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Of course, the Ordinary were originally known for originating the single-ingredient serum trend and really got us thinking about what's in our skincare products and how these actives work. However, I think they don't get enough credit for how they've moved with the times and adapted to a changing skincare world. Over the past two years they've launched a bunch of products I find to be much more complex than the original lineup and are still total steals (even with prices having been increased over the years). Today I'm sharing my favourites from this new wave of launches from the brand...

The first product I'm shouting out today is their Natural Moisturising Factors + Phytoceramides* | £20 (100ml). The original NMF moisturiser was simple, inoffensive and relatively universal; it was a basic moisturiser with ingredients that are naturally present in the skin to top up your natural stores and keep the skin healthy and hydrated. They then launched a lightweight gel version, and this: the richer, more heavy-duty iteration. This is the moisturiser I reach for when I've used a strong retinoid or done a skin peel, because it's so fatty, replenishing and nourishing. It was particularly great for my skin during the winter months! It pairs the original Natural Moisturising Factors such as urea, hyaluronic acid and PCA with lipids and ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier so your skin remains balanced and free from redness, dryness and irritation. Linoleic and oleic acids help to condition and nourish dry skin too. If you're oily or prone to breakouts when using richer creams; this probably isn't for you. If your skin is thirsty and craves all the nourishment it can get: you're probably going to love it!

Next, let's talk about the Soothing & Barrier Support Serum* | £17.30 (30ml). Ok, this is on the pricier side for the Ordinary, but it's price-point is justified to me based on the amount they've packed into this emulsion-serum. The natural pink colour is due to the B12 in this formula (which can help to maintain moisture levels in the skin and build proteins like collagen), plus there's ginger root extract to calm inflammation and reduce redness, ceramides (a fundamental component of the lipid barrier that we can boost topically, Vitamin B3 (AKA niacinamide) which helps our skin to produce more of its own ceramides, calming bisabolol (this is the active component of chamomile) and centella asiatica (AKA cica) which is a skin-calming favourite of mine, often found in Korean skincare products. All-in-all; I really love this! It's another great formula to use alongside more intense actives to keep everything in balance and I think - for this reason - it's a great addition to the Ordinary's lineup. Instead of applying three different active serums of an evening, I strongly recommend you instead choose one and pair it with this. It really helps my skin barrier stay supported throughout the different things that I do to my skin in an average week! Plus, if you do have any irritation; this alone will work as your SOS product.

The next product I have to spotlight has kind of been a slow-burn love; the Glycolipid Cream Cleanser* | £11.10 (150ml) | is a product I've emptied without realising it, because it just always seems to work! Glycolipids are the next generation of effective but ultra-gentle cleansing agents that feel light and gel-like but are non-foaming and have a creamy quality to them. This cleanser isn't a rich, thick or heavy creamy cleanser, instead it feels like a hybrid of a gel and a lotion. It melts into the skin and becomes creamy but doesn't foam and my skin never feels tight after use; in fact, it feels pretty hydrated! There's not much else to this formula, but that's fine by me. I wouldn't personally use it to remove makeup, as the Ordinary suggest, but it's an amazing morning cleanse to keep my skin in balance, or (if I'm not wearing makeup or waterproof sunscreen) it makes a great one-step evening cleanser on lazy days at home. It's nothing 'special' which is perhaps why I used it up without really even noticing, but it's a reliable staple; it does exactly what I want it to and I think the texture is perfect for my dry skin. 

Next up, we have the Retinal 0.2% Emulsion* | £15.20 (15ml). Retinal is my favourite form of retinoid (Vitamin A derivative), to combine amazing, fast, visible results with minimal irritation. Retinoids are the gold standard in well-ageing, with plenty of research to bolster their claims of boosting collagen production, reversing signs of existing photo-ageing (such as fine lines and discolouration) and also increasing skin cell turnover (which declines as we age). As I mentioned in my recent dedicated review, I do think this is a very strong formula that's only suitable for those who have used retinal before, because you ideally need to be able to use your retinoid at least every other night, and it takes time to build up to something like this. I also would've preferred it to have been £30 and 30ml (a standard serum size), but in terms of how the product works: it delivers! My skin is smooth, even, plump and I've not experienced any irritation with this product. It gives me the retinal results I'm looking for at a fraction of the cost of the products that have been on the market until quite recently (historically, this derivative of Vitamin A has been rare and pricey to purchase). It's definitely a highlight of their range for me, with the caveat that it's certainly not for retinoid newbies.

Finally, we have something from their haircare line: their Natural Moisturising Factors + HA for Scalp | £14. Of course this isn't going to be an essential for everyone, but for my dry, sensitive scalp, it's a must and I do really notice my scalp doesn't stay irritation-free and calm for anywhere near as long when I'm travelling and can't spare the space to pack this. This is the components of the Natural Moisturising Factors in an almost water-like milk serum. It contains lactic acid, Sodium PCA, hyaluronic acid, urea and more to boost the scalp's hydration levels by boosting its own naturally-occurring goodness. The scalp is skin and it needs love too! I apply this after washing my hair and before drying it to keep my scalp free from irritation and flakiness at bay for as long as possible. It works for me and it doesn't leave any kind of gunk or residue in my roots.

Have you tried any of the newer products the Ordinary have launched? What were your thoughts / favourites?

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