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It's once again time for me to share my favourite beauty product of the last several weeks and this time it's the Too Cool for School All-in-One Egg Mellow Cream* | £29.50. Keep reading to find out why I've been so impressed with this moisturiser!

This moisturiser comes in cute but practical packaging; Too Cool for School is a Korean brand and you can definitely see that aesthetic in the design and theme of their products. However I also appreciate that this comes in pump packaging, which is more hygienic than a pot and one pump is the perfect amount for one application for me. The 'all in one' name comes from the fact it claims to be a primer, moisturiser, night mask, serum, eye cream and neck cream. I don't tend to use a separate neck cream, I still go for a serum underneath my moisturiser and any day cream can act as an eye cream, in my opinion, so this is really a daytime moisturiser for me, though I do appreciate that it makes a lovely base for makeup, and does have that priming quality (including a bit of 'grip') and applied liberally this nourishing formula can also work wonders overnight. 

In terms of ingredients; as the same suggests - this moisturiser contains egg extract. It's also formulated with collagen fibres (to increase the skin's elasticity), niacinamide (to soothe and calm inflammation and redness) and shea butter for nourishment. It's billed as being for normal / combination skin through to dry / sensitive and I'd have to agree with that. I personally have combination-dehydrated skin and find this formula beautifully nourishing. I think it could be a bit too rich if you're oilier, though.

The texture is actually quite light and lotion-like despite the nourishing, smoothing effect it gives. It melts into the skin beautifully without leaving any excess or grease on its surface. It makes my skin look and feel so healthy, giving it an amazing glow. It really smooths and hydrates my skin, so fine lines are less visible and my skin just looks its best. I also really like how my makeup goes on over it - even if I use quite a silicone-based primer, it never pills up and makes a mess. As it leaves my skin so smooth and free from dry patches (the moisture-boost really does last all day); my base makeup always looks great when I've used this moisturiser underneath. I'm seriously impressed with stuff and can't believe it doesn't get more hype!

Have you tried anything from Too Cool for School?

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