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I feel like I've been looking for a yellow-based brown lipstick for, like, years! Seriously! When Lime Crime launched their Lip Blazes | £18 each | I wasn't wild about the theme but decided to pick up a couple because they had a beautiful selection of nudes for every skin tone in the range. Obviously, you've seen the title; you know I love these so let's dive into my review...

Ok, let's address the elephant in the room; this line is quite clearly referencing cannabis! (Lip butter + glaze = lip blaze isn't fooling anyone...) I really don't care about what grown adults (not causing a public nuisance of themselves) want to do in the privacy of their own home, but I can't help but find the trend a bit off-putting and try-hard. Like a bunch of 40-60 year old white men in suits sat in a boardroom and someone said 'hey, I hear the kids are smoking cannabis these days - let's make it a lipstick collection!' It just makes me cringe. That's all! I genuinely check the coast is clear before whipping these out to reapply them in the loos at work, lest anyone think I'm corny enough to wave around my cannabis lipstick like some edgelord. The formula is infused with cannabis sativa oil, so if you use CBD you'll recognise that familiar scent.

I really love this formulation - it's somewhere between a liquid lipstick and a very opaque lipgloss. The colour comes out with full pigmentation and coverage, but this formula is soooo comfortable to wear. It's lightweight and melts onto my lips without feeling thick or gloopy to wear and it's incredibly nourishing. It's almost like a melting mousse lip colour with amazing pigmentation; think liquid lipstick for people who have dry lips. They aren't the longest-wearing lip products in the world ever but they're so moisturising that it's honestly a pleasure to re-apply them throughout the day. Even when they do fade a little, you get a lovely even stain that stays put for a while.

That out of the way; this range is full of my sort of shades but I made the classic mistake of ordering two shades online and them arriving for me to realise they're very similar. It's kind of annoying that two such close tones are included in the same line and you definitely don't need both. If you want a true yellow-based brown then go for Herb, if you prefer something a tad rosier then Fern is for you.

Overall I'm head over heels for these lip colours. Unless you have some sort of deep personal objection to having cannabis in your beauty products; don't be put off by the marketing of this product because the formula and colours really are fantastic!

Have you tried much from Lime Crime?

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