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Today I have another handful of exciting new skincare launches I wanted to review for you in depth and share my thoughts on, so without further ado...

Let's start with a pleasant surprise: the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Water Cream* | £79. Don't get me wrong; I love love love Charlotte Tilbury makeup, but the skincare has tended to leave me a little cold, in terms of the price-point vs. what the products are actually formulated with. I get that it's a luxury brand, but I guess that's not generally what I gravitate towards. However, the product itself was good! Charlotte's original Magic Cream is relatively rich and emollient and it's gorgeous under makeup or mixed in with foundation, however I know some people find it a bit too much for their skin. So, I think it's great that a new formula has been released that does still work really well under makeup and leaves my skin soft and happy, but has a much lighter texture. This water-cream melts into my skin but not in a way that leaves my skin the way it found it (I really don't like gel moisturisers that disappear into nothingness!) It's really hydrating and gives my skin a fresh, dewy look. 

It's formulated with shea butter (which is probably how it provides lasting nourishment, despite the light texture), glycerin (a great water-attracting humectant for hydrated skin), there's soothing aloe in here, niacinamide (which helps boost skin barrier function, regulate oil production in the skin and help prevent the spread of discolouration in my skin) and squalane, which is a skin-imitating plant oil. Is it worth almost £80? I'd still be inclined to say no (these ingredients can be found in much more affordable products), but if it's within your budget, it's a really lovely formula.

I use the next product every day (AM, PM or both) and I'm almost halfway through the bottle, so it's probably no surprise that I have nothing but praise for the Glow Recipe Pomegranate Peptide Firming Serum* | £41. This is actually just a great all-rounder that I recommend if your skin doesn't tend to get along with Vitamin C and retinoids (either instead of, or on your 'off days' if you use those ingredients every other day). It's gentle, it's hydrating and it just leaves my skin hydrated, plump, happy and healthy-looking. Ok, let's rewind a little, because I know I'm gushing! This serum is formulated with antioxidant-rich plant oils and extracts, including pomegranate, to moisturise the skin and protect it from free radical damage (whilst not as powerful as a pure-form Vitamin C, it still helps boost this formula as a potential alternative option). There's also squalane and glycerin to condition and hydrate the skin, negating the need for a separate hydrating serum. Then we have our well-ageing peptides that also promote skin healing: Copper Tripeptide-1 and sr-Hydrozoan Polypeptide-1. They can help boost collagen production from within, which helps keep our skin full and bouncy as our natural stores deplete over time. And unlike the other established actives that help to do this - Vitamin C and retinoids - peptides don't cause irritation. I love the emulsion texture and for me, this is just a do-it-all that hydrates my skin, provides antioxidant benefits and helps with that all-important collagen. My skin has been looking and feeling so good!

The next product that's been on heavy rotation for me is the Trinny London See the Light SPF 50+ Moisturiser* | £45. This is a sunscreen / moisturiser hybrid that I've used as a one-step on warmer days and when I'm in a rush, but for my dry skin: it's usually a sunscreen over the top of another moisturiser. For oily skin, this will be an all-in-one. It has a light lotion texture and is formulated with added hydration and antioxidants, which actually work synergistically with sunscreen filters to boost the efficacy of both. This is pretty much a moisturiser, sunscreen and makeup primer for me, because it provides the perfect base for complexion products to glide over. It doesn't pill and actually enhances the look of my makeup by giving this lovely soft canvas. Plus it's SPF 50+ with modern, elegant filters that create a formula that melts right in without being heavy or leaving any sort of cast on the skin or causing irritation. There's also a PA++++ rating for the UVA protection, which means it's effective against rays that cause premature ageing through deep cellular damage. It's a little on the pricey side, so I save this one for makeup days, but if you wear makeup and you find it hard to incorporate sunscreen into your daily routine: this could be the answer. I personally love the scent, but the fragrance in this product is the only potential deal-breaker I see for those who prefer fragrance-free sunscreen.

Next, we have a new launch from the Ordinary; they don't bring out a new product every other day, so I'm always intrigued when they add to their lineup. I also have the Ordinary's Soothing & Barrier Support Serum* | £17.30 | in my lineup really regularly; I usually go for this in the evening, before applying my retinoid. As some of you over on Instagram have pointed out; it's a little like a cheaper alternative to Niod's Modulating Glucosides, in terms of texture and how you use it, though there are some differences. They're both emulsion-like formulas, though I do find this melts down a little more than the Niod, so oily skin might prefer this product. What they have in common is that they contain the soothing components of plant extracts, like bisabolol (which comes from chamomile), centella asiatica (often found in Korean skincare products) and ginger root extract (an anti-inflammatory). 

The Ordinary's take on a skin barrier booster also contains niacinamide, which helps the skin increase its production of ceramides, which are a fundamental component of the lipid barrier which keeps our skin happy, healthy and hydrated. The natural pink colour of the product actually comes from the Vitamin B12 included in the formula. As I said, I use this alongside my stronger actives, but on days I want to take to focus on barrier support (where I'm not using active ingredients), it also helps keep my skin in balance. Is it an absolute essential? No, I do think these ingredients are available in a good moisturiser, but if you often find that formulas that are great for your barrier feel a bit too thick and heavy: this is a great way of getting these ingredients in a lightweight base.

Finally, we have the Dermalogica Liquid Peelfoliant* | £65. This product purports to deliver clinical-level pel results at home; whist I wouldn't go that far, I definitely rated this formula. It's a kind of gel flash peel that looks like a serum, but you only use this on clean, dry skin for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off and continuing with the rest of your (barrier-supporting) routine. So you can just pop it on, brush your teeth and rinse it off afterwards. It's formulated with glycolic acid (the top-tier most powerful formula for skin brightening and resurfacing), lactic acid (it's gentler, more hydrating, but still effective sibling), salicylic acid (an oil-soluble acid that gets into the pore to clear out spot-causing debris) and PHAs (probably the gentlest, most hydrating chemical exfoliant on the market). There are also enzymes, to provide a skin-smoothing surface-level exfoliation and tranexamic acid, which isn't an exfoliator as such but does help improve discolouration and blemish marks. It's in a hydrating, buffering base of glycerin to take the edge off. I use this one a week at the moment (as my only active on the nights I incorporate it) and it's really good! It helps to clarify my skin and clear out congestion and smooth any texture, plus it gives a great immediate glow boost. It also doesn't irritate my skin! Though I'd still say it's not one for beginners. My only negative for my routine is honestly the price...

Have you tried any of these new launches?

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