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There’s always this collective sharp intake of breath when a product as iconic as the Laneige Cream Skin Refiner gets reformulated. It’s one of my favourite products ever so I was pretty nervous to see what the new formula would be like, given the old version is being phased out. Today we’re talking: what I loved about the original version, what’s new with the reformulation and if the magic is still there for me with this product…

The original Cream Skin formula was brilliant in its simplicity; it was a milky toner with a bit of weight to it, available in its original format or as a mist. It can also serve as a serum and / or moisturiser, but for me it was an extra layer of nourishment for my dry skin. There was no fragrance included and minimal ingredients with not much in there to potentially cause irritation. Vitamin E is included as a fat-soluble antioxidant to help prevent environmental damage. There’s meadowfoam seed oil to moisturise the skin and give it that wonderfully-soft feel. The prebiotic will help to strengthen the skin’s barrier function and keep things in balance so the skin doesn’t get dry or irritated. All of this was in a base of glycerin, a humectant to pull water into the skin’s layers and keep it happy and hydrated.

The  new formula is still fragrance-free and has two notable additions (the only ingredients that are taken away are functional within the formula as opposed to the ones doing the heavy lifting). There are now ceramides and peptides included (more specifically, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-11). Ceramides are a fundamental component of the lipid barrier which can be topped up topically, plus the application of them to the surface helps further stimulate your skin’s own ceramide production. Acetyl Tetrapeptide-11 can actually help signal growth factors and other elements that increase skin health and elasticity. There’s also hyaluronic acid, which is another humectant to work alongside the glycerin. Plus we have snow mushroom extract, which is again a humectant.

In terms of how the product feels, it’s subtle but the new formulation instinctively feels just a tad lighter in texture in comparison to the original. At first I was a little disappointed, but once I applied it to my skin (with my hands, as I did with the original), it did actually feel the same on my skin. It wasn’t too light and it still leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and happy, even before I’ve applied anything else to my skin.

I’ve copied in the full INCI lists so you can see a side-by-side for yourself.



All-in-all, in terms of applications and everything I loved about the original Cream Skin formula; not a lot has changed, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. You’re just getting some more hydration and skin barrier boosters for your buck. I don’t think a reformulation was necessary, and it might have even been nice for them to have kept the original formula alongside this new version (given so many people loved Cream Skin for its simplicity and compatibility), but I think existing fans will love this. The only drawback is really if your skin doesn’t agree with hyaluronic acid. 

Have you tried Cream Skin (new or old)?

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