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I really do enjoy sharing my everyday makeup but I was starting to feel a bit restricted by my old format (as though I could only mention daytime makeup and one product per category!) and kind of repetitive, so I thought I'd shake things up and do something a bit more informal. Today is a bit of a test run (so let me know how you like this setup) but I just want this to be a beauty-related catch-up, talking about the products and makeup looks I've been going for, what I think of new purchases and what I have on my wish list. I hope you enjoy...

The look I'm into

I guess it's no surprise that I'm really into a very warm-toned look at the moment. Obviously it's my usual personal preference but I also just love oranges, reds and golds for summer! I'm a summer baby and super-glow-y bronzed makeup looks are my thing, so I'm pretty much in my element right now. I've been really enjoying the OPV Beauty Oshun Palette | £29 | review. I don't know why this isn't talked about more because the quality is excellent! The mattes blend so effortlessly and you can get full impact with the pressed glitter and foiled shades in here. I've popped the swatches below but please do check out my review if you like the look of this because I really do rate it. 

The other palette I've been reaching for (coincidentally it's from another indie brand) is the Juvia's Place Warrior Palette | $21 | review. Again, I've reviewed this so won't go on about it too much here but the quality is excellent and I love these shades for that sandy-toned kind of look. I actually saw Angelica Nyqvist do a tutorial with this and I love the look it creates - I actually wore it for the Cult Beauty party I went to last month!

On the cheeks and lips I've been continuing the warm-toned theme. I've not actually had the Ofra Highlighter in Bali | £25 | review | that long but it's already looking used and abused! It's seriously pigmented, so I gently tap my fan brush into the pan before applying to the high points of my face and still get an intense, gorgeous highlight. This formula is so smooth and I'm loving the summery vibes this peachy-gold gives off. I'm also using the sandy nude matte blusher from my ColourPop Double Take Pressed Powder Duo | $16 | review | but I won't go on about it here because it's no longer available! An alternative would be Sleek's Suede Blush | £4.99 | review & swatch. On the lips I'm reaching for the Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick in Clay Crush | £6.99 | and think I may need to repurchase it... Ok, it isn't the most opaque formula in the world but it gives a true matte finish whilst being so comfortable. I love this terracotta nude colour too. If I want to deepen the look slightly, I pair this lipstick with my Huda Beauty Lip Contour in Trendsetter | £16 | which is a very similar colour but slightly darker. I really like how creamy this formula is!

A few other mentions

I often feel I must sound like a broken record talking about this product but I just picked up either my 4th or 5th tube of the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser | £30 | review | and we're still very much loved-up! I feel as though over time I've gone for more coverage with my concealer and less coverage with my foundation and it works for me. I only really wear foundation in the evenings, for special occasions or if I know I have plans right after work. This still gives nice coverage but it lets my skin look like skin and it radiant without being shiny or wearing away. I've been setting it with the super-fine, never caky but totally matte Too Faced Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder | £20 | review | and I can't recommend this product enough!

I'm still using the Glossier Lash Slick Mascara | £14 | review | on a day-to-day basis when I'm not heading anywhere fancy and don't need a super-glam look with my lashes. Make sure you check out my full review if you've been considering picking up this product - it's definitely not my usual look, because it doesn't give a lot of volume and is very, very natural, however it's found a new purpose as my go-to summer mascara because it doesn't smudge or flake, even in the heat.

Stuff I'm using up

I've mentioned before that I don't really 'project pan' because a) I think the focus is often on finishing products you don't actually like that much and I want to use makeup that I enjoy, and b) I find the focus on seeing pan and having specific targets a bit odd - I don't want to waste things by over-loading my brush with product and tapping it off just to get pan, plus if I dig my brush into one part of the product, I'm going to see the metal sooner but that doesn't mean I've used any more product... However there are a few bits that I would like to use as much as possible in my everyday makeup so I can move them out of my collection.

First up is the ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Desert | $5. I believe this is my oldest ColourPop shadow and, as these have a spongy-cream formula, they do dry out. This seems like an easy product to use up because the soft, sheeny sandy beige colour makes it a perfect priming base for powder shadows. I've already got quite a lot of pan on this, so I want to finish it before it becomes unusable. I really like the formula - it's very long-lasting - and the colour, so I may repurchase this one day if ColourPop resurrect this specific shade.

The other product is the Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Bronzed | £23. I actually still really like this one, however I've had it a couple of years and decided that as I could actually see the outline of the pan in the product, I should finish it up. Given that I now have a small handful of other matte bronzers - I thought I might as well focus on using this one up instead of dipping into the 3 or 4 I have in my collection. It's way more travel-friendly than the Hourglass one I'll talk about shortly, and I've been here, there and everywhere recently, so I've hit pan on it since taking the above photo. This is a really nice formula - it goes on smoothly and is easy to blend out. I find the tone of this spot-on for summer - it's warming without being orange.

New additions

I know I'm finishing up the Urban Decay bronzer but in my defence, I don't think I actually have a shimmery / sheeny bronzer so when my birthday discount for Feel Unique came through, I thought I'd try the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Radiant Bronze Light | £45. I've not tried this as much as I'd have liked to, because I don't travel with my Hourglass products because of how delicate they are and like I mentioned; the Urban Decay feels much more secure, plus is very slimline. However so far, I really like this. I'm generally a big fan of Hourglass products - their blushes are second to none for me - and I'm pleased this bronzer lived up to my expectations. It has that luminous look without being obviously shimmery or glittery and blends out beautifully. The radiance and warmth it gives is natural but makes such a difference! My only negative is: I find it very disappointing that this is the darkest shade, and given that it's perfect on my skin tone, if you're any deeper you probably won't be able to try this product. Please release more shades, Hourglass! We pay enough for your products, after all...

The next additions to my collection are the two new shades in the Glossier Cloud Paints | £15 each (or 2 for £25 here). I already have and love the shade Dusk (review) and was open to trying some brighter shades but none of the existing colours really called out to me. However when these two were revealed on Instagram; I really liked the look of both! This is a liquid-cream blusher formula that's one of the few that works on me without going patchy during the day or looking shiny on my skin and I can confirm that's consistent with these two shades as well. Storm is a gorgeous plummy-rose colour, whereas Dawn is a reddish-orange. I'm really enjoying both of them - though you definitely need way less product with these brighter shades!

I also finally picked up some Nudestix! I've been wanting to try these for ages but annoyingly, although they're stocked on Cult Beauty and a few other sites, the full range isn't available in many places and I couldn't get the shades I wanted. When I was in London last month I decided to visit Fenwick on Bond Street with Dorota and pick some up. I got the Magnetic Eye Colour in Cocoa (Matte) & Copper Foil (Satin) | £24 each. I always prime my eyes using the Urban Decay Original Primer Potion | £17 | even when using cream shadows and these are really nice over that base, however one day I was in a mad rush and decided to use these without it and I did find they weren't as vibrant on application and they faded and creased during the day. I don't think that's great for the price-point when my ColourPop ones don't do this! If you prime your eyes like me then you won't have a problem with these, however if you don't then you can pick up the Bobbi Brown ones for the same price and not have this issue. Cocoa is a deep, slightly cool chocolate brown matte and Copper Foil is a gorgeous warm amber-gold with a soft satin shimmer. They really are beautiful colours and the stick makes them easy to apply, however I'm a bit iffy on recommending these wholeheartedly, given the longevity without pairing it with an £18 primer. I had much better luck with the Magnetic Matte Lip Colour in Boho | £20. This has such a great formula - gliding on even when my lips are balm-free without clinging or feeling drying. I don't think I'd have ever picked this colour out if I hadn't seen it in person but I love it! It's a sort of mid-toned cool taupe-brown.

New launches

If you don't follow me on Instagram or don't catch my Stories then definitely check out my New Beauty Launches series - I always have the last month's worth Highlighted on there and you lovely people can vote on whether you're into them or not! 

One launch I'm not interested in is Manny MUA Life's a Drag Palette | £42. I did used to really love Manny but he's annoyed me on a few things over the past year or so, and I don't really follow him or watch his videos now (that's not to take anything away from him as a person, like in his video on depression - I just don't enjoy his content or trust his reviews). That aside; if this palette really called my name I would've still considered it, however it just isn't my vibe. I get that it's probably the point, but I'm not a fan of how it's split with the colour on one side and the neutrals on the other, as I doesn't make me imagine looks that incorporate both. The colours are very much 'rainbow toned' so I'm not really seeing the colour story. The nudes are very 'same old, same old' and I probably already have them in my collection. Plus the price-point is high for formulas that don't have an established reputation for quality.

I was actually interested in the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault, despite my better judgement. I aired my thoughts about those ridiculous, huge 35 pan palettes in my declutter so I won't repeat myself here. However the formula was meant to be different for the Jaclyn collection and I'd heard really good things about it. However a lot of YouTubers were having major issues with the palette and it put me off (even though they'd probably have only have been £15-20 each on Beauty Bay). It was then that I heard they were pushing back the launch due to quality issues... The one I have my eye on is the 'yellow' Armed and Gorgeous as I really do want to try some greens and yellows - I don't already have these colours and these palettes are so much more manageable, however this seemed to be one of the worst palettes quality-wise and I'm not sure I'd trust the re-released version to be amazing. I'm pretty disappointed about it all because I just want some nice khaki green shadows and was totally ready for Morphe to change my mind on their products! I missed the Melt Cosmetics Gemini palette too, so I've actually ordered a load of dupe singles - I'll let you know my thoughts on those when they arrive.

Have you tried any of the products I've featured or do you have your eye on anything I've mentioned here? Let me know in the comments!

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