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This month's highlight for me beauty-wise has to be the Juvia's Place Warrior Palette | $21. I did really love the OPV Oshun Palette too, however I know those sorts of shades won't be for everyone and I already reviewed that here. This, however, is a pretty universal selection of shades. I'll cover off how I ordered it, a bit about the brand and of course review and swatch the shades, so I hope this post is helpful if you were interested in this palette!

I really do love Juvia's Place after having tried the Saharan Palette (review) last year. The quality of the shadows is amazing in my experience and they have some really interesting and unique shades in their collection. They're primarily an eyeshadow brand, selling both singles and palettes, but also have some cheek palettes and brushes. This is actually one of only two more neutral palettes in their collection, as they tend to focus on colour. The palettes are primarily made with deeper skin tones in mind - obviously if you're fair, these colours can still look great on you, it's just that they won't pull ashy on darker skin. 

Although Juvia's Place is stocked at Beauty Bay, they don't currently have the Warrior Palette in (and I saw a rumour on Twitter that they wouldn't be getting it - though I'm not sure how true this is) so I just decided to go ahead and order it directly from their website. If you have a quick Google you'll be able to get an affiliate code for a bit of a discount - Angelica and Nikkie both have them off the top of my head. This palette is often out of stock but you can set an alert so you get an email when it's back, so you don't have to keep checking the website. 

Shipping to the UK was about $13 which is a fair amount, however the palettes are £25-30 on Beauty Bay anyway. It took about a week for this to be dispatched, probably as its so in-demand, however after that it arrived via FedEx in just a couple of days, which is pretty amazing! Annoyingly one of the shades arrived damaged, however I just decided to fix it myself with rubbing alcohol as I didn't want the hassle and waiting around of trying to get a replacement - the broken shade works just the same as the others, it just doesn't look as pretty! FedEx did email me after delivery to advise £5 of duties were due (which is fine) but also a £12 processing fee, which seemed a bit excessive to me. I emailed them saying I was happy to pay the £5 but not the £12, particularly as the item was damaged. They actually waived the full amount for me! I did a bit of Googling and it seems as though if you challenge the processing fee, they'll generally remove it.

(UPDATED 01/08/18: Juvia's Place now has a UK site that you can check out here!)

The packaging material obviously isn't very premium, however given the price-point and the effort put into the design itself, this doesn't bother me hugely. It's cardboard and the palette is fairly big but pretty slimline. It has the name of the palette down the spine, which is handy, and also on the front alongside this gorgeous imagery (this reminds me a bit of  the character design for the guards in Black Panther, which is very fitting given the warrior theme). Each Juvia's Place palette has a different African theme in terms of the images and shade names. I think this theme really works with the sandy neutral vibe of the colours.

The quality of these eyeshadows is just as good - if not better - than the Saharan palette I have and I find the formula to be consistent across the shades. You get full pigmentation from a single swipe and it really does translate when you apply them using a brush on the eyelids. If you add in a bit of Fix+ (or your setting spray of choice) then the shimmers perform like foiled shadows and you get that liquid metal effect. There are three mattes in here that are smooth, opaque and blend like a dream. I also find these shadows to be really long-wearing - last month I wore them to work (so they went on at about 7am) and then to London and out for dinner and drinks and they still looked pretty good when I arrived around 7pm and even at midnight when we got in. I'd definitely say they last better on me than the Saharan palette shades. 

This palette has more shimmers than mattes (6 vs. 3) however I don't mind so much because the mattes included pair really well with all of the shimmer shades. Amina (the one that was sadly broken) is a warm golden-champagne nude shimmer that's just gorgeous across the lid for an everyday look. Idia is a warm yellow-amber gold shimmer. Mino is a very dark, slightly cooler brown matte that's great for adding depth and smokiness to a look. Ahosi is a cream matte (I don't tend to reach for these colours in a palette). Moremi is my go-to highlight colour; a white-gold shimmer. Kano is the shade I use in the crease; it's a warm, almost butterscotch-toned brown matte that definitely has a hint of yellow to it. Dahomey is a deep orange gold shimmer. Bakwa is a light yellow gold shimmer - it is fairly similar to Idia though, so I'm not sure both are entirely necessary. Finally we have Benin, a slightly cooler, almost taupe-undertoned bronze shimmer that I tend to pair with Amina.

Overall I'm so happy with this palette and can't recommend it enough! The colours and quality are amazing and perfect for a sandy-toned summer look. As I said, I'm not sure if it's coming to Beauty Bay but hopefully it will. If you can't wait then you can order off the website and by the time you've paid the shipping and a small amount of customs it's about the same price as it would be from them anyway (I just recommend challenging the 'handling fee' they try to add on) and this arrived very quickly.

Have you tried Juvia's Place? As an aside - please let me know what you think of these swatch stencils! Do you prefer to see the shades shown like this?

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