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Today we're talking my most-used skincare products of 2020 so far. It's pretty self-explanatory, so shall we get into it...?


As my morning cleanse I've rediscovered my love for the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel* | £35 | full review | this year. It's just a great product that feels luxurious and gives me everything I want from a morning cleanse and more! It's a gel-to-oil-to-emulsion formula that's so softening and smoothing for my skin. It feels nourishing, it breaks down quickly and easily and contains lots of lovely fatty acids, alongside gently exfoliating pumpkin enzymes.

In the evening, more often than not I've found myself gravitating towards the Farmacy Clean Green Cleansing Balm | £24 | full review. This balm melts onto the skin, gently and effectively lifting up makeup. Then you just splash it with water to emulsify and wipe your face off with a damp cloth. This feels lovely on the skin, it removes all my makeup and doesn't sting my eyes or leave behind any film / excess. I've then been following this up with one of my favourite beauty discoveries of last year: the Wow You! Zen Cleanser | £16 (15% off with code JASMINE15) | full review. This luxurious-feeling, super-moisturising cream cleanser has seriously revived my skin during the autumn / winter months and even now I reach for it regularly. It just leaves my skin so soft and replenished and contains lovely ingredients like avocado and oat.


A bit of an understated hero in my routine has been the Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate Facial Serum | £26 | full review. This is a lightweight serum that absorbs into my skin without any surface tackiness. It's pretty straightforward but it works! It's packed full of humectants to bring water into the skin, such as glycerin and sodium hyaluronate, as well as soothing agents like cucumber and aloe. It leaves my skin plumper and healthier-looking after use. My go-to eye cream on the whole has been the Inkey List's Brighten-i Eye Cream | £8.99. I know it's in the product name but I really don't believe any eye cream is going to brighten these dark circles! What I like about this product is that it has a cream texture that's lightweight but still hydrating enough for my skin, and the applicator feels nice and cooling. It definitely moisturises my eye area and helps me look more awake and less puffy!

If you keep up with me across my blog and social media, you probably won't be surprised to see the Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Moisturiser | £35 | full review | on this list! This is full of skin-friendly ingredients and is a great option for dry skin. It never fails to leave my skin super-soft so it looks its absolute best, even if I've woken up all dry and lacklustre. It also works really well as a night cream, I just ensure I apply a nice, thick layer. I haven't actually reviewed it just yet but the other thing I've been reaching for is the CosRx Comfort Ceramide Cream* | £32. This is such a softening and smoothing moisturiser, giving me that deep nourishment without smothering my skin or feeling greasy or heavy. It's full of replenishing ceramides to help strengthen the skin's barrier. It's also just a great makeup prep product; everything goes on so smoothly and evenly when I use this moisturiser.

Finally for moisturising products, I do love an oil and my go-to this year has been the Bybi CBD Booster | £12 | full review. This absorbs nicely without clogging my pores or feeling excessively greasy. It's amazing for soothing redness and irritation, as well as providing deep moisture for the skin. It's a total bargain and really got me through the colder weather.

- TREAT - 

We have two options for exfoliation: a mild everyday acid and a seriously intense treatment. Let's start with the Inkey List's PHA Toner | £9.99 | full review. This is a very gentle acid exfoliator that never irritates my skin or feels like too much. Whilst it doesn't give crazy, instant results, it provides that softer, brighter skin effect. When I need something a little more, I go for the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel | £19.99 (5 treatments) | full review. This two-step treatment contains a big hit of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids first and then a super-calming serum to follow it up. It's honestly given me my smoothest, clearest skin ever!

To finish up, there are two overnight masks I've really been enjoying this year. The first is the Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask | £41 | full review. This is an incredibly nourishing and softening overnight mask that I used at least once a week during the winter and it really was a life-saver! The other is something I like to pair with my night cream; the Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial | £44 | full review. It's full of fatty acids and contains Vitamin F to deeply hydrate the skin. It's been working incredibly well for my dehydrated skin, keeping things looking plump and healthy.

What have been your go-to skincare products this year so far? 

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