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I love having a glowing complexion and primers are a great way to do this - especially if you want to tone down a more long-wearing, matte foundation. Today I have two primers from two brands I love: the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter (Shade 5 Tan) | £30 | and the Becca Backlight Priming Filter | £28 | to compare for you and answer the question of which is for you!

These primers are more or less the same price and both contain 30ml of product and they're from two of my favourite brands for glowing makeup so the comparison was obvious. Starting from the basics - the Becca primer has standard pump packaging and the Charlotte Tilbury has this giant doe foot applicator (which I get that a lot of people won't be fond of). I think Charlotte Tilbury pips Becca to the post on packaging; it just feels like a treat to use and looks very glamorous on my dressing table. Becca's packaging isn't bad at all; it just doesn't feel that special. It's a minor note, though...

So, how does what's inside compare? The Becca primer is a little thicker and creamier in its texture and obviously has this light, pearly colour, which I do think means it might not be suitable for deeper skin tones because it could leave a silvery cast on the skin. By contrast; the Charlotte Tilbury primer has much more subtle luminosity and comes in 7 shades to look natural and like your actual skin tone.

In terms of how I use them; I find the more intense, full-on highlight of the Becca primer to be best-suited to glam, evening makeup looks and it just adds this beautiful luminosity when used underneath a matte, full-coverage foundation. I personally think that with something light like a tinted moisturiser, this could shine through too much and look a little bit 'tin man'. On the flip side the lighter, more subtle glow the Charlotte Tilbury primer gives my skin is better-suited for everyday wear and using with light-medium coverage bases. I think skin type also factors in - the Charlotte Tilbury looks a lot more overtly dewy, whereas the Becca has a more metallic finish. If you tend to get shiny during the day; the Charlotte Tilbury primer might be a bit too much glow!

Overall, I really like both products but are they both absolutely essential for most people? No. I think if you prefer a full-on glam look and you tend to reach for full-coverage then go for the Becca primer. If you like a fresh, radiant, more natural-skin look then I'd recommend the Charlotte Tilbury.

Have you tried either of these primers?

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