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Today I'm sharing a more affordable home facial routine with all the items featured being under £20. Obviously don't rush out and buy everything, because that would still be expensive... this is just meant to be a bit of inspiration to create a self-care experience with your skincare, regardless of how much cash you have to spend on it!

Any skincare routine (of course!) has to start with a double cleanse to remove makeup and sunscreen, then really clean the skin beneath it. It's one of the pricer products in this post, but I personally think it's worth it because a balm texture feels so much more luxurious on the skin! I really like the Clean Beauty Club's Wonder Balm* | £12 | which is a gorgeous cleanser that melts onto the skin, dissolves makeup and emulsifies easily so it can be fully removed. It smells good (which I don't mind at all in a first cleanse!) and has such a lovely consistency. It doesn't sting my eyes and is a very effective makeup remover. It actually reminds me a lot of the cult Elemis cleansing balm, though obviously more purse-friendly. I follow this with the Wow You! Zen Cleanser | £16 (15% off with code JASMINE15) | full review | which is another luxury-on-a-budget formula. It's a cream cleanser full of gentle, nourishing ingredients with a light texture that isn't too rich or heavy on the skin but really feels amazing.

Next it's time for exfoliation and treatments! My go-to exfoliator right now is the Good Molecules Pineapple Exfoliating Powder* | $16 | full review. I don't usually bother with these sorts of powders but this one is so good and we've all got a bit of extra time on our hands these days! You simply take a little of the powder in the palm of your hands, mix it with a couple of drops of water, massage in and rinse. Using it a few times a week, I've really noticed my skin has been looking bright, healthy and fresh! I then follow up this enzyme treatment with something more moisturising: the Sukin Rosehip Rich Moisture Facial Masque* | £11.95 | full review. I love rosehip oil; I find it so nourishing and it really smooths my skin out. This mask is incredibly moisturising without being thick, heavy or difficult to wash off. The only thing I'd say is that it contains some fragrant oils, which could cause problems for sensitive-skinned people, particularly after exfoliation, so skip this step if you're one of them or find a similar alternative!

After masking, go in with a toner or face mist. My personal favourite is the Pixi Rose Glow Mist | £16 | full review. This dual-phase oil-and-water mist needs a good shake before use and feels so moisturising on my skin, as well as adding a lovely, dewy glow. I've then really been enjoying the Beauty Bay SkinHit Clarifying Bakuchiol + Oatmeal Serum | £6.50 | review coming soon. I wouldn't particularly say this milky serum is something I reach for to clear my skin, but I find it amazing at smoothing, plumping and hydrating my skin. Oat can be a great skin-soother and bakuchiol is often called a gentler 'natural' alternative to retinol, and I do love this combination. I then lock in that hydration with the Bybi Beauty Strawberry Booster | £12 (20% off with code JASMINE20) | full review. This product is made entirely of cold-pressed strawberry seed oil and is so moisturising for my skin. By morning my skin feels so lovely and soft. Plus, it's not excessively greasy, so won't clog your pores or anything like that.

Finally, to finish up this routine, I use an eye cream and a super-nourishing lip treatment. One of my go-to eye creams (high-end or affordable, though this is the subscription price so check out the review I've linked for further details on how this works) is the Beauty Pie Uber Youth Peptide-Infusion Eye Cream | £9.08 | full review. This is right in-between being a gel and a cream, meaning it isn't too rich or thick but still gives my eye area a nice moisture shot. And an all-time use-it-every-day favourite of mine is the Primark x Alex Steinherr Sleep Spa Overnight Lip Mask | £4 | full review. It's literally a few pounds and never fails to leave my lips soft, smoothed and moisturised. I haven't had dry, cracked or chapped lips since I started using it!

Which products would your affordable home facial routine feature?

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