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I love taking some time out to do a relaxing facial routine whenever I get the chance - so today I wanted to share how to build your own ritual that works for your skin type.

- DRY -

Dry skin is often in need of a bit of extra TLC, so I've chosen a really nourishing cleanser, mask and toner and finished it off with a more intense product that you should see some really amazing long-term benefits from using. 

I recommend starting your routine with the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm* | £55 for full size, £22 for mini | full review. This has the most beautiful, rich formula that will make your skin so smooth, soft and intensely nourished. It can be used to remove makeup but I personally love it as a second cleanse and I think the dry-skinned amongst us would too, in order to let that goodness really absorb into the skin. So you don't wipe away that lovely effect, I recommend rinsing this off with water and then using your fingers to press the toner into your skin instead of applying it with a cotton wool pad. I recommend the hydrating Fresh Rose Toner | £34 for full size, £21 for mini. This is soothing and calming on the skin and it's formulated with real rose extract. Next, I love the Summer Fridays R + R Mask | £46 | full review coming soon. This can be massaged onto the skin for a gentle exfoliating effect and then left for around about 15 minutes. It's an oil-based mask that's so hydrating and so softening, leaving my skin incredibly healthy-looking. Again, I just rinse this off with water instead of wiping it off aggressively because the oils in this mask really are amazing on the skin.

Moving out of the bathroom - I really recommend keeping a Rose Quartz roller in your fridge. You can buy a super-expensive one for upwards of £45, or do what I did and just get a cheap one on eBay! This is perfect for de-puffing the skin and working out any excess fluid and the cooling effect feels so refreshing. I finish off this routine with the Drunk Elephant A Passioni Retinol Cream* | £62 for full size | full review. This is an intense product (you only need a tiny amount too), which is why I recommend prepping the skin with super-nourishing products, however it gives incredible results over long-term use. It can cause peeling but I find it gives me amazingly fresh skin with a more even tone and texture and fewer fine lines.


My skin is generally normal / combination so this facial ritual is really where I live, with only the occasional foray into the other two routines! I think with normal or combination skin; it's all about maintaining that balance and ensuring the skin is lightly hydrated and looks radiant; so that's the aim here.

I recommend starting with the Radical Express Delivery Enzyme Peel* | £35 | which is a gentle and fast-acting exfoliating jelly mask formulated with pumpkin, papaya, pineapple, mango and lemon enzymes. Granted, I use acids pretty regularly, but I find this to be a really gentle formula that doesn't irritate the skin. You simply apply a thin layer, leave it for 5 minutes max and then rinse. It delivers on that instant glow-boost but also helps smooth the look and feel of the skin. It's a great one if you're a beginner with chemical exfoliation or just don't want to use something extremely strong every single time. Next I recommend using the Pixi x Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse | £24 | full review. Obviously if you need to remove your makeup before starting the facial routine then the solid cleanser side is great when paired with a damp cloth - however after the peel I recommend this lightweight, fragrance-free cream cleanser. It's gentle and hydrates the skin without leaving behind an excess. I really like pairing this with the Foreo Luna Mini 2* | £119 | full review. This is an amazing cleansing device that leaves my skin so clean, clear, soft and smooth - It really works the product into the skin and takes my cleanse to the next level.

After cleansing, I like to spritz my face with the Pixi Rose Glow Mist* | £16 | full review. This is a gorgeous face mist formulated with flower oils that make your skin soft, hydrated and radiant - I love it in the morning, in the evening, during the day... Finally for this routine I really love the Pixi Nourishing Sleep Mask | £18 | full review. When my skin just needs a good, replenishing, neutral, hydrating product; this is what I reach for. It's nothing fancy but it does the job for me of being relatively light on the skin but intensely nourishing and softening on the skin, so you wake up with smooth, hydrated, balanced skin.

- OILY -

Oily-skinned people are generally conscious of wanting to prevent breakouts or curb any that have already taken hold, so I have a great routine here to keep the oils at bay, reduce any spots and fade any dark marks left behind by any old blemishes.

I recommend kicking things off with the Super Facialist Salicylic Acid Anti-Blemish Clay Mask* | £10 | full review (sponsored). This feels intense on the skin - I won't lie! It's a clay mask that hardens on the skin and you may experience a tingling effect as the Salicylic Acid (a BHA chemical exfoliant) penetrates deeply into your pores. However it's worth it for up to 10 minutes because you get this amazing brightening effect instantly and I also find that by the following morning my breakouts are pretty much dried out and gone. The exfoliation will also help fade any blemish scars and prevent new ones from setting in. After this I recommend a hydrating but very lightweight and inoffensive cleanser and a good one is the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser | £15 | full review. This isn't foaming so won't strip or dry out your skin - it's just gentle and it works!

Next I recommend using the La Roche-Posay Serozinc | £10 | full review. This is a face mist containing calming and mattifying zinc, to help keep the skin clear. To finish off this routine: don't be afraid of oils if you have oily skin! I absolutely love the Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil* | £24 | full review. And I honestly think all skin types can benefit from using something like this. It not only hydrates the skin overnight (so you aren't leaving the house with a shiny face!) but it really helps even out the skin tone if you're suffering from hyper-pigmentation where old blemishes have scarred your skin.

What's your skin type and what does your full facial routine look like?

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