Stila is one of those brands that definitely has a few hero products but also consistently comes out with new, relevant releases that keep me interested. Today I have a few of them to run through with you!

The first product I have here is the Stila Lingerie SoufflĂ© Skin Perfecting Primer in Sheer Illumination* | £28. This also comes in a bronzing version, which I don't have, however this doesn't apply to the face with any colour, so I think it's suitable for all skin tones. The formula has a very slight sheen to it but it's nothing glittery or obvious. The formula contains botanicals and light-reflecting particles to nourish the skin and make it look radiant. It has a lovely cooling effect on the skin and I really like the lightweight whipped texture. It has a nice blurring effect on the skin so helps to smooth out imperfections preventing my foundations from setting into pores and fine lines. My only negatives are that, as it's more of a smoothing primer, it doesn't gel with every single moisturiser in my collection and I would find it more hygenic if it came with a little scooper. Look, I wouldn't say this is set to become my all-time favourite primer because I've tried a good few! But it's a nice addition to Stila's range and I think this packaging is absolutely beautiful. 

I also have the Stila Shade Mystere Face Gloss* | £24. This is the product that really intrigued me when the first photos of this collection surfaced. It's a sort of balm that's semi-sheer and pretty glittery. It does look gorgeous on the skin if you're going for a more editorial look. It's glittery when applied and has a sort of multi-chrome purple colour to it. This isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but when I'm going for that sort of makeup look; it's really pretty. I do, however, feel as though it doesn't last that long on my skin! I actually think this makes a beautiful eyeshadow, if you're going for that glossy lid vibe, and it lasts a little better on the eyes (possibly because I always wear an eye primer).

When the All Fired Up Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Set | £29 | dropped - I knew it had to go right in my shopping cart! I'm a huge fan of these liquid eyeshadows and I always tend to go for warm tones, so this looked perfect for me. I also like these mini sets because there's less in there and I don't wear glitter on an everyday basis and this way I get a bit of variety in terms of the colours. Follow the Sun is a warm very light white-gold, that I tend to use as a topper over another eyeshadow to add a bit of glitz. Sunset Fire is a warm orange-gold. Burnished Sienna is a deeper rusty red colour. I personally find these a tad more sheer than the other full-sized shade I have called Bronzed Bell but I appreciate the opacity does vary from shade to shade, after having swatched some of the other colours in-store. However they're still really pretty and I think these colours are going to work with so many of my makeup looks. This formula is so long-wearing and it's just an easy way to apply glitter without getting a load of fall-out or messing around with a separate glue.

There are also some new variations in the Glitter and Glow line - I have the Stila Shade Mystere Liquid Eyeshadow in Spiritual* | £24. This has almost more of a foiled look once applied than the super glittery finish of the original Glitter and Glow formula. This flashes from white to a bright yellow gold (with a tiny hint of green in there) - it's a really interesting effect that looks stunning on the eyes! It doesn't crease, it doesn't fade and you can get this gorgeous glam eyeshadow look in one quick step. I absolutely love the colour Spiritual and the effect this formula gives. I think this has to be my favourite launch of the bunch!

Will you be checking out any of the new launches?

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Disclosure - products marked * were gifted to me as unpaid advertisement for the brands / websites mentioned. All opinions expressed are my own. Please read my disclosure page for more information.

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