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When it comes to doing an evening makeup look, the original Fenty foundation (review here) has been my jam all year. However - as someone with dehydrated skin - to get the look I wanted using that foundation to avoid things feeling dry, I definitely had to do some extensive prep... Whilst I loved how it looked (making this process worth it for me), I did a little dance when the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Hydrating Foundation* (250) | £27 | was announced! However, was it the perfect foundation I was hoping for?

As always; we'll start at the top. This comes in tube packaging with a pump, which I'm all about. It's practical and easy to travel with, whilst still giving me a high-end experience. I like that it's different to the packaging of the original matte foundation so I don't get the two mixed up when I'm doing my makeup in a rush. The foundation claims to be natural, medium-full coverage, long-wearing and hydrating (making it suitable for normal-to-dry skin). Fenty also does a setting powder and has extended the original primer offering to include a matte formula and a hydrating one (which I think I may actually pick up to wear under the matte foundation...) There's also a liquid concealer in the collection, rounding off all of your base product needs!

As we all know; Fenty pretty much changed the foundation game by launching right off the bat with a staggering number of shades and this latest launch is no different, coming in 50 different shades with a huge selection of undertones. I would definitely recommend getting shade matched for this foundation, just because the range is vast and it can be really hard to choose a shade yourself. The original formula was known for drying down a touch darker than it looks on initial application, however this doesn't do that, which means you might need to go a shade darker. It's always better to be safe than sorry, however 250 was my shade in the other foundation and it's the same for the hydrating version.

This has a relatively creamy consistency and one pump is spot-on for me on an everyday basis and the product is very easy to control so I go for slightly more when I'm doing an evening look. I personally like to apply this with a damp makeup sponge to get that even, flawless but natural, skin-like finish. The moisture also works really nicely with the hyaluronic acid in this foundation to help the skin look plumper and healthier. As with the original formula - I love how easily build-able this foundation is because you can really customise the finish to what you're feeling on any given day. It can give a light-medium look or a medium-full finish without going cakey - it just really fuses with the skin to create that realistic look. This is the sort of base I'm all about! I packed this for on holiday and it's a perfect travel product for me because it's so versatile. The look it gives is healthy and radiant without giving off any surface shine.

In terms of longevity; it definitely needs powdering partway through a hot day for my combination skin. However - that being said - it doesn't disappear or go patchy around any of my problem areas. It can settle a little into fine lines as the hours draw on, however that isn't a huge deal for me, as it's easily corrected with a makeup brush. Overall I think this foundation lasts really nicely given it's hydration formulation.

All in all; I really like this foundation! It's been a while since I've really been excited about a base product and since I've switched things up in this department, but Fenty has done it again! I don't think it's identical to the original foundation 'but hydrating' - I think it's its own product and one that I like a lot. I'm really pleased with this base; it fits in nicely with my lifestyle and what I want from makeup these days. I think this could easily be the average person's 'every single day' foundation and that's what I'm looking for when I do these reviews.

Have you tried / will you be trying the new Fenty foundation formula?

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