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I've discovered some really good high-end products lately, so I wanted to do a little bit of a run-down and share a few bits I think are worth investing in. I'll do an affordable version of this in a couple of weeks and plan on doing more instalments of this every few months, as and when I've found enough products that are really worth talking about, because I want to do less haul-style posts!

Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation (Barcelona) | £35 | I swear, the people at Nars always misname their products! This is medium-full coverage foundation (probably more towards the 'full' side) and whilst radiant in its finish, it isn't dewy or anything. It's more of a satin finish to me, that's not dissimilar to Sheer Glow but to me it definitely has more coverage. I really like it for nights out because it wears very well on my skin.

Stila Stay All Day Sheer Liquid Lipstick in Splendore* | £16 | This is a liquid lipstick formula unlike any I've ever tried before! It's long-lasting and non-drying but has this slightly more sheer, wearable formula than the original liquid lipsticks everyone loves. I never thought I could pull off these sorts of cool brown tones on my lips but I think the sheer finish makes this perfect for me!

Butter London Glazen Eye Glosses in Spark & Moonshine | £15 each | I know I'm going on about these eyeshadows like an obsessed fan but that's because I am an obsessed fan! Butter London is more known for its nail polishes than its makeup but these jelly eyeshadows are incredible. They give this stunning dewy effect on the eyes and contain a fine micro-glitter that's nothing too much and still looks nice and classy. They set down and don't crease or budge, making them two of my favourite one-swipe shadows for an evening look. Spark is a warm gold whereas Moonshine is a taupe-bronze.

Dr Roebuck's Ultimate Hydrating Serum* | I've had quite a lot of products from this brand to try out but there's already been a total standout and it's this! It's not actually available in the UK yet, but keep an eye out! My one negative is that the dropper applicator isn't great for the consistency of the product, but oh well, I still really like what's inside. It contains Vitamins C and B3 and has a fast absorbing, gel-like consistency. It doesn't leave a tacky film on my skin or anything like that but smooths and hydrates. Its lightweight texture means it will be suitable for a lot of different skin types in need of some hydration.

Verso Reviving Eye Mask* | £50 (x4) | These are pretty pricey considering you're getting four single-use eye mask gels, but they really are packed with the good stuff, so if you're ok to make the investment and your eye area is a source of concern for you, then check these out. These cooling gels are covered in a potent retinol, hyaluronic acid, ceramide-3 and grapefruit extract - you leave them on for 20 minutes to allow the residue to soak into your skin. Immediately after use, my eyes look and feel fresher and less tired. Although I've not used these regularly enough to see the effects of the retinol, these are instantly hydrating without the need to apply thick, heavy eye creams that make my under-eyes greasy.

American English Seaberry Dry Oil* | £25 | I've been in search for a lightweight hair oil that will smooth and hydrate my ends and it's finally joined my collection. The spray bottle makes this a quick and easy option for my invariably rushed weekday mornings. It's not heavy or greasy in the slightest but gives my hair that extra bit of shine and nourishment.

Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Eau de Toilette* | £45 and Radiant Body Oil* | £36 | I've fallen head over heels for this fragrance - it's just perfect for Spring! It's fresh, fruity and also warm in some ways with the titular notes as well as neroli, cardamon, ylang ylang and mandarin. The EDT is lovely but I don't find it the longest-lasting, so tend to spray it liberally to keep that beautiful scent on my skin all day. I think my standout has to be the body oil - it gives lasting fragrance as well as softening and smoothing the skin. It's nothing heavy or greasy but definitely does the job even on my dry skin.

Have you discovered any high-end beauty products you're enjoying?

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  1. Such a gorgeous selection of high-end products! Love the look of the Butter London Eye Glosses, so pretty and I'm intrigued by the NARS foundation xx

    Beauty with charm

  2. Orange & Bergamot would be an amazing scent combination! I love the Butter London Eye Glosses too and also the Verso, America English & Nars products you've mentioned xx


  3. I love that moonshine color, it’s so lovely! Have a great Thursday, xAllie

  4. I have the Butter London eye gloss in the shade mermaid and it is so beautiful, I need to reach for it more often! Wish I'd gotten a more wearable color like Spark x


  5. The Eye Glosses look so pretty, especially Moonshine! x


  6. I love the nars foundation! I also think it's more on the "full coverage" side, luckily I have sheer glow for those days I want a nice dewy light-medium coverage look!


  7. I love Nars foundations, but find the names can be a little misleading! I love the sound of this one though, so I'm definitely going to look into it!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  8. I really want to try a Nars foundation... I feel like I'm completely missing out by not!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

  9. i absolutely love Molton Brown, it such an amazing brand xx


  10. I love that foundation from NARS! I do love a good coverage so I also wear it for an everyday look. My favourite so far!


  11. Ooo those eye glosses look amazing!


  12. Those butter London eye glosses!! :O Oh wow they are so so pretty! I might need to get my hands on some of those they look right up my street, so so pretty!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  13. I adore the new Nars foundation, I have been using it a lot recently and I always think that my skin looks so nice whenever I use it!

    Danielle xx

  14. I love the look of moonshine, the eye glosses sound amazing! I didn't realise they did anything other than nail polishes x

    Velvet Blush

  15. Beautiful post as usual Jasmine - who doesn't love a bit of high end makeup?! x The Stila lip shade is absolutely ideal for darker skintones - I've fo sho got my eye on that baby! I also NEED that Nars foundation in my collection - I love my coverage but it can't be too cakey, and this sounds perfect! I agree though, Nars names are misleading, but sometimes hilarious and awkward, which I found out upon asking my dad to buy me a super orgasm highlighter for Christmas. Oops. x
    Marina Rosie x

  16. The Stila Sheer Splendore -- looks good I'll look for it!

  17. They're absolutely gorgeous on the lids! x

  18. That shade sounds really interesting x

  19. It's almost like they do it on purpose haha x

  20. All of their products smell incredible! x

  21. Haha they really are a bit embarrassing to say sometimes! x

  22. That nars foundation definitely sounds appealing to me though I haven't had the best luck with their base products as they seem to never want to sit on my skin right. I definitely need to get myself a sample & see for myself.


  23. The Eye Glosses by Butter London sound fantastic i always think they just do nail varnish! Love the sound of all of these x


  24. Oh my gosh I need those Butter London eyeshadows, they look amazing xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️


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