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The love I have for this brand! The Good Molecules Silicone-Free Priming Moisturiser* | $14 | arrived with 3-4 weeks ago and I've been using it more or less every day since then. I did a review of this brand a few months back, which you can check out here, and - given the title - this latest launch was another hit in my books. Keep reading to find out more about it...

This is a more affordable brand so the packaging is pretty basic, but to be honest; I think they've done a good job with it! It's functional, easy to travel with, you can wipe it down and you can control the amount of product you can get out with the pump. It's nothing fancy but it does the job. You get 50ml of product in here, which is pretty generous to be honest, as I see 30ml to be standard for a foundation or primer. It's vegan and not tested on animals.

The ingredients are plant-derived and natural and this product was essentially created to mimic a smoothing primer but without the silicone because a lot of people are sensitive to it. It's also intended to be nice and nourishing. The formula is free from fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol and PEGs, if you're sensitive to or avoiding any of those. Overall, I do really like the ingredients - there's not much in there that I think would be iffy for a lot of people, though do check out the full list because I'm just talking through the highlights. Shea butter is the main ingredient; most people agree with it and it's full of antioxidants (like Vitamin E) as well as being nice and emollient on the skin, so you get that soft, smooth, nourished feeling. It does contain olive oil, which can be a little heavy and comedogenic for some, however it isn't high up on the ingredient list and I don't find the formula at all heavy, so perhaps this is that perfect small amount of olive oil to benefit from its fatty acid content without the potentially problematic side-effects. Macadamia Seed Oil is also a nice, lightweight emollient. 

These ingredients are great for creating that soft, silky, smooth base for makeup. Whilst I'm not sure this formula would be rich enough for dry skin types during the winter months, but I personally find this perfect for my combination / dehydrated skin as an all-in one. It definitely helps moisturise, smooth and plump my skin. Whilst I wouldn't say it's pore-filling, it definitely leaves my skin in great condition and provides a nice base for makeup in one step. I've been travelling with this a lot recently and have found it a great everyday moisturiser and I'm really not missing using a separate primer after it. Kind of a revelation for me!

Overall, this is another winner from Good Molecules; it's affordable and it does exactly what it promises to. It cuts an extra step from my morning routine and just makes my life that bit easier. What's not to love?

Have you tried Good Molecules?

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