelly that melts onto the skin. As you massage it in, it begins to dissolve the makeup and with a splash of water, the formula emulsifies into a milk which can easily be removed with a damp face cloth. It's gentle on my sensitive eyes, it does the job of removing even stubborn waterproof eye makeup and it doesn't leave any sort of greasy residue or film on the surface of my skin after removal. Whilst it's functional, as opposed to a luxury cleansing experience, it's nice, fairly affordable and much more practical for travel.

In terms of ingredients, I'm not that fussed when it comes to a first cleanse, in all honesty! If it does the job, it's not sat on my skin and will totally be removed with a cloth and then my second cleanse. There are some nice plant oils in here and glycerin, which attracts water into the skin, but for me I'd want it to be on my skin for longer for me to really see those benefits. There is some fragrance in here, however it doesn't irritate my skin or eyes and it isn't left on my face for more than a couple of minutes, so this isn't something that bothers me personally.

Whilst I know not everyone is going to be super-hyped about a makeup remover; I like the texture, this is something I can easily throw in my wash bag and take away with me, it does what I need it to and I like being able to support a more sustainable brand. I really can't fault it, it's not too expensive and I'd absolutely pick this up again with my own money.

Have you tried this cleanser or anything else from REN?

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