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It's actually been a good while since I had a makeup favourite to share in this post, but today we're talking the Estee Lauder Futurist Hydra Rescue Moisturising Makeup (4W1 Honey Bronze) | £36 | and why it's the first new foundation launch in a good 6 months that's made me sit up and take notice...

Estee Lauder is kind of the queen of foundation, with the most famous formula from this brand being the original Double Wear. Myself and a few other lone voices on the internet (including Samantha Ravndahl, to be fair) loved the Double Wear cushion stick foundation, however that was unfortunately discontinued last year (though not before I'd purchased 3 backups...) I feel like perhaps being part of the Double Wear line, it didn't do that well because it wasn't what people were expecting; it was fresh, light and dewy as opposed to matte full coverage, so when I first saw the Futurist Hydra Rescue I thought perhaps it was meant to fill that gap in the range. 

It comes in that classic Estee Lauder packaging; navy unit carton with gold-detail packaging which verges on, but never quite looks dated. I actually love tube foundations. I know some people aren't huge fans because it can sometimes be difficult to get that very last bit of product out, but I personally find that with pump bottles too. I find a tube is more travel-friendly and easier to use for me. 

Let's talk about claims and ingredients. Not that I ever really take what people working on counter say seriously, but when I asked if the Estee Lauder lady thought this was similar to the cushion stick, she said yes, but it's intended to have more coverage and provide a 12-hour wear as opposed to an 8-hour wear. I never had issues with longevity with the other foundation but clearly this one is meant to be extra-super-duper-long-wearing. It contains broad spectrum SPF 45 (a weirdly specific number) but I always say to take this with a pinch of salt because you need to use a good teaspoon of sunscreen to get the purported protection from it, and there's no way you're using that much foundation on your face. A dedicated sunscreen applied before your primer is always best. It's meant to give a long-wearing radiant glow with medium coverage that can be built to full. This formula contains probiotics, which can help balance the colonies of bacteria that live on our faces, with the potential benefits of reducing redness and increasing hydration levels. It also contains chia seed extract, from plants, which is a rich source of replenishing fatty acids for the skin. One thing to note, though, is that this does unfortunately contain fragrance so may not be suitable for sensitive skin.

On to choosing your shade. Thankfully, for everyone's sanity, this foundation range (despite belonging to a different collection) follows the same shade naming convention as the Double Wear line. It's still worth going and getting shade-matched, though, and I actually got a little sample of this foundation (back in the days when you could just swan into Boots and look at makeup!) to try at home in my own lighting. In the old Double Wear cushion stick I was shade 4W1, which is my best match in this formula though, for whatever reason, I was one lighter at shade 3W2 in the original Double Wear. The shade range isn't quite as extensive in this formula, for example 3W2 is missing here, however I still think it is ok, they could just do with adding a 2 or 3 shades after 4W1 because it kind of jumps right from there into the deep tones, which seems a little off to me. This product comes in 20 shades as opposed to the colossal 61 in the original Double Wear formula, probably partly because it's a lighter coverage and perhaps in part because it's a new formula. 4W1 is a good match for me; nicely warm without looking orange on my skin and offering a good match to my neck at this time of year.

Let's talk about application; I am clearly a deeply lazy person when it comes to applying makeup, so I just want to be able to put everything on with a damp beauty sponge. This actually works really nicely, pressing the product into the skin so it really meshes and looks more natural. One pump covers the face and provides a nice, natural coverage, then a second pump can be used to build on that coverage in any areas that need it. I find this really easy to layer without it looking cakey or heavy. It definitely has a radiant, hydrating finish on the skin that doesn't get shiny on me, which is exactly what I want. I also love the versatility of the formula; you can definitely sheer it out to something that's more that a tinted moisturiser but still very natural, however it can definitely work for a more glam evening out look (another thing that's going to make it great for travel).

I have normal skin really, however sometimes my t-zone can get a little shiny 5-6 hours into my day. I really haven't struggled with that using this foundation, nor does it really break up in my problem areas or have other longevity issues throughout the day. I'm pretty sure that when life returns to some semblance of normality, I'll be able to trust this one to last me on those 'Friday after-work drinks get a bit out-of-hand' nights. Overall, I'm so happy with this foundation and I'm glad I took the chance on it, it might even be a worthy replacement for that cushion stick formula!

Have you tried any Estee Lauder foundations?

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