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Well, it clearly didn’t take long after my last order for ColourPop to release enough new products for me to be due a haul, because here we are again! (And I’m already trying to resist some of their latest launches since then…) If you’d like any information on shipping  procedures and costs to the UK, please check out my previous posts but for this one: let’s dive into the products.

The first thing I just had to pick up because it SPOKE TO MY SOUL was the California Love Shadow Palette | $18. I’m sure regular readers will recognise that it’s almost as though this palette was designed for me personally! I really like the quality of ColourPop eyeshadows; whilst I wouldn’t say they’re the longest-wearing in the world, they work well for me on a day-to-day basis. The mattes are so creamy and the shimmers so show-stopping, especially at this sort of price-point. The one thing I’d say about the shimmers is that they’re more on the metallic side so I’d recommend applying them with quite a stiff, flat brush or even patting them on with your fingers to get that amazing effect and colour payoff. I’m definitely not a snob when it comes to eyeshadow; I just think brands like ColourPop and Zoeva far outstrip anything you can buy at the drugstore when it comes to palettes at a more affordable price-point – in terms of formula but also when it comes to themes and fun, on-trend colour stories. This is the equivalent of about £15 and so the packaging isn’t anything out-of-this-world, however it does the job and they’ve made the effort to make it pretty. This is just my perfectly-balanced golden bronze sun-kissed summer eyeshadow palette – it even came on holiday with me and got used to death!

Let’s walk through the colours themselves… Diego is that mid-toned warm gold shimmery lid colour. Gnarly is a pinky-brown nude light-to-medium matte that I like as a transition. Sequioa is a medium burnt orange matte for the crease or lower lash line. Gold Rush is a slightly deeper reddish-brown matte (with a tiny sheen to it) that I use in the crease too. HWY1 is a red-chocolate brown with gold micro glitter – I tend to use this across the lower lash line but you can still use it kind of like a matte to add depth to the outer part of the lid. Laguna is a hard shade to describe – it’s sort of pinky-brown matte but it’s darker than Gnarly and has a sort of peachy undertone and it’s one I tend to use as a crease colour.

El Capitan is a pressed glitter in a sort of coppery-gold colour. I’m not a huge fan of this formula but there’s only one of it in this palette; it’s not billed as eye safe and - in any event the glitter is just too chunky and doesn’t go on evenly enough to really work in an eye look for me - which is a shame because the colour is very pretty. Surfrider is a very warm, kind of caramel bronze-gold shimmer that I use all over the lid or on the outer part when I’m pairing it with a lighter colour. Cahuenga is a sort of burnished, muted red shimmer – this kind of colour doesn’t look great on me all over the lid, so I reserve it for the outer portion with a lighter shade on the rest of the lid. Mission is a more neutral-toned charcoal dark brown – again it does have a bit of micro glitter, which I’ve never minded but I know some people aren’t into! – and I use it to add depth to the outer part of the crease. Cruisin’ is a light, warm gold shimmer that works for me as a highlight on the inner corner or on the inside part of the lid. The Bay is a warm tan light-to-medium toned matte that I like to use as a transition.

ColourPop also recently launched cheek colour sticks so I decided to pick up two of the Lite Stix in Boss and Blush Stix Roosevelt | $8 each. You can also buy them in packs for a little less than the individual price but I personally just wanted to pick two shades myself that I knew I’d like. This formula has been such a pleasant surprise! I was honestly a bit iffy on if these would actually be good and now I feel terrible for having ever doubted ColourPop. The highlighter has this beautiful pearly finish to it; there’s no glitter, just that soft metallic sheen on the skin. It has enough creaminess to it for me to be able to dab it out on the skin and press it in so it’s seamless with my foundation but it has a really nice level of opacity at the same time. The worst kind of cream product for me is something quite thin and greasy that disappears after a few hours but these aren’t like this at all! Even the blusher – which has more of a balm texture – still looks even on application and doesn’t turn into a patchy mess during the day. The Boss highlighter shade is a beautiful warm golden-bronze that really suits me personally. The Roosevelt blusher is a sort of muted bronze-rose with a shimmer-free finish. However there are loads of shades so there’s something in there for pretty much every skin tone.

I’ve also been really impressed with Fourth Ray Beauty – ColourPop’s skincare sister brand – from what I’ve tried so far and it’s great that you can get their products on ColourPop’s website to get to that free international shipping threshold! This time I picked up the Balance Watermelon Milk + Oil* | $18 | which was launched as part of the watermelon-themed birthday collection that included both ColourPop and Fourth Ray products. I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging; given the affordable price-point I thought it might be cheap plastic, however both products come in fairly-expensive-feeling glass bottles. I’ve been using the Watermelon Milk as an everyday hydrating serum for the past couple of weeks and so far I really like it! It melts into the skin without feeling sticky or tacky and feels nice and hydrating on the skin, which is really what I wanted. It’s formulated with watermelon seed oil, bamboo milk, cucumber and aloe. My first impressions of the Watermelon Seed Oil are also positive – it can be a little tricky to get out of the dropper but the product inside is really nice. I really like that it has a non-greasy finish so it doesn’t feel oily or like it’s sat on the surface of the skin; it just absorbs nicely to soften and hydrate my skin.

Have you got your eye on anything from ColourPop at the moment?

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