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Following on from my post the week before last on how I want to approach beauty going forwards, I'm replacing monthly favourites with my one standout product from the month and for March it's the Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadows! It was a bit of a close call with ABH's Soft Glam but I did already talk about it here and have a comparison post coming up, so these shadows pipped it to the post. I'll be reviewing and swatching all of my shades so that if you've had your eye on these, you can see which one might be for you.

There are two formulas in this range: the first is the Glitter & Glow Eyeshadow | £23 | (which was released last year) and there's the brand new Shimmer & Glow Eyeshadow | £23.

I think I'm going to credit the Glitter formula with getting me into a bit of sparkle! I think 'glitter' has been treated as a bit of a dirty word, but there are ways to wear it that look classy and not over-the-top. It has a base colour with glitter running through it. The formula is so long-lasting that I really can trust this to last me all night! It comes with a handy flat applicator, which means you can just swipe it onto the eyes and you get a good amount of blending time before it sets into place. 

I have two shades: Diamond Dust* & Bronzed Bell. Diamond Dust isn't one I'd have picked out for myself but I just wanted to show the colour for those of you who'd like this sort of shade. It's a true, liquid silver glitter that I actually got a lot of use out of during festival season - obviously these are a bit pricey to buy just for that, but they can double up as glitter face decoration because of how the formula works. If you want a slightly more sheer option that you can pat on top of a cool-toned eyeshadow base then try Diamond Dust. Bronzed Bell is the shade I've really fallen for; it has a coppery bronze base colour with a silver glitter running through it. I love this for an evening makeup look on the centre of the lid (applied with my fingers) - I then put a warm matte colour in the crease, highlight the inner corner and pat a darker shade on the outer part of my lid to finish the look. 

The Shimmer formula seriously called out to me when it was launched recently! I use cream eyeshadows all the time and the softer, more metallic / pearlised sheen of the Shimmer shades is perfect for everyday wear. It's so quick and easy to swipe these on and blend out the edges (again, they don't set down too quickly so you have a bit of time to do that with your fingers - for a lighter shade - or a synthetic brush, with the darker colours). The opacity of these eyeshadows is also amazing - you get full colour payoff in one swipe! They don't crease or budge on me, which is amazing and also makes them a great base for more complex eye looks.

My go-to everyday shade is Jezebel, a pretty rose gold colour with a slightly silvery sheen to it. La Douce has a little bit more glitz to it and isn't the sort of colour I usually gravitate towards, but for some reason I was drawn to it and it's been nice to try something different. It's a stunning olive tone with a golden undertone. I also have Pigalle*, a beautiful cranberry shade that's a one-step nighttime eyeshadow look. Finally, Twig* is a warm, rich, deep brown colour that's also something I'd opt for in the evening.

Have you tried / will you be trying the Stila liquid eyeshadows?

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Disclosure - products marked * were sent to me for consideration however all opinions remain my own.


  1. OMg these look incredible!! I loooove them!


    Ellie xx

  2. these are just beautiful!! the rose gold shade is amazing xx


  3. Those shimmer ones are gorgeous! I love a nice shimmery eye at night, especially a rose gold one. I can’t wait to check these out the next time I’m at Sephora! xAllie www.theallthatglittersblog.com

  4. The colors are so pretty.


  5. Didn't think I need these but wow, looking at your swatch, I definitely need at least one!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  6. Twig looks like itd be a really nice everyday shade for me. Also its so nice to only have like one colour to just swatch on. As someone who isn't super confident with eyeshadow I think this method would work best !

  7. I haven't tried the shimmer and glows yet but love the glitters. My order of Diamond Dust just came today and I can't wait to use it x


  8. 100% agree!!! I just bought Smokey Storm 2 days ago, so now I own 3 of these. I definitely want to add more colors to my collection. So far, Kitten Karma is my most used. It was one of my favorite products for 2017.

    Aisha | www.stardustandlipstick.wordpress.com

  9. Yesss I am sooooo in love with these!!! They are amazing aren't they :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  10. La Douce needs to be mine! Stunning shade! xx


  11. Ooh, gorgeous swatches! I've heard nothing but good things about these. Loving the look of Le Douce especially! xo


  12. I have wanted to buy these for such a long time, I am going to have to pick them up very soon!

    Danielle xx

  13. Yesss! I'm totally with you on this! I've wanted to try them out for the longest time their always sold out when I try to get them! Absolutely need 'bronzed bell" in my life!

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  14. Jezebel and Pigalle look stunning!!!! Will be trying them asap...

  15. I swatched these in M&S for the first time the other day, and I fell head over heels with them! Such a beautiful product xx

    Brooke // www.brookeclarke.com

  16. It's definitely worth going and having a swatch of them :) x

  17. Yeah it's so quick and easy! x

  18. So many people love Kitten Karma! x

  19. It's such an interesting shade! Definitely unique to my collection :) x

  20. Bronzed Bell has to be my favourite ;) x

  21. I can't believe I haven't tried them! I need to order one. I'm liking the look of Jezebel xx


  22. I have Kitten Karma and it's such a beautiful shade - I haven't had the chance to wear it enough! Bronzed Bell looks stunning and I loove your photo in this post!!xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  23. I need bronzed bell in my life, it's absolutely stunning! I was desperate to get my mitts on the Christmas gift set of these but it was sold out everywhere!

    Gemma Louise


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