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Today I'm rounding up some recent skincare launches that I think you're going to be interested in, so let's get into the reviews...

First up, I'm really impressed with the new Alpha-H Dawn to Dusk SPF 50+ Serum* | £36.99. I love a serum sunscreen; they aren't to be used as a serum-stage step; instead this refers to the texture of the product (so still apply it at the end of your routine like any other sunscreen). This is a hydrating formula that's actually not too dewy; something that's not super-common with this type of product. I think oily-skinned people will still enjoy this as much as me and not find it too 'shiny' once it's set down, like some of the dewier options in this category. It's honestly just like a milky serum-emulsion that melts right into the skin without a trace. It's formulated with a combination of traditional sunscreen filters (the likes of avobenzone and homosalate) and next-generation filters (such as Uvinal 150 and Tinosorb S) and this sunscreen doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. It's a fragrance-free formula free from common irritants (unless you can't tolerate traditional sunscreen filters even in lower concentrations) but with some great added extras. It's formulated with niacinamide, which is a great all-rounder that can boost ceramide production in the skin (improving barrier function and leading to healthier skin), regulates oil production and prevents the spread of discolouration (this + sunscreen in the formula are a great combination for tackling hyperpigmentation). There's also soothing aloe in the mix and glycerin and hyaluronic acid to draw in moisture, along with Vitamin E for its antioxidant benefits. This is a gorgeous formula; it's virtually traceless on the skin, it's not pilled on me once so far and it sits really nicely under makeup. It does 'add' too much to my skin and it still offers an Aussie-made broad spectrum SPF 50+. Plus, for a daily 'under makeup' sunscreen it's a pretty good price! 

Next, let's talk about the reformulated Ordinary Hyaluronic 2% + B5* | £8.80 (30ml) / £15.50 (60ml). This is one of their original cult formulas, but I've honestly never really been much of a fna. Personally, my feeling is that hyaluronic acid (or another humectant like glycerin is in just about every serum, moisturiser and toner out there, so I really don't feel a standalone HA serum to be necessary, and I only use them if they have something more than just the HA going on! This new version of the serum looks and feels the same as the original, meaning it's a water-based gel-like formula that is best applied to damp skin and locked in right after with a nice, well-rounded moisturiser. However, it does have added ceramides this time round. B5 (panthenol) was included in the original formula so that's nothing new but it is a great hydrator that also helps the skin to better retain moisture. The ceramides offer a top-up of this essential component of the lipid barrier to keep your skin happy and healthy. But, honestly, this serum still feels superfluous for me and I didn't feel like it made much of a difference to my skin overall. As I mentioned, there's almost always HA in my other skincare steps and I always use a fatty-rich ceramide moisture after my retinoid in the evening. Even if your moisturiser isn't specifically marketed as a ceramide cream; take a look at the INCI list and I wouldn't be surprised if you found at least one ceramide is already in your routine. This serum is fine, I don't dislike it, but I didn't think it did anything 'extra' for my skin when I added it in my routine and I don't think it was worth adding an extra step in alongside my Vitamin C (in the AM) or retinoid / acid (in the PM). I'd really recommend checking out if you already have these ingredients somewhere in your routine, and if you do; I really don't think this is worth picking up, even at under a tenner!

Finally, we have Ilia's the Base Face Milk* | £58. This is billed as one of those 'do it all' toner, serum and moisturiser formulas; for my dry skin it's the first two but if you're oily, I can absolutely see this being enough during a summer's day with a bit of sunscreen over the top. It's a weighty, milky formula, which is what I love when the weather is colder and you can feel as you pour it out how rich this is in humectants (it's formulated with both glycerin and multiple molecular weights of hyaluronic acid). For a well-rounded, replenishing but lightweight formula, it also contains linoleic acid (rich in omega fatty acids) and squalane (a skin-imitating plant-based oil). There's lactic acid in here, which is technically an AHA exfoliant but it also occurs in our skin as a natural moisturising factor, and I think it might be more acting in this capacity as the last ingredient on the INCI list. There's skin-soothing allantoin and skin-softening argan oil and phospholipids also included in the mix, along with some antioxidant extracts. This is seriously hydrating, the hydration lasts in my skin and it leaves things soft and moisturised despite feeling like such a nice, light layer on my skin. At this price-point, I don't think it's a must for everyone, but I've loved using this product, and if you're also a lover of face milks, I think this will be a hit for you too!

Have you tried any of these new skincare launches?

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