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Today, as we head into a new year, I wanted to share something a bit different and talk through where I think the beauty world is going in 2020. Whether it's trends, shifts in how we shop or anything else, I'll be discussing it! Hope you enjoy and let's dive in...


I know I've said this a few times on my blog, but I honestly think it's true that the Ordinary revolutionised skincare by launching a range of primarily single-active skincare products at really low prices. Since then more brands have followed like the Inkey List and Good Molecules and it seems like everyone is jumping onto this trend; Superdrug now have their Me+ own brand in a similar vein and Q + A was launched on Feel Unique recently. I only see this sector growing in 2020, it just takes the really big parent companies like L'Oreal and Estee Lauder far longer to develop collections than it does for small indie beauty brands. I wouldn't be surprised if some more luxury brands released simplified 'diffusion-style' lines to imitate the success brands like the Ordinary have experienced over the past 2-3 years.

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I think for a while now there's been a backlash of sorts against those very extra Instagram makeup looks and - as more and more people from different walks of life get into beauty - I only see the sector of 'easy but cool' beauty products growing. Whilst most of us love a bit of glam every now and then, the internet has got more people interested in the beauty products they're buying beyond the traditional brands and whether you're working, a parent or a man who wants to wear a bit of concealer but is after something cooler that's not heavily marketed towards women, brands like Glossier, Nudestix and Milk Makeup are going to appeal a bit more than the traditional brands for these sorts of products, like Clinique. Even my grandma is using the Milk Makeup sticks at this point!

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A few months ago I was given a 'plastic' cup at a casual dining restaurant and it actually said on the side that it wasn't plastic (despite looking and feeling just like it), it was made of plant starch. Innovations in sustainable packaging are happening every day and, as consumers begin voting with their money for the brands they want to support, I see companies paying more attention to this issue and putting more resource into finding alternative packaging that's not only biodegradable and / or recyclable but that's lightweight to reduce the carbon footprint of transporting it. Whilst I think there's some legs in 'packaging-free' beauty products, I also realise the industry is ultimately digital and packaging-free options not only need work in terms of the formulas, but they're not really possible if purchasing online and, here in the UK at least, the high street is in a state of decline.  


This concept has really been pioneered by Beauty Pie and I'm kind of surprised more brands haven't hopped on this bandwagon. Beauty Pie is a subscription members club for makeup and skincare, so you pay a monthly amount to be able to access their own-brand products at really low prices. Whilst I don't think I see the big brands offering something like this on their own products, I don't see why more indie brands won't come to market with a similar concept.

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For every trend there's the opposite to that trend! Whilst half of the beauty community is putting pressure on brands to improve their packaging and carbon footprint, the other half is demanding more products and constant releases. As much as I do actually think their products are great quality, ColourPop is a little guilty of this; they're an indie brand who own their own factory so can bring products to market incredibly quickly and be very responsive to trends. However 'trendy' makeup isn't always the best because a lot of it isn't that wearable and will get chucked or pushed down the back of a drawer after a few weeks. I see more new brands following this model in the future purely because it's making money.

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We all know that Fenty Beauty set the standard when it comes to foundation shade ranges and other brands have been playing catch-up ever since, with varying degrees of success... However 2019 has seen the start of a new trend I expect to see grow further in the new year; inclusivity outside the realm of base products. Over summer, Fenty launched bronzers that were a million miles away from the one or two shades most brands offered even just a couple of years back (usually the 'dark' shade was around the same colour as my NC40 skin tone!) This year Huda Beauty launched three versions of the same colour story in a nude eyeshadow palette for Light, Medium and Dark skin tones. I think brands are waking up to the fact that colour products need to be a lot more inclusive than they are currently and I see us being offered a much better range in 2020. 

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When I first started this blog, the makeup industry was dominated by brands like MAC and Urban Decay. If you didn't have Velvet Teddy and the Naked Palette, you might as well have packed up and gone home! I really don't think the beauty world is anywhere near as monolithic these days. Instead of going to beauty counters, people have an entire world open to them of smaller indie brands who are more responsive to what's on-trend and can get that product into production incredibly quickly. I think a lot of people also feel closer to indie brands who respond to their customers on social media, listening to their feedback and letting them have a say in new product development. Indie brands are also largely cruelty-free, unlike many of the big names and the brands owned by them, which is something consumers are putting more and more emphasis on.


I remember going to New York in the summer of 2016 with a list as long as my arm of products I needed to pick up because it was going to be my only chance! Fast-forward 3.5 years and I honestly can't think of many brands I'm desperate to try that aren't available here in the UK. During that time Kat Von D (though times have since changed a little in that respect...), Tarte Cosmetics, IT Cosmetics, Drunk Elephant and a whole host of other brands have made their way over here and online brands such as ColourPop now ship to the UK. Beauty Bay has also been a great route for smaller, indie makeup brands to access new markets.


There's a flipside to this trend, however, and I think the decline of brands like Rimmel, Maybelline (admittedly to a lesser extent) and the like is the result of globalisation and the rise of indie brands and online shopping. I think a lot of these big brands haven't been able to keep up with trends and Bourjois's withdrawal from the UK market symbolises this. When I was a kid, all you could buy were their little potted blushers and perhaps a small eyeshadow quad from Rimmel. It's just not the same world it once was! Even as I walk into Boots these days, I can find an array of new brands that excite me a lot more than their traditional staples like Estee Lauder and Rimmel, including Lime Crime, Milani, Fenty, Becca and more! The retailers seem to have wised up to this need to adapt to the current market but I don't think the brands you'd traditionally associate with them got the memo...

How do you see the beauty industry changing in 2020?

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