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Cleansing devices have been such a game-changer for my skincare routine! I first started with the Clarisonic, and Magnitone have been doing a similar but much more affordable alternative for a while now. I discovered Foreo a couple of years ago and really liked that this wasn't a bristle brush but is made of a silicone material instead. However these things really aren't cheap so when the Magnitone XOXO Micro-Sonic Softtouch Silicone Cleansing Brush* | £40 | was sent over to me to try, I thought it would be helpful to put it head-to-head against the Foreo Luna Mini 2* | £119!


The Foreo device costs £119 and comes in 6 colours (if that's something that matters for you) whereas the Magnitone is £40 and comes in 2 colours. I've had the Foreo for much longer and something I've noticed is how long the charge lasts - I rarely have to recharge it and have had it a couple of years now. I haven't been using the Magnitone for as long but so far, so good in terms of battery power - it's been a few weeks now (I use a device like this a couple of times a week) and I haven't had to charge it once! Both devices are made with their respective brand's unique silicone material, which is something I really love about them - it's so much more hygienic than a brush and makes these devices very easy to wash. 


The Foreo says its textures are 'optimised for all skin types' and the broader touchpoints are best for oily skin and the finer ones are for if you're normal or sensitive. There are three zones on this device which are on the front and the back. The Magnitone device offers a similar thing, with three zones addressing oily/normal and dry/sensitive skin types, as well as having a massage setting. One thing I do notice is that there is less surface area on the Magnitone device and their website doesn't have different devices listed specifically for each skin type (which Foreo does offer), so if you only really like one of these textures - you aren't getting that much of it. In reality - I tend to use all of the textures myself, so it isn't a huge issue personally. Both devices allow you to set the rhythm and intensity of the vibrations, so you can just have a gentle massage or seriously go deep into your pores.


Both designs are pretty ergonomic, though I'd say the Magnitone device is a little harder to grip onto once it gets going! I'd say the Magnitones vibrations are a little stronger, so it can be harder to use it for a nice massage as opposed to an all-out deep cleanse. However I find that both give me the result I want - gentle exfoliation, softer skin, a deep clean and just kicking up the effectiveness of the cleanser I pair it with (I generally go for something non-foaming or gently foaming, but other people like a gel formula with a lot of suds - it's just personal preference) and the products I use on my skin immediately afterwards. I love the healthy skin look my Foreo gives me and I'd say the Magnitone does pretty much the same job!


I get that most people don't see a cleansing device as an absolute essential, however it's become one for me! I absolutely love my Foreo but appreciate that it is expensive and a lot of people won't incorporate something like this into their routine because it seems a lot of money when you've been washing your face the 'traditional way' for years with no issues. I definitely think the Magnitone is a viable alternative and £40 is a much more reasonable price to give something like this a go at!

Have you ever tried a silicone cleansing brush?

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