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We're finally getting some warmer weather here in the UK, so I thought I'd share the products I reach for on those hotter days as part of my morning routine...

Let's start with our quick, lightweight morning skincare routine. Unless you're new around here, you probably know that I love Monday Muse's the Cleanser | £28 | full review. I have a drier skin type, so even during the warmer months; although I want something that's going to be effective and leave my skin feeling clean and fresh, I don't want something too foamy or anything that's going to strip back my natural moisture levels. This water-based but lightly-creamy cleanser is perfect for just that. It's formulated with gentle glycolipid surfactants to cleanse the skin without drying it out, and plenty of skin-loving ingredients like sweet almond and hemp seed oils, to soften the skin, and prebiotics to keep the skin barrier in harmony. This is a great way to start your skincare routine off with a fresh canvas in the morning. I follow this up with a spritz of the Laneige Cream Skin CeraPeptide* | £29.50 | (Pump | £13) | full review | which is a great do-it-all moisturising step, toner and kind of a serum too, since it boosts its skin-softening, hydrating base ingredients with ceramides (to improve skin barrier health) and peptides (to aid in skin hydration and repair, as well as to potentially boost collagen production in the skin). It's a milky toner that my dry skin loves and the addition of the pump makes it feel so nice and refreshing on my skin.

Then I apply my go-to summer moisturiser: the Glow Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic Cream* | £35 | full review. This has the perfect texture for me; it's light and melting but still provides lasting hydration. It's a true gel-cream with its water-based ingredients but creamier consistency. It's formulated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, to draw moisture into the skin, niacinamide (a multi-tasker that can help with everything from skin barrier function to preventing hyperpigmentation) and antioxidant-rich plant extracts and oils (which also help by softening the skin). This gives me plump, dewy, hydrated and healthy-looking skin all day long without smothering me in the heat. My go-to warm weather sunscreen this year seems to be the Ultra Violette Fave Fluid Ultralight Skinscreen SPF 50+* | £37 | full review. This is a milk-light sunscreen with a high level of broad spectrum protection that feels like nothing on the skin and doesn't leave it looking or feeling shiny, even after reapplication. The natural finish and traceless nature of this product on the skin, plus the fact it doesn't irritate my eyes or pill up are all factors that make this a product I trust when temperatures start to rise.

Let's talk makeup, for if / whenever you want to wear it in the heat. Hot weather makes foundation a bit of a no-go for me, and whilst I can still enjoy a light skin tint, sometimes all I need is my Merit Minimalist Complexion Perfecting Stick* (Suede) | £40 | full review. This is a do-it-all concealer and foundation stick that's enough coverage to even things out without looking too much like makeup. You can swipe it directly onto areas where you want to hide redness or under the eyes and simply dab it out with your fingers. Unless I'm applying it generously, it doesn't necessarily need powder. On the cheeks, it has to be the Nudestix Nudies Bronze in Sunkissed | £31.50 | full review. This is a wonderful formula; it's creamy enough to glide on but matte enough to have amazing longevity, plus it has the ideal colour payoff (not so bold that I need to apply it unnaturally-lightly, nor so sheer that I have to layer it on). It blends out evenly and doesn't get shiny or patchy during a normal day on me. I love this 'blonzer' kind of shade that's a warm kind of tan-rose to add a blush flush and the warmth of a bronzer tone.

On the eyes, I like to keep things pretty simple with a cream eyeshadow stick and some mascara. My go-to lazy eyeshadow is the Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Colour Stick in Copper | £28 | full review. This offers a metallic, dimensional finish that makes it look like you did a lot more than a couple of quick swipes and a bit of dabbing out! This is a warm light gold colour that's perfect for catching the sunlight; it's such a perfect shade for summer and it sets down and lasts really well, even in the heat. I then use the Glossier Lash Slick Mascara | £20 | full review. This is a tubing mascara, meaning it doesn't flake or smudge at all, even in the hotter weather, which is why I pick up a tube at the start of every summer. I have this in black and it's definitely more of a length and separation mascara, giving you a natural boost without looking out-of-keeping with a minimal makeup look.

Next, we just have a couple of products to just quickly 'define' a few things. I personally like to use the Huda Beauty Creamy Kohl Eye Pencil in Very Brown* | £19 | to just tight-line and subtly make my eyes look a little more defined. This sets down and doesn't budge or irritate my eyes if things get a bit sweaty! This is a warm espresso brown colour that looks far less harsh than black and it takes just a minute to apply. I then just use a bit of the Refy Brow Pencil (Medium) | £14 | full review | to even out my eyebrows. This is an ultra-fine micro brow pencil with a twist-up mechanism so you can draw on individual hairs so your eyebrows don't look too block-like and use the spooly to brush everything out for a quick, natural brow look. 
Finally, of course we have a sheer lip colour in the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow | £19. This is one of those near-universal lip colours; if you're fair, it might pull a little more of a rose tone and if you're deeper-skinned, it's probably going to look quite nude. For me, it's just a lovely mid-toned natural rosy colour that has great colour payoff and a lovely glossy finish. It's forgiving and quick and easy to apply; I rediscovered this recently and I'm loving it.

What does your beauty routine look like at the start of a hot day?

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