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Today, after having accumulated a good amount of products from the brand, I'm going to do a review of Nudestix makeup!

If you're a regular in these parts, I'm sure you know I'm all about easy makeup and that's Nudestix in a nutshell. A lot of their products come in stick form to help you create a natural, effortless look in record time. There are also lots of travel-friendly products and multi-taskers and their range of colours is pretty extensive. You can pick up their products at Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay (which I feel has the widest selection), Selfridges and Look Fantastic (I have an affiliate code with them if you choose to purchase there, which is JASMINETALKS_LF for 15% off).

First up, let's talk about the Magnetic Nude Glimmer in Bronzi Babe* | £24. This is a multipurpose liquid-cream metallic shimmer and I have one shade in this formula: Bronzi Babe, which is a warm bronzed-gold colour. The formula is advertised as suitable for the eyes, lip and cheeks, though I personally don't wear shimmer on the lips, so stick to its other two uses! It's very quick and easy to dot this onto the cheekbones and dab it out with your fingers without disrupting your base makeup underneath. It has a fresh, natural look on the skin and it's very difficult to go overboard with the glow using this product. I also like to use it on the eyes, where it's pretty long-wearing and won't crease throughout my average day, though it does dry down to a less metallic finish than it looks on first application. 

Sticking to glow, I have the Nudies All Over Face Glow Colour in Hey, Honey* and Bubbly Bebe | £30 each. I love this highlighter formula; the colour itself is nicely subtle (so, in hindsight, I don't really think anyone needs multiple shades in it) and the finish is dewy and emollient. I really love the fresh, natural glow this gives; it's absolutely beautiful and I can't stop reaching for these! I personally run my finger over the surface of the product to warm it up a little then dab it onto my skin. I have two shades: Hey, Honey is a light, warm gold and Bubbly Bebe is a true champagne.

The next two products were some of the first things I ever tried from the brand. I have the Nudies Matte All-Over Face Colour in Sunkissed and Terracotta Tan | £28. These are designed to be multi-purpose matte cheek colours, though I tend to use Sunkissed as a blusher (though, on minimal makeup days, it's that perfect shade to add a bit of bronze as well as colour) and Terracotta Tan as a bronzer. Again, I'm not a big fan of the whole 'swiping the product directly onto the skin' thing, so I apply the blusher with my fingers and my bronzer with a dense, synthetic brush and this works a treat. This is a true matte formula without any noticeable gloss. At the same time, it doesn't drag or skip and actually blends out like a dream, whilst giving you that amazing longevity. Both of these products last all day on my skin without going patchy. Sunkissed is a sort of warm rosy nude and Terracotta Tan is a warm bronze shade on me, though it might pull a bit too warm on some skin tones. There's a lighter shade than this, which is more neutral, and a darker shade in the range (of the ones I see as being bronzing tones) though it's really not the most extensive selection to choose from!

Let's move onto the eye products. There are two eyeshadow formulas in the Nudestix range: metallic and matte. I have the Magnetic Luminous Eye Colour in Copper Foil and Rustique | £20 | and one of the weird things I notice with is formula is that if you use primer (I'm an Urban Decay girl, myself) they last incredibly well, but if you forget it; they really don't! It doesn't bother me because I always prime, but just to warn those who may not: that's my experience. I love the finish of this formula; it has this dewy liquid metal look once applied and it's very easy to swipe the colour on, dab it out with your fingers and you're good to go. Copper Foil is my go-to summer shade: a warm, almost orange-toned gold. Rustique is a more autumnal burnished copper-bronze.

Over on the matte side, I have the Magnetic Matte Eye Colour in Terra, Maroon'd and Chocolate | £20. This is a really lovely, creamy formula that glides right on and, again, you can just blend out the edges with your fingers for a quick and easy everyday look. Terra is a pretty neutral mid-toned beige that I personally use mainly as a base for powder shadows because it's quite close to my natural skin colour so just evens out the tone of my eye lids. It's also nice for minimal effort makeup days or for a quick little something on the eyes ahead of a day at the office. The darker two, I tend to use on the outer part of the lid and crease (blending them with synthetic eye brushes) to add some depth to an eye look. These definitely last better than the metallics, but for that stay-all-day finish; I still recommend priming. Maroon'd is a beautiful deep berry-brown and Chocolate a very dark neutral brown.

Let's do lips. The first lip product I ever tried from Nudestix was the Magnetic Matte Lip Colour in Boho | £20. This is a tough one because I actually love this cool brown-nude colour, but the formula can be difficult. It goes on fine and feels comfortable, but it fades patchily throughout the day as you eat, drink and generally live life and - personally - I don't want to worry about my lipstick looking weird and flaky when I'm going about my business! 

I had far more luck with the Magnetic Lip Plush Paints in Tahiti Hottie and Hot Paprika | £24. This formula is creamy, comfortable and you can sheer it out if you want to. It gives a matte finish without the drying feeling and has pretty good longevity. Most importantly, for me, it doesn't wear off unevenly. Tahiti Hottie is a very similar cool brown nude to Boho, which is why I picked it up - I thought the colour was beautiful and this formula works far better for me. Hot Paprika has been a summer favourite; it's a warm orange-red tone that's an easy way to add a pop of colour with minimal fuss. I have used these as blusher too, as it's advertised as being suitable for the lips, eyes and cheeks. I personally don't think this would be that long-wearing on the eyes, but it's really nice on the cheeks, you just dab it on for a subtle flush of colour to tie into your lip look. It's not the longest-wearing thing in the world but it lasts me the day and doesn't go patchy and uneven. If I was travelling, I'd be perfectly happy to take one of these as an all-in-one blusher and lip colour.

Finally, I have the Tinted Cover Foundation* (Shade 5) | £32. This has been one of my go-to everyday bases throughout summer however it's definitely not a foundation and (given the fresh-faced marketing this brand uses) I'm not really sure why it's marketed as such. It's a light-medium coverage tinted moisturiser, as far as I'm concerned! It's a lovely 'your skin but better' product; evening out my skin's tone, hiding veins and redness, whilst still leaving it looking like skin. It's fresh and dewy but lasts well without breaking up, though if you're normal, combination or oily, you might have to powder your t-zone around lunchtime. My only real negative is how quickly I seem to be getting through it; I love the pump packaging and how it controls how much comes out, but 25ml is a little on the stingy side for £32 in my personal opinion. That being said; I did buy a backup, so I obviously like the stuff!

All-in-all the vibe of Nudestix and the products and colours they offer really speak to me, and it's become one of my most-used makeup brands this year. Have you tried anything from Nudestix?

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