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Hello, all! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and you're reading this post whilst gorging yourself on leftovers. Today I'm revealing the results of a little poll I ran on my blog a few weeks back, which allowed you lovely people to vote for your hits and misses of 2019 in beauty! Keep reading to find out what everyone voted for...


First things first; let's do the giveaway. For participating in this poll, you were all entered into a giveaway for a £35 e-voucher to spend on Beauty Bay. The winner is Jessica Baxter, who has been emailed so congratulations, lovely, and I hope you enjoy your prize!


You said... Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette 

I think it's probably safe to say that the Urban Decay Naked palettes and the brand as a whole had lost considerable interest since its heyday a few years back, however the Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette | £42 | full review | offered something a little different. Likely taking inspiration from indie makeup brands, Urban Decay applied their winning formulas to something a little different colour-wise for the Naked Honey palette. I think this is absolutely a step in the right direction; whilst it's not exactly revolutionary (it's still a neutral palette, after all), I do think the green hues of this palette make it a much more exciting iteration of the Naked series. It's on-trend and not many big mainstream brands are putting out colour stories like this, which is why I think it grabbed everyone's attention and won this round by a mile!

Image credit: urbandecay.co.uk

I say...

I totally agree with you all on this one! This palette is pretty much the only thing I've reached for since I got it back in September. The quality is beautiful and what I've come to expect from this brand and I love the colour story. You can go from day to night with these beautiful shades and it's something different in a sea of red-hued warm eyeshadow palettes. I love the green undertones featured in this selection of colours and I just think this palette is beautiful. It's my personal perfect Naked palette!


You said... Jaclyn Cosmetics

Whilst, as expected, Jeffree Star Cosmetics managed to garner its fair share of votes, the winner this year (thanks to its initial launch being an unmitigated disaster) was Jaclyn Cosmetics... In usual Jaclyn style, the YouTuber really hyped up the launch of her own beauty brand; how amazing the packaging was, how many years they'd been working on it, how incredible the formula was, how perfect the shades were, the inspiration behind the names and so on. However when the initial lipstick collection launched, it was very clear there were major production issues at the lab. There was evidence of contamination, melted lipsticks and even accusations they had been sat around in a warehouse for years. Instead of recalling the lipsticks and admitting liability, Jaclyn Cosmetics hedged their bets and just refunded everyone who'd bought them. Or so they said; some people are claiming they've still not had their money back. Jaclyn also released a video on the controversy explaining 'what happened' but it didn't address all of the issues found with the lipsticks and many felt she hadn't taken responsibility for the situation, plus she maintained there'd been no contamination despite the evidence of foreign bodies in her products!  

Image credit: allure.com

I say...

I know people have their feelings about Jaclyn Hill, but I don't think she could possibly have been aware of how horribly wrong this would go because (given the amount of scrutiny she is under already) I don't think she'd have gone ahead with it if she had. That being said, as the face of the brand she's apparently been working on for years, she has to realise that the things going on in her own company are her responsibility. I think the recent launch (their first since the lipsticks) and any future releases are unfortunately tainted by the controversy. I'm really not sure Jaclyn will be able to pull it back under this brand name, as so much goodwill has been lost with customers and potential customers, but I'm open to being proven wrong...


You said... Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Hydrating Foundation

I honestly think the original foundation launch from Fenty changed the makeup game for good. Gone were the days of brands releasing 12 foundation shades and calling it a day, and, if anything, there was a one-upmanship of who could release the most colours (though admittedly to varying degrees of success in terms of how inclusive the shades they put out actually were). However that was a decidedly matte foundation with a full-coverage finish, so in 2019 dry-skinned people's prayers were answered in the form of the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Hydrating Foundation* | £27 | full review. Not only does it boast a range of 50 shades but it comes in a hydrating, skincare-infused formula.

Image credit: elitedaily.com

I say...

I have to agree with you again! I really liked the original Fenty foundation but I admittedly had to put in some effort to make it work for my dehydrated skin, combining it with hydrating and glow-y primers. So, when they launched a hydrating version, I rejoiced! When I tried the formula, it didn't disappoint; this foundation is hydrating but not overly dewy, the finish is long-wearing, the coverage is easy to build and customise, plus the shade match is perfect.


You said... Jaclyn Cosmetics So Rich Lipsticks

Given what we just discussed, I'm not at all surprised you voted for this launch en masse! Jaclyn kind of set herself up for failure by hyping up her brand so much and making the failure even more of a fall from grace and a disappointment for fans.

Image via: temptalia.com

I say...

I'm actually going to go with one of the other options that was hot on the heels of Jaclyn Hill's brand launch for my pick and say the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pro Palettes  | £68 each. It's less the launch itself and more what it symbolised for this brand and the route it's gone down in 2019. I feel Anastasia has spammed us with new launches this year and, although I'm sure they're still high-quality, it's just felt like overkill and something of a cash grab. It's actually been a bit unfair on the influencers they've worked with this year; their launches have been a little lost in the sea of new ABH palettes, instead of being an exciting occasion. The Pro Palettes got a lot of people's backs up because they were also so expensive but then were cheapened by the fact they were all released in quick succession. When the first palette launched, there was no warning there'd be three more to come, so it felt like it was something special that fans of the brand should buy, however it turned out to be just one of many! Even loyal fans no longer seem to be buying up some of the latest ABH palette launches, which is a real shame.


You said... Skin First, Makeup Second

For every trend there's a backlash-trend! Whilst half of Instagram is embracing the heavy block brows, intense colour-correcting and full coverage foundation, the other half is going au naturale (well, kind of...) This trend is all about skincare acting as the foundation for makeup, using hybrid products and going natural with the makeup or even barefaced when it comes to complexion with pops of colour like a bright lip or graphic eye. It's about easy makeup that works for your everyday life and a solid skincare routine. Though many of you love this trend, it might not be for everyone; if you suffer with real skin issues that can't just be fixed with a few products, it can also feel a little frustrating to see perfect skin all over social media when it isn't achievable for everyone. I guess there are pros and cons to every trend out there.

Image credit: intothegloss.com

I say...

Hot on the tail of 'skin first, makeup second' was 'lighter base makeup', which is admittedly pretty similar, though we've more specifically seen a shift in brands releasing fewer full-coverage foundations and more tinted moisturisers. These are the sorts of things I personally wear on a day-to-day basis, so I'm more than happy this trend took off. Whether it's Fenty's hydrating, lighter-coverage foundation, ColourPop's tinted moisturiser or Urban Decay releasing a 'naked skin' base, brands have been on-board with this trend and I hope the easy, wearable makeup launches continue into 2020.


You said... CBD / Cannabis themed products

Earlier this year, here in the UK, CBD (the component of cannabis that doesn't get you high) went to market. And everyone jumped on the bandwagon! Whether it was being sold as an anxiety-reducing supplement in health food stores or being put in expensive skincare products, CBD has been everywhere this year, so it's not surprising it got your backs up! The skincare benefits of CBD are a bit overstated, though there is evidence it can help reduce anxiety and help with insomnia, which I think is great. I totally support legalising medical marijuana but it's become such an annoying gimmick in beauty products trying to be edgy. (Though I must admit, I do love my Lime Crime Lip Blazes | full review!) Like some uncool middle-aged execs decided it would sell... I'm not surprised to see this top the list.

Images via: cultbeauty.com, meltcosmetics.com and thezoereport.com

I say...

Also scoring highly with you guys was my personal pet peeve; gimmicky Instagram videos. Do you really need to colour correct with every single shade under the sun applied heavily in that perfect formation? Are you really putting that BeautyBlender you just squirted 5 pumps of foundation on directly onto your face? Is that glitter mask really doing anything for your skin? Take your pick, but it seems the quick videos people post on Instagram have to have a bit of a silly, click-baity preview to grab people's attention, which leads to some pretty unrealistic makeup and skincare situations!


You said... the Ordinary

For the second year in a row, Deciem's affordable option the Ordinary | reviews | just pipped Pixi Beauty to the post as your favourite skincare brand! It's not hard to see why this brand remains popular with you all; it kind of revolutionised the skincare industry by bringing single-component active ingredients to the market at such cheap prices. It's one of those brands I've recommended to close friends in my life outside of blogging and people have seen really incredible results with. And that's what it's all about, really! Take a look at my top 10 products from the brand here.

Image via: cultbeauty.com

I say...

I'm going to be a little controversial and say (purely because I've been a fan of the Ordinary for a long time now and this is an exciting new brand I discovered in 2019 deserving of some love) Good Molecules is my pick this year. I have been so, so impressed with the quality of their products, they come in cute packaging and they offer both single-ingredient options and more concern-specific blends at seriously low prices. You can check out my review of the products I originally tried from them here.


You said... Jeffree Star

Whilst last year's winners came in at second and third place for 2019, you crowned Jeffree Star as your favourite influencer, followed by Tati Westbrook and the Anna Edit not too far behind (also thank you to those who actually put me on there! *blushes*) Well, no one could accuse Jeffree of being boring! Between his many controversies, lavish lifestyle and launching one of the most anticipated beauty collections of the year, he still found time to keep uploading brutally honest makeup reviews on his YouTube channel. Whilst I'm not personally a fan, his blunt delivery, vibrant makeup style and androgynous aesthetic mean he stands out in a sea of samey beauty influencers, and I'm guessing that's why he won your votes! 

Image credit: cosmopolitan.com

I say...

My personal favourite influencers this year did still score pretty highly with you guys and they were Samantha Ravndahl and Raw Beauty Kristi. Again, I think the reason why I like their content is because they aren't just like every other influencer out there. I find both ladies funny and honest. Samantha did something pretty amazing this year and took herself off all the PR lists she was on and went on an all-year beauty no-buy. I have really enjoyed her content this year because it hasn't focused on new launches, I also can't think of anyone with her level of subscribers who is taking a stand like this against wastefulness and consumerism in the industry. Kristi is just so sweet, so honest and, even though her makeup style is way more glamorous than what I go for personally, I just find her so watchable and I love hearing her opinions on topics in the beauty community.


You said... Kylie Cosmetics / Kylie Skin

Not only did Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin rank highly in the  controversy stakes, Kylie Jenner's beauty products were also totally overrated, according to you guys! I can definitely see why people think this - the skincare formulas are really nothing special, just at a high price and in Instagrammable packaging (I even did a post here talking through some alternatives to the range), and I've never heard amazing things about the makeup from people who actually purchased the products themselves (I myself have tried the liquid lipsticks and didn't rate them!) I think the general mood is that this brand is all style, no substance, however I'm sure Kylie doesn't care about our thoughts because enough people have bought the products to have made her a billionaire!

Images via: clozette.co and bustle.com

I say...

I'm going to go a bit less obvious with this one and say Dr Barbara Sturm. And, no, I haven't tried her products, though I would if I got a mini in a set or something to just see what all the fuss is about! (I'm fully aware of how ridiculous it is to call something overrated when you've never tried it, this brand has just pushed me to it...) Celebrities swear by her skincare products but I just think £235 for a hyaluronic acid serum is obscene in the age of brands like the Ordinary, the Inkey List and Good Molecules. To me, if you want to treat yourself then buy one from Niod for £38! I just don't get it. If you've tried her products; let me know in the comments if you think they're worth it. I'm open to being proven wrong, I just don't know what her products could possibly do to be worth the price-point. I have a post on whether luxury skincare is worth it or not coming up in the new year, so we can talk more about it then...

Did you vote in the poll? Do you agree or disagree with any of the winners? Let me know in the comments!

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