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It’s been a little while since I shared an affordable / drugstore beauty roundup so today I have a seasonally-themed edition for if you’re off on holiday or just want to update your routine for summer. I hope you enjoy!

MUA Highlighter in Iridescent Gold* | £3 | These MUA highlighters have been knocking around a while but I do feel as though they’ve been reformulated, as well as them adding a bunch of new shades! This has a really soft, smooth, glitter-free formula – although the colour looks quite intense on my skin tone, I’d say the actual finish is more metallic and sheeny, which I really like. This is a white colour that shifts yellow-gold, making it perfect if you have a warmer skin tone (photos really don't do the duo-chrome justice). There are also plenty of other shades, whether you want something deeper and more bronze-toned or something frosty and pink.

Flormar Liquid Highlighter in 03 Bronze Glow* | £9.87 | I really enjoy using liquid illuminators for dewy, glowing summer makeup looks and this is a really nice affordable option. You can mix it in with your foundation or apply it like a primer underneath for all-over luminosity, or dab a tiny amount on your cheekbones over the top of foundation for a really intense highlight. This has a formula that mixes really nicely and has great colour payoff – it doesn’t blend out into nothingness or turn silver as you blend it out. It just stays this gorgeous rosy colour that’s perfect for medium-deep skin tones. Sidenote: I can only seem to find this product online on eBay (this is the price listed) but you can pick up this brand in Primark stores!

ColourPop California Love Shadow Palette | $18 | full review | Ok, I know this is a US-based brand but you can still ship it to the UK at a really reasonable cost and it blows anything I’ve found at the drugstore out of the water! I just love this blend of golds, bronzes and oranges for a sun-kissed summer makeup look. I used this to death on holiday in the evenings as you can get a good amount of different looks from it and there’s a variety of finishes. I find the formula to be gorgeous too – the mattes have great pigmentation and blend like a dream and you get some gorgeous metallic shimmers in this palette.

Primark P.S. Gel Effect Longwear & One Coat Nail Polishes in Jade & Rouge | £1 each | I have to preface this one by saying that I only really use normal nail polish on my toes, as I get gel manicures, however after an event at the new Primark-city in Birmingham I got a goodie bag with one of these in it and was so impressed that I went in and picked up a bunch of summery shades to wear on my toes during the season they’re usually on show! This formula is sooooo good; I really wasn’t expecting much for £1 but they’re opaque with one swipe – even these brighter shades – and last incredibly well on my toenails. I couldn’t be happier! Here I have a gorgeous teal colour and a bright, almost neon, orange-red.

Colab Dry Shampoo in Paradise* | £3.50 | I tried this dry shampoo years ago but I guess in those pre-sensitive-scalp days I didn’t really appreciate what was different and special about this formula when compared with those white, powdery dry shampoos you usually find at the drugstore. Having tried this again – it’s transparent and doesn’t aggravate my scalp, which is the reason I love the much more expensive IGK formula I’ve been using, so I’m glad to have found something cheaper that works for me! It soaks up excess oil and gives my hair a volume boost, plus comes in this lovely summery scent.

Astral Intensive Moisturising Body Care with Cocoa Butter | £2.99 | I was directed to this line by my mum and aunt because it’s ridiculously affordable and really impressive, so I’m not sure why I haven’t seen these products mentioned on any blogs before! This is a cream body wash that does foam slightly but overall it’s just a very nourishing formula. Here I have the one formulated with cocoa butter and they also do shea butter and coconut oil versions – they’re all lovely but smell slightly different. This is great if your skin is a bit sensitive after you’ve had a day in the sun – I used some of my mum’s on holiday! Now if only they’d come out with travel minis…

Korres Cucumber Bamboo Shower Gel* | £8 | Korres isn’t super-cheap but their products are surprisingly affordable for the quality and the range of scents. There's pretty much always a Korres shower gel on my bathroom shelf - they're often on offer at M&S and there are so many gorgeous scents for a pretty reasonable price. The formula is fresh, non-stripping and hydrating and this scent is soooo clean, summery and refreshing. I absolutely love it and it lingers nicely on my skin after use.

Soap & Glory Call of Fruity No Woman No Dry Body Butter* | £10 | How many puns can you cram into the name of one product? A few, apparently! In all seriousness, though, I've been more of an oil person in recent years but this reminded me how great a good Soap & Glory body butter can be. This is a lightweight but sufficient hydrator with the most gorgeous fragrance that hangs around on skin all day. It contains coconut oil, cocoa butter, passionfruit and aloe.

Collosol Eau de Lait* | £9.50 | This is a lightweight water-milk cleanser that can be used as a softening, hydrating morning cleanse or to remove light makeup. It doesn't leave an excess on the skin but also has a nourishing, non-stripping formula. It's a simple, affordable cleanser that does the job! I really recommend this for oily-combination skin that can get dehydrated or that needs some TLC after a day in the sun. My only negative is the packaging - I don't think a squeezy bottle is the best choice for such a fluid cleanser!

UltraSun Sports Gel SPF20 | £16 | full review | This is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that comes in a light transparent gel formula. We all know we should be using sunscreen every day but it doesn’t always happen when you’re having to slather on a thick white cream and rub it in for ages, only to have it pill up as soon as you apply makeup over the top... This doesn’t do any of that, making it the perfect minimal-effort everyday option for a light-medium level of sun protection.

What are your favourite summer beauty bargains?

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