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At long last, something has torn me away from my Urban Decay Naked Honey palette... And it's the Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Palette in Medium | £27. I actually really wasn't going to get this palette, as I don't gravitate towards pinky tones that much and didn't reach for the New Nudes palette from her range as much as I'd hoped when I got it last year. Then I realised that this palette is what I'd wanted the New Nudes to be! I've since passed that palette on, however if you had your eye on it; the Light palette from this range is very similar and obviously far cheaper, as it's a mini. There's also a Tan selection in this range. Each is a take on warm, rosy nudes tailored towards a different skin tone. Let's dive into my palette and why I'm loving it...

Firstly, there's the packaging. This is a definite upgrade from the other Obsessions palettes (of which I have two). The original line and the gemstone line are housed in cardboard, which is fine, but the mirror in one of mine cracked whereas this palette is a lot more sturdy and secure with a more stylist nude-themed aesthetic. Overall I really like it, though do note it's a couple of pounds more expensive than the palettes in the original packaging.

Overall, I'm a big fan of Huda's palettes, in particular the Topaz Obsessions edition and so my expectations for this formula were high. Obviously you aren't getting the pressed glitters she includes in some of her larger palettes, but I personally find them quite impractical and prefer these super-metallic shimmers. I like to apply them with my fingers, pressing them onto the lid, but a small, flat eyeshadow brush will work just as well if you don't want to do that. The mattes are just as smooth, creamy, easy-to-blend and opaque as I've come to expect from this brand. Even the darkest shade in here isn't patchy and the colour goes on perfectly. I also find this formula to be long-wearing; I can put these shadows on early in the morning and my eye look will still be pretty intact by the end of the day.

Let's talk about the colour story. These Nude Obsessions palettes all lean towards the pinkier side of 'nude' but in the Medium palette the colours are more rosy and coppery, which is my personal preference. There's a really good mix of mattes - both light and deep - as well as multiple shimmers that can be used across the lid to create very different looks and a deeper shimmer to add that smokiness.

First up, there's a mid-toned matte brown with a slight rosy undertone. Next a true copper-gold metallic. There's a raspberry-toned matte and also a more classic mid-toned pink matte (the latter is probably the only shade in here I just don't gravitate towards). You also get a rosy-coloured metallic. The deepest shade in the palette is a sort of dark plum matte. There's a true raspberry metallic and a dusty rose matte, then finally a dark plum metallic.

Overall, this is a great little selection of shades, with which you can do a variety of full eyeshadow looks with. That makes it perfect for travel and I love the concept of taking a theme like rosy nudes and creating three different palettes to suit different skin tones. I hope Huda does more like this with different colour stories in the future. And the quality is exceptional, as always from this brand!

Have you ever tried Huda Beauty's eyeshadows?

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