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The second I saw the teaser pictures of the Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette | £60 | my heart melted! Another huge selling point for me was that this  is smaller than her standard palettes and also half the price - making it far more attainable. Having said that; it still isn't cheap so we'll be diving into swatches, a formula and shade breakdown, as well as exploring some more affordable alternatives and answering the question of if this is good enough to warrant the price-tag...

We'll start at the top; the packaging isn't anything special but it's stylish enough and travel-friendly in this reddish-coral tin (which is sturdier than it looks). It's slim, it isn't as bulky as the other palettes from this brand and it still comes with a mirror (plus, it has the shade names printed on the palette under each shadow, which is an upgrade from the Gold palette). It contains 19.25g of product at £60 vs. the usual palettes from this brand which are £111 for 37.5g. I personally prefer this because I rarely hit pan on an eyeshadow and this still contains plenty of product! I'd much rather spend less money for a smaller palette when the price per gram isn't poorer value. Having said that: £60 is still hardly a steal!

There are some really great formulas in this palette - I can't get over how creamy, pigmented and easy to blend out the mattes are! There are bright shades in here, there are deeper tones and they're just as smooth and easy to work with as the lighter colours. To me that's what really sets this formula apart from that of a lot of the eyeshadow palettes I have in the £15-25 price bracket - the nudes are often a dream but the more vivid shades can be hit and miss. I also really like these shimmers - whilst they're less 'oh my gosh - this is unlike anything I've ever tried before', it's still a very good formula. These have more of a soft shimmer to them as opposed to having a super-foiled effect and I like to apply them with a very flat, stiff brush for maximum opacity and colour payoff. In terms of longevity - I've also been impressed with these; at the end of a very long day I do notice the shimmers fading slightly on the lid, however it's nothing major, there's not creasing. The mattes stay in place very well.

Poppy is a deep plummy-purple shimmer with red undertones. Citrine is a true sunshine yellow matte. Phlox is a raspberry-toned shimmer. Awakening is a light lilac shimmer. Laurel is a champagne shimmer with a pinky undertone.

Aster is a slightly more glittery shimmer in a mid-toned lilac purple with a hint of blue. Glory is a deeper wine-toned matte. Azealea is a medium rosy copper shimmer. Morgan is a vibrant light-medium peach matte. Agate is a very light gold shimmer.

Clove is a very deep purple matte with a brown undertone. Carnelian is a medium-toned yellow-based orange matte. Jasper is a burnt red matte. Morning is a very light cream-peach matte. Dayspring is a medium warm bronze-gold shimmer.

It kind of pains me to say it because I don't want to sit here and tell you to spend £60 on an eyeshadow palette but - if you're ok with yourself after making that splurge and perhaps you can get a cheeky Feel Unique or Cult Beauty discount code: this has a really nice formula. It's summer in a palette and the perfect blend of warm tones and pops of colour so it's a bit bolder but still so wearable. Like I said; I'm really impressed with the formula - when it first launched I was a bit concerned that the lower price might mean a change in quality but it isn't and I personally find this more impressive than the £111(!!!!) Gold palette, which I reviewed here.

As I have mentioned many a time - this palette still doesn't come cheap and, although I'm not sure I have a direct / exact dupe, I do have a few suggestions of palettes that will give a similar look but cost a lot less... In fact: you could buy all of these for about the same price as the Sunrise! I can't say that they all will perform like this palette but it's just a starting point on which palettes to research if this colour story speaks to you! Here we have the Karity Picante (£27), ColourPop Yes Please ($18), Morphe Ring the Alarm (£15), ColourPop x Bretman Rock Lit Palette ($12)

Image sources: karity.com, ulta.com, uk.morphe.com, colourpop.com

Have you tried Natasha Denona eyeshadows?

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