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It's been another few weeks of enjoying old favourites and discovering new things in terms of my skincare routine so today I'm talking you through the fantastic products I've been using and loving over the past several weeks...

My morning cleanser is still the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel* | £33 | full review. I did mention this last time so I won't go on about it again but it's a vitamin and fruit enzyme gel-to-emulsion cleanser that softens the skin and makes it look radiant. I follow this up with the Pixi Beauty Hydrating Milky Mist | £18 | full review. This is something I use in place of a toner and it's formulated with black oat and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, soften and smooth the skin.

My go-to serum at the moment (and one of my all-time favourites!) is the Niod Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex* | £38 | full review. This is a super-fluid serum with numerous hyaluronic acid molecule sizes to penetrate deeply into the skin. Hyaluronic acid is one of my hero skincare products because it's incredibly hydrating but has a lightweight texture. It plumps, smooths, softens and hydrates my skin so it looks fresh and its absolute best. After this I've been reaching for the Too Cool for School All-in-One Egg Mellow Cream* | £29.50 | full review. This is a gorgeous, nourishing but non-greasy moisturiser that contains egg protein, collagen and niacinamide for smooth, plump, even skin. It not only smooths and hydrates my skin but it evens things out and provides a great base for makeup. After that - I finish off my morning routine with the Radical Eye Revive Creme* | £80. This isn't cheap! However... at the time of writing this is half price in the Space NK sale so I've got myself a backup, because I really love this stuff but £80 is a lot... you can also get it on Look Fantastic who do a lot of discount codes. Onto the product itself; it's the perfect combination for me, as it's refreshing, nourishing but non-greasy. It makes my eye area look and feel less puffy and tired, as well as hydrating the skin without overloading it. It contains plant (such as aloe) and flower extracts, along with caffeine.

As my evening cleanse I've really been into the White Company Super Balm Cleanser | £25. I don't know why I haven't heard more about this product because I'm really impressed with this light cream balm cleanser. It's gentle, it removes all of my makeup when I wipe it off with a damp cloth and it doesn't leave an excess behind on my skin. This line was formulated with Deciem (the umbrella brand behind the Ordinary and Niod) and it's comfortably mid-range, which I also like. This cleanser has a nice, fresh scent and contains corn humectants and plant esters. After this, as my second cleanse, I still love my Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser* | £18 | full review | which I mentioned a couple of posts ago. It has a gorgeous, nourishing, gentle, non-foaming formula with rose and avocado - I think it's one of my favourite skincare discoveries of the year. I just always seem to go back to it! I've been experiencing breakouts recently - perhaps it's the hot weather - and the Caudalie Vinopure Skin Purifying Toner* | £18 | full review has worked wonders for me. This is a BHA (salicylic acid) exfoliating toner that's amazing for clearing up breakouts and preventing any scarring developing, as well as fading any old blemish scars.

I've been keeping it simple with my overnight product - more often than not I've been going for the Pixi Nourishing Sleep Mask | £18 | full review. This isn't a product that gets much love in Pixi's PR packages and I actually thought for a bit it might have been discontinued for a minute; but I personally love this and I'm on my second tube. It doesn't contain any fancy ingredients - it's mainly fruit and flower oils and extracts - but it just softens, nourishes and smooths my skin overnight. It's great if you've used an intense treatment and just want to give your skin a bit of TLC afterwards. Finally, I've been trying to use an eye treatment at night and not just in the morning and I'm really liking the Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm* | £48. It has a lovely cream formula and you only need the tiniest amount of product. It's that perfect balance of being nourishing but also quite lightweight in its texture so it absorbs nicely and doesn't leave a greasy excess. I would actually use this during the day for this reason. It's a really great hydrator and I've definitely noticed a difference when I wake up and my eyes look fresher and more hydrated. This contains caffeine, green tea, Vitamin C and aloe.

I do also have a new face mask on rotation but I'm going to give it a full, dedicated review as my product of the month, so I'll hold of talking about it until then!

What are your go-to skincare products at the moment?

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