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Today I wanted to do a skincare brand focus on Bybi Beauty, who are actually a little underrated, in my personal opinion! I've been really impressed with what I've tried from their product range so far and today I'm going to review the skincare and give a bit of background on the brand itself...

Firstly, the packaging is really cute and I think Bybi's price-point is very reasonable; I'd consider it to be mid-range. They do market themselves as a 'natural' brand but I do think it's important to say that 'natural' doesn't equate to 'better'; there are still natural ingredients that can cause allergic reactions and irritation to the skin and many 'synthetic' ingredients that have been scientifically proven to address skin concerns such as acne and scarring. What I do like with their message is that the products are all vegan and cruelty-free and they have a real commitment to sustainability in both their ingredients and packaging. They pledge to ensure the ingredients they use have a lower carbon footprint and their use of these ingredients won't put strain on biodiversity or the communities in the areas they come from. Their packaging is largely glass (due to it being virtually infinitely recyclable) and the rest is made from bioplastics, made using carbon-neutral sugar cane (and can be composted or recycled). Additionally, if ordering products directly from Bybi, they come in grass paper packaging, which uses less energy and water than wood pulp, as well as reduced carbon emissions. I really do appreciate seeing brands innovate in their use of materials to help reduce waste and carbon emissions, because on a large scale this can have a real impact. Also, I know they're a skincare brand, but I like that their marketing feels inclusive in terms of the range of models used. 

Now you've got a feel of the brand, let's talk a little about the products. One of the earliest things I feel like they became popular for was their Booster series. These are designed to be added into your moisturiser or to be used as an extra step in your skincare routine. As they're oils, if you want to use them as a separate step (what I do, personally) I'd recommend it being the last thing you put on your skin for your evening routine, to lock the moisture in. The first I tried (and fell for!) was the CBD 100MG + Hemp Booster | £12. It's nothing too heavy or greasy on my skin but it's so nourishing! CBD does have some evidence to back its anti-inflammatory claims and hemp is a well-known and already widely-used moisturiser for the skin. This was such a calming, soothing relief of a product for me during the winter months when I got a little bit of redness and irritation (particularly around my mouth area). It leaves my skin super soft and smooth by morning, so it looks healthy and feels replenished. If your skin is dry, lacklustre, tired or a little bit irritated; give this a go!

The next product I tried from this range was the Bakuchiol Booster | £12. Bakuchiol is often touted as the 'natural retinol', though I do have to preface my review by saying that I've tried a few and, as an ingredient, it just doesn't have the same effect! That's not to say I don't like it in its own right, though. It combines better with other active ingredients than retinol does and it's also pregnancy-safe. Retinol is a very strong ingredient that can deliver incredible anti-scarring, anti-ageing, skin-smoothing results. Using this oil in my evening skincare routine has definitely given me softer, smoother skin without the peeling or potential irritation of retinol. It might not be as much of a dramatic result but the overall texture and quality of my skin was definitely improved.

Finally, for the Booster series, I've also tried the Strawberry Booster | £12. This product is 100% cold-pressed strawberry seed oil, which is a natural antioxidant, plus very rich in Vitamin C and omega fatty acids. This is definitely more of a simple, straightforward product that functions primarily as a moisturiser. What I really like about this oil and all of the Boosters is the lightweight texture that still packs a punch. The Strawberry Booster is great for when my skin is a bit dry and dehydrated, to replenish those moisture levels and leave me with softer, plumper skin.

I also tried their daytime moisturiser; the C-Caf Cream | £26. This moisturiser is a lightweight gel-cream that I think is best suited to normal and combination skin types. For whatever reason this seems to take a bit of work to fully absorb into my skin, not because it's overly rich (because it's actually very nice and light), I think it's just the ingredients used. It contains a number of components, the primary actives being caffeine, matcha and Vitamin C. What I don't love in this moisturiser are the fragrant ingredients, such as linaloo and bitter orange. Natural ingredients aren't necessarily always going to be great for your skin and these two are prime examples of that. Other moisturising and hydrating factors my skin loves are shea butter and glycerin. But I wanted to dive a little deeper into the active ingredients Bybi spotlight in the formula, which are Vitamin C (ascorbyl glucoside - a nice, stable form of this antioxidant) and caffeine (another antioxidant). Vitamin C can help brighten the skin and fade the look of dark spots, however it's known to degrade very quickly and easily! This comes in opaque packaging but it's not sealed up super-tight, so I do question how long the ingredient will be good for in this moisturiser. I've not noticed any dramatic differences in terms of the tone of my skin or getting a real glow from this product. There isn't actually much evidence that caffeine gives any 'depuffing' effects on the skin, however it does have antioxidant properties, so can protect the skin from free radical damage. Overall this moisturiser is nice, but I don't love it. It's probably my least favourite product from the brand, though I'll probably still use it up, as a lighter summer moisturiser option because I do like the texture.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Night Nutrition Protein Night Cream | £26. This is actually one of my favourite things from the brand! Overall, there are really nice ingredients in this night cream; again, you have the shea butter and glycerin as moisturisers, alongside mango butter and lots of nourishing plant and fruit oils like apricot, oat and raspberry. There is also carrot protein and broccoli extract in this formula. Whilst the jury is still kind of out on whether applying 'superfoods' topically gives the same results as eating them, I can still speak to my personal experience of using this moisturiser. It has a gorgeous texture, that's rich enough to give me some overnight nourishment but not thick or heavy on my skin. It doesn't clog my pores or make things greasy but still packs a punch in terms of giving me that deep moisture. My skin is so soft, smooth and nourished after use! I've been missing an overnight cream in my routine that's not a heavy treatment or packed full of strong actives, and this has filled that gap perfectly.

Have you tried Bybi Beauty?

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