I definitely think base products are something I've reached a landing on; I know what I like, I know what I use and I know what I need in my collection. Today I wanted to talk through the essentials in my foundation wardrobe and what they bring to my collection. Hopefully this will help you too if you're going through a declutter or you're in a bit of a foundation rut! 


For my personal makeup preferences; this is kind of the important one! If I'm going to work and it's a normal day without any big evening plans then I prefer to wear something light and breathable on the skin. I like something that's going to make my complexion look fresh and healthy but that will last well on my skin at the same time. My current go-to is the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream (Medium Tan) | £30 | full review. It actually has more coverage than you'd expect from a product with this name! I really like how you can sheer it out to a light coverage or build it up to medium. It just gives me that perfected but very natural complexion by evening out my skin tone and giving it a luminous look without the shine. For me, that's what the workday light base is all about! It never looks or feels like I'm wearing a lot of makeup, which is what I aim for. Another great option to fill this spot in your foundation wardrobe is the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser (St. Moritz) | £31 | full review. However, as they both fulfil the same function in my routine; I really don't have any need to own both of them at the same time.


I like to have a powder foundation on-hand for those true 'no makeup' makeup days and as an everyday option when it's hot during the summer months and I want a bit of makeup on but don't want it to melt in the heat! I really like how easy to build these sorts of base products are, so you can achieve a lighter coverage than is possible with most liquid formulas. My go-to is the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation (Golden Nude 16) | £27 | full review | because it ticks all of those boxes (in terms of a lightweight finish that takes away the shine and stays in place) without being anything too drying. It helps keep the shine at bay and provides a nice little bit of coverage. If you want a similar effect with a more radiant finish then I also really like the English Mineral Company Foundation* (Beige Deep) | £37 | full review.


I also like to have a 'proper' foundation that's not too dewy but not matte either. My personal favourite is the Estée Lauder Double Wear Cushion Stick Natural Radiant Makeup* (4W1) | £28 | full review. I feel like this is the least 'absolutely necessary' piece in my foundation wardrobe but for me personally, it's often what I go for if I'm doing something after work and just want something a little more special for my makeup look. It still looks like skin but gives a radiant, perfected finish. What I love about the Estée Lauder formula specifically is that it doesn't get shiny on me throughout the day and just holds together really well for such a fresh, glow-y formula. 


Next we have the foundation that I tend to pack when I'm travelling and it seems a bit extra to bring more than one base product! I like having a versatile option that can can be sheered out to a light-medium coverage but also built up to something that's more medium-to-full. When I'm away for the weekend, the routine is typically - do something Saturday daytime, out Saturday night and something really casual like brunch on Sunday, so I want a product that will still give me a pretty flawless look for the evening but doesn't feel like a lot of makeup when I just want to look human on Sunday morning! For me that product is the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation* (Barcelona) | £33.50 | full review. It has a radiant finish without the shine and is really long-wearing, so I feel it works for me on a night out. At the same time, it isn't anything thick or heavy or matte, so it never feels like I'm wearing a lot of makeup. In terms of a 'day to night' look - this formula is my favourite. I also really like the Nars Radiant Longwear Foundation (Barcelona) | £35 | full review | for a similar purpose. I'd recommend that one if you just want something a touch more on the dewy side.


Finally we have the full-coverage option - which interestingly changed in my foundation wardrobe recently, after having been the same product for a good couple of years! Even with my makeup preferences, there's space in my collection for something full-coverage and, even as a makeup junkie, I don't really need more than one product in this category because I only go for a more glam look on the weekends. What I look for in a full-coverage foundation is a formula that gives that perfected look but isn't thick or heavy on my skin and won't look dry or unflattering where I have texture or fine lines. I want something that's long-wearing above all else and that stays pretty matte but isn't overly drying. For me, the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Foundation (250) | £27 | full review | really hits that sweet spot! It's also one I recommend because the great shade range means most people will be able to find a match in this line. As a more affordable alternative and my absolute favourite prior to the Fenty, I also love the L'Oreal Pro-Matte Infallible Foundation (106) | £13.95 | full review.

Which products are part of your foundation wardrobe? 

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