Affordable Beauty Finds #2

Today I'll be talking my favourite recent affordable beauty finds and there's a good mix of drugstore bits, some online brands and a few names that were new to me. I hope you enjoy!

LA Girl Pro.Matte Foundation* (Soft Honey) | £9.99 | This foundation seriously knocked my socks off! The colour is a good match for me - LA Girl actually has a really great colour range, which is very rare at this price-point. It doesn't look or feel heavy or caky on the skin and doesn't give a dry or matte feel. At the same time it offers a nice medium-full coverage that's matte on the skin. It's very long-wearing and still looks pretty much intact by the end of my average workday (and not too bad when I've been for drinks afterwards!) I love that I don't have to touch up my powder when I'm wearing this foundation too.

L'Oreal Life's a Peach Blush | £8.99 | I'm super impressed with this peachy-toned blusher - it's warm and vibrant but so wearable. It has a sort of luminous matte finish that applies easily, blends out with no effort and never looks like too much. It also wears really well and I don't get that annoying patchy effect throughout the day.

L'Oreal La Vie en Glow Highlighting Palette in Warm Glow | £12.99 | This formula is soooo good! It's soft, glitter-free and super-pigmented. It gives that intense glow for such an affordable price and is absolutely one of the best drugstore products I've found for this look. This is a sun-kissed selection of shades that all suit my skin tone - I actually discovered in my palette declutter that it's pretty similar to the Anastasia Sun Dipped so I'll definitely be including a comparison in my next dupes post! If you're popping into Boots for a highlighter, I don't think you're can do much better than this.

ColourPop Matte Lippie Stick in Sike | $5.50 | If you're not familiar with this product - ColourPop's 'matte' formula is actually quite creamy and has a sheen (so can transfer a little). It's not as long-wearing as a true matte but it is more comfortable! I love this vibrant but wearable warm deep peach - it instantly lifts my complexion and gives a summery vibe to my makeup looks.

Ecotools Define Brush* | £10 (for duo) | I'm really enjoying this synthetic face brush for bronzer - the tapered shape means it can really get into your cheekbones. You could even use this to blend out your contour for a more natural look. At £10, you really can't go wrong!

New Look White Marble Oversized Makeup Bag | £9.99 | Finally: a makeup bag that actually fits everything in it! Whether I'm away for a week or a weekend, I can fit everything I want in here including plenty of lip options, a face palette, an eyeshadow palette, all of my essential brushes, tools and so on. I could probably get my skincare in here too if I wanted. It's an added bonus that the bag itself is so pretty with the marble finish (which can be wiped clean), pink detailing and rose gold zip...

4711 Original Cologne* | £17.49 | This is one of those classic cult products I'd somehow never come across! I love the bottle design - it's unlike anything else on my shelf with it's apothecary vibe. Though the downside of that is that there's no spray on the packaging; you just have to 'splash' it on. This is a cologne so the scent isn't long-wearing to me - for the price, it can be forgiven, though. The scent it so unusual; sort of soft and powdery, yet fruity and sweet with a medicinal quality to it. Its notes include rose, sandalwood oil and lemon and orange oils.

Yardley Flora Jade* | £25 | I rarely have an affordable fragrance love - let alone two! I actually had a couple to try from Yardley: Flora Jade (its notes include peach, bergamot, sandalwood and ylang ylang) and the slightly fresher Daisy Sapphire (its notes include apple, white rose and sandalwood). Flora Jade has to be my favourite as it's fresh and floral but also has that woodier, spicier undercurrent. I thought these lasted pretty well on me, especially considering they're EDTs and not perfumes and I really like the packaging and the more modern feel of this collection.

Missguided Unicorn Dreams Body Mist* | £10 | Body sprays feel so old school but given how pleasantly surprised I was by the Babe Power fragrance last year, I just had to give this new collection a go! This was easily my favourite, though I know the warm, very sweet scent won't be for everyone, I personally really like it. The notes include coconut, amber, rose, vanilla, pineapple and sandalwood. I find that this lasts impressively well throughout the day too. If you liked Babe Power, I think this fragrance will appeal to you as well!

Palmer's Coconut Oil Anti-Oxidant Firming Lotion* | £7.99 | This body lotion smells absolutely amazing! I actually think I like it more than the famous original scent - it's a touch lighter and sweeter. This formula really is lovely; it's very lightweight and non-greasy but definitely still gives that amazing hydration. It really softens and smooths my skin at the same time.

Soap & Glory the Heel Deal Foot File* | £9 | This isn't a very glamorous product but given that summer has well and truly kicked off, I've been using it a lot! This foot file has two different textures on the front and back depending on how intense of an exfoliation you need and it really does work! My feet feel smooth and look good in sandals. If you get dry skin too, then check this out.

Feather & Down Breathe Well Pillow Spray* | £7 | I really rate Feather and Down - I love aromatherapy to help me relax and this brand really makes those products affordable! This new collection also has a bubble bath, though I've not been back to mum's yet to try it out (sadly I don't have a bath to use here). However I'm already loving this pillow mist. I actually started using it when I had a really bad cold and was very bunged up, so definitely found I got to sleep more easily when I used this. It contains lavender and chamomile to destress and eucalyptus and peppermint to clear your airways.

Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask* | £18.50 | I really do enjoy Mario Badescu products and got this clay mask in a little set from Beauty Bay*. It does come in a pot so I apply it with a mask brush (the consistency is quite gloopy too, so it can get a bit messy otherwise), leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse. It's nicely brightening and softening, also giving a deep cleanse without drying out my skin. It's a pretty great all-rounder!

Stripped Skincare Calendula & Mandarin Hot Cloth Cleansing Oil* | £15 | I've been trialling a few bits from this all-natural skincare brand but there are already two products I'm reaching for on a daily basis! This is a lovely hot cloth cleanser to remove makeup. The oil effectively lifts even waterproof eye makeup whilst still being gentle and not stinging my eyes. You then simply use a damp, hot face cloth or flannel to remove everything. It works really well for me and doesn't leave a greasy excess on the skin.

Stripped Skincare Lavender Eye Makeup Remover* | £8 | This is a pretty similar product to be honest - I personally prefer just to use a hot cloth cleanser to get everything off in one go, however if you don't like oils on your skin, you can simply use a micellar water or cream cleanser to get off your face makeup and then this for the eyes, as it lifts everything quickly without any scrubbing. You can use this with a hot cloth or cotton wool pads and it works just as effectively as the other cleanser for me and also doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes.

Have you discovered any new affordable beauty products you think are worth sharing?

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