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Today we're talking spring beauty for glowing skin and featuring my take on some more peachy, fresh makeup tones. Let's get into it...

I'm a rich, creamy cleanser girl during the winter but I still look for formulas that are water-based but still hydrating and non-foaming for my spring routine. For me, Monday Muse's the Cleanser | £28 | full review | is perfection! It's kind of creamy but it's more like a water-based gel that does get a little creamy as you massage it into damp skin but it has a very light texture. It's formulated with moisturising, skin-loving ingredients like hemp seed oil, aloe and prebiotics, alongside gentle glycolipid surfactants to cleanse the skin without stripping it of moisture. I'm loving using this alongside Ilia's the Base Face Milk* | £58 | full review. This is a wonderful extra layer of hydration for my skin that's not sticky or heavy, but really helps provide a lasting boost. It's packed full of glycerin and hyaluronic acid to pull in hydration and squalane and linoleic acid to replenish lost fats in the skin. The soft, hydrated feel this formula gives my skin lasts all day and using this as we transition into spring has worked wonders for my skin.

A product I recently rotated back in and realised how well it works for me is the Glow Recipe Pomegranate Peptide Firming Serum* | £43 | full review. This formula combines antioxidants to protect the skin from free radical damage, alongside different peptides to plump, hydrate and repair the skin, as well as potentially even increase collagen production in the skin. Not only does it contain these beneficial ingredients, but it has a satisfyingly hydrating base and it gives my skin this immediate glow boost and added bounce. To boost the hydration further (my post-winter skin needs it!) I like pairing it with the Glow Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic Cream* | £38 | full review. This is a dewy-look, melting water-cream that still has substance and doesn't disappear upon application! It's formulated with hyaluronic acid to pull in that hydration, niacinamide to help prevent discolouration and boost the skin barrier, plenty of plant oils to moisturise and soften the skin and antioxidant extracts to protect it throughout the day. It's fresh, bouncy skin in a tub, plus has a light breathable texture for the (hopefully soon...) warmer weather.

Finally, for skincare, my go-to sunscreen right now is Hello Sunday's the Mineral One Lightweight Serum SPF 50 | £25 | full review. This is probably the best mineral sunscreen I've tried so far; it has a light, moisturising but non-shiny and non-pilling finish. It doesn't leave a ghostly or iridescent sheen on my skin and it works so well under makeup and is gentle on my eyes. Plus, you're getting a broad spectrum SPF 50 and I do always recommend upping your protection as the UV index begins to climb.

Let's talk makeup! My base of the moment is the Summer Fridays Skin Tint (Shade 5) | £42 | mini review & demo. This is a light, fresh, dewy base that might be a little on the glow-is-getting-shiny side for some, but my dry skin loves the stuff! It evens out my skin tone, takes down any redness and just makes it look lively and radiant. It provides coverage that doesn't hide your natural complexion, but just makes it look its best. I like to use this with my current favourite bronze and glow duo: the Merit Beauty Bronze Balm in Seine | £32 | full review | and Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminiser in Outshine | £24 | full review. This bronzer is so natural, creamy and isn't too pigmented or too orange. It just provides the perfect level of warmth and dewiness to my skin without going on patchy or looking like too much. The highlighter is beautiful too; it's not silvery or metallic, it just has a wonderful luminous light gold sheen, and a tiny dot of it on each cheekbone just adds a beautiful, dewy glow.

Let's talk colour products for spring. I'm admittedly not a pink girl, but I am partial to peachy tones, as long as they're warm and suit my skin tone. I love the Refy Cream Blush in Citrine | £14 | full review | for a buildable, non-patchy and long-wearing flush of colour. This is a warm tan-peach colour that brings my complexion to life and feels like a safe way for me to add a bit of spring colour without feeling like a weird doll with rosy, too-pastel cheeks! I like to pair this with the Nudestix Magnetic Luminous Eye Colour in Copper Foil | £20 | full review. This is a one-swipe metallic eyeshadow crayon. It glides on smoothly and opaquely and has a metallic finish in a warm golden orange-peach-copper tone. I apply it to my lids and lower lash line, blend the edges out with my fingers and it gives such a dewy, dimensional finish - I love it! Finally, I like to finish off this kind of look with a low-maintenance, hydrating lip formula like the Clarins Comfort Light Lip Oil in Apricot | £25. I love these lip oils; they're moisturising and give a glossy, luminous look, plus they're low-maintenance and easy to top up on the go. They provide a light wash of colour and the orange-peach tone of Apricot is perfect with the rest of this makeup look!

Let's round things off with some body and fragrance picks for spring. I'm sure this is the second or third year running that I've chosen the same scent, but I don't care; I love it! The Kayali Pistachio Yum Eau de Parfum* | £79 | is my perfect balance of sweet, indulgent, slightly floral and deliciously gourmande. It has notes of rum, marshmallow, honey, hazelnut, and - of course - pistachio! It's perfect for those of us who love a delicious, decadent scent but want something a little lighter for spring. I also recently dug out the Nuxe Huile de Prodigieuse Florale* | £33 | again and realised how much I love it all over again. This is the classic, much-loved moisturising dry oil (formulated with macadamia, argan and a whole host of other skin-nourishing oils) from Nuxe that leaves my dry body skin nourished, soft and radiant, but with a floral version of their original scent, so it's somehow fresh and heady all at once with notes of magnolia and grapefruit. It's like a fragrance and moisturiser all in one - just divine! 

What are your go-to products for Spring?

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