My Most-Worn Makeup of 2016 So Far

We're drawing to the end of Q1 (wow, that sounded corporate...) so I thought I'd have a little look back at what have been my most reached-for products this year so far. I've kept this makeup-based because, as I've mentioned a few times, my skin has been all over the place! I've also linked to my original posts on the products if you fancy reading and in-depth review and seeing the swatches.


Too Faced Hangover Primer | £27 | post

I can't believe how dry my skin has been this winter! Luckily I had this super-hydrating cream primer on hand to nourish my skin and provide the perfect base for my foundation. I can't see it's one I will reach for when the weather heats up but at the moment it just makes my skin feel hydrated and my base look natural.

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser | £29.50 | post

This has been pretty much all I've reached for this year. I always liked this base but it's been elevated to holy grail status recently as it's the perfect antidote to dry, flaky skin. It somehow looks and feels so lightweight but still evens out the skin tone, making it look radiant and flawless. It's not thick or greasy at all so I'd recommend it for dry skin right up to combination skin. I've been loving applying this with my Sephora Pro Airbrush #55 ($34, post) for that natural skin look.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer | £7.99 | post

I really wish this came in more shades as it's a fantastic product, but knowing Bourjois (and the fact that any feedback from bloggers and the public seems to fall on deaf ears) I'm sure they won't bother. Anyway, it's an extremely lightweight formula that blends effortlessly and doesn't crease on me. The peach tone cancels out my dark circles and it also illuminates under my eyes. I apply this with my trusty Real Techniques Setting Brush, like I do with all my under-eye concealers because it blends them out so naturally.

I feel like I forget to mention this because it's just so much a part of my routine! I blend this out (again with the Real Techniques Setting Brush) over the Bourjois concealer for that bit of extra coverage and brightness under my eyes. I love the texture of this; it's so light and fluffy it feels like it almost blends itself!

Although I've flirted with a few different options, I do always seem to come back to this. It isn't too dry or caky and it isn't overly 'wet' on my skin. It just gives the best coverage ever so I use it for my blemishes. The shade Ginger is also perfect for my winter skin tone.

I know my under-eye routine seems excessive but people with hyper-pigmentation will understand! I finish off by taking a click of this highlighting concealer for under each eye. I apply it in the shape of an upside down triangle before again taking my Real Techniques Setting Brush to blend it in. I also like to then take a damp BeautyBlender across everything to make sure it's blended in seamlessly (to be honest though I think the Real Techniques sponge does the job too).

This has been a bit of a surprise love for me as I never thought I was into loose powders, especially not allegedly translucent ones (which usually leave my skin with a white cast). However since this arrived I've been setting my makeup with it every single day! It's virtually traceless on the skin and keeps my shine at bay without being overtly matte. I've noticed my makeup lasts so much longer when I use this too.


It was only ever going to be this! It's as close to the 'perfect' highlight shade that suits most people as I think we're ever going to get as it's a gorgeous golden champagne shade with a little hint of peach. The formula is a powder but it honestly doesn't look or feel like one as it has such a beautiful, creamy texture. I apply it with my Sigma F35 Copper Highlight Brush* which just blends it out perfectly for a natural, dewy look.

I don't usually contour on an everyday basis but this has had me defining my cheekbones just about every single day! The texture is very fine which means that whilst it kicks up some fallout, it does blend evenly onto the skin without you having to do much work. The shade Complicated (Medium Cool) is perfect on my skin tone and looks very subtle and natural. I like to apply this with the Morphe E4 Angled Contour Brush as it gives such a nice, natural look and it's pretty much foolproof to use!

I've actually experimented quite a bit with blusher this year but overall I do think my most reached-for has been this pretty nude-mauve. It's not too much of anything, it has that perfect consistency (blending out with zero patchiness on my skin) and you just can't really go wrong with it. It has a very slight sheen to it but looks matte on the skin. It's a great every day shade or for when you're playing up your eyes or lips a lot and just want something fairly natural on the cheeks.


I'm sure you're sick to death of hearing me talk about this but it really is the perfect brow product. You can't go wrong with it; no matter how hastily or carelessly I apply this it always just seems to give me that perfect natural brow look. It isn't too reddish, it isn't too soft, it isn't overly pigmented plus it's nice and thin and the spooly on this is really good.

I like to finish off the look by making sure any gaps in my sparse brows are filled in using this fab bargain from NYX. It isn't too thick or crunchy but it still makes such a difference. If my brows have been tinted fairly recently I can just brush a bit of this on for instantly thicker but still natural-looking brows.     

This is a product I really should talk about more as I use it just about every single day! It's a creamy but long-wearing stick eyeshadow that's just that perfect 'not too warm, not too cool' mid brown matte shade. I always use this as a base for powder eyeshadows as it really makes them pop and last that bit longer. I've never finished a cream eyeshadow before but I have about a millimetre of this left, which is a testament to it!

Makeup Geek Travel Vault Palette | £11.50 (palette only)

There's no doubt that 2016 has been the year of Makeup Geek for me! (Though a few MAC favourites managed to sneak their way into here...) It's a real shame this Travel Vault only comes in one size as, whilst I love it for a weekend, I'd prefer to store all my Makeup Geek eyeshadows in something like this. It's much sleeker, more compact and stylish than my Z Palettes. Inside here I have my most-used shades of the year by a mile! I tend to go for warmer neutrals but I have a few taupes in there as well. Makeup Geek has to have one of my favourite eyeshadow formulas ever; they're long-lasting but just so creamy in texture and pigmented. I also love their dewy super-shimmery Foiled formulation. MAC's formula isn't quite so smooth (particularly with the mattes) but I do find them very long-lasting still and I think these shades are really unique.

Shimma Shimma (off-white shimmer - inner corner highlight)
Homecoming (brown bronze shimmer with a neutral undertone - lid shade)
Frappe (warm caramel brown matte - crease colour)
Cocoa Bear (warm chocolate brown matte - crease colour)
Taupe Notch (taupe with brown tones and subtle shimmer - outer v shade)
Bada Bing (deep brown with gold glitter - outer v shade)

Starry Eyed (dewy champagne shimmer - inner corner highlight)
Grandstand (dewy rose gold shimmer - lid shade)

All That Glitters (nude shimmer with hints of bronze and peach - inner corner highlight or lid shade)
Sable (red-toned brown shimmer - lid shade)
Quarry (lilac-toned taupe matte - crease colour)

This has well and truly stolen the crown as my #1 favourite eyeliner pen and that isn't an easy position to win! I just love how thin and precise the tip is an how inky yet transfer-proof the formula itself is. I'm only on my second in the past year because they last so long before drying up and don't go grey or wishy-washy.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Stag, Smog & Underground | £15.50 each

I definitely need to shout about these pencil liners more as they really are my favourites! They stay in place without smudging all day long despite having such a nice, creamy texture when you apply them initially. Stag is a really dark charcoal brown with a matte-look finish so I use this to tight line and give the illusion of fuller lashes. Smog is a golden brown-bronze shimmer and Underground is a cooler taupe-bronze. I use these on the lower lash line - Smog with warmer eyeshadows and Underground with cooler ones. I really like these shades because they define my eyes but aren't as harsh as black.

Again I've tried a lot of new mascaras this year but I do seem to revert back to my old favourite. I've never tried a mascara that gives me so much amazing length whilst also adding a nice bit of volume without it being too clumpy. It also doesn't smudge or flake on me and holds a curl all day.

I just love both the shade and formula of this one! I personally don't find it drying on my lips but it gives that perfect matte finish that lasts me through breakfast and multiple cups of coffee before I need a post-lunch touch up. I love the warm blush pink colour with a hint of brown nude; it's a gorgeous everyday shade whilst being more interesting than a standard neutral lip.

This is honestly one of the best lip balms to wear in the day and Petal is the perfect shade you can throw on with anything at the last minute. The formula is so hydrating and much more pigmented than you might expect. I love the rosy nude colour because it's just perfect for work days as a 'my lips but better' shade.

What have been your most reached-for products of 2016 so far?


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  1. ugh everytime I see that CT makeup bag I just want it so badly it's so cute. I recently picked up the Too Faced Hangover primer and I've been liking it so far - it's hydrating but not in a greasy way. Great post x


  2. I've managed to get through a lot of my mascara stash lately, so finally justified buying Lash Sensational and LOVE it! :D Gorgeous products here!

    Style Sunrise☀


  3. So many amazing products! Im also loving my MUG Contour Powder, it looks amazing once applied. I have been trying out the new Bourjois concealer but it just doesn't seem to do anything for me.
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | GIVEAWAY | Win Makeup Geek, Morphe & More

  4. Oh wow! There are so many stuff here you made me REALLY wanna try, like in this precise moment! The swatches are just so... tempting!
    RIP money, you'll be missed :)

    Allie | RainyAllie

  5. Oh my gosh - so many beautiful products!! *Heart eyes* I adore that Becca champaign pop colour and I'm obsessed with Too Faced. Thanks for sharing your top picks xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. I really love everything I have from Too Faced - I need to explore their products more :) xx

  6. So many gorgeous products!!! I wear Lash Sensational every single day, I need to try the Too Faced Hangover Primer is sounds so so lovely x


  7. I've never heard of the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Taupe before, but it does sound like a great base indeed! I also find myself adding more and more under eye products, I don't care if it is a little bit more time-consuming as it makes such a huge difference!


  8. Hmmm I'm very hesitant to try more Bourjois products because of the shade range, I almost don't want to support them unless they bring out shades I can wear! I remember hating the Maybelline age rewind concealer, but it's been a while so maybe I'll try it again :)


    1. I completely know what you mean! They just never seem to listen to feedback xx

  9. Makeup geek shadows are what i've been reaching for to! Its so annoying about the Bourjois colour range. I love that concealer as well. I recently picked up the Too faced primer. I'm loving it so far! xx


  10. The becca highlight looks like such a pretty shade!! I really need to try it x


  11. This was an amazing post, you got some good ones in this post. I love MAC's Sable it's my all over lid color for those lazy makeup days. Some of these products I do want to get my hands on, specially on Makeup Geek shadows find them so pretty. What a great post these are some gem's you got there !

    Katie | http://ktmcgworld.blogspot.ca

    1. Makeup Geek eyeshadows are just the best :D xx

  12. Great post! I'll have to have a little think about my most worn products -the first that spring to mind are Champagne Pop & Better Than Sex mascara xx


  13. So many great products in one place! I can't wait to place my MUG order next week. I hadn't seen the Travel Vault Palette until now. That will be going in the basket too!

    Robyn | RobynLouiiise x

  14. MUG shadows are definitely my most used of this year, need to check out that vault too! Love the UD eyeliner shades!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. I'm loving using the vault - it's just the perfect size for a short trip away and you can fit one of the blushes and one of the contour powders in there with six shadows :) xx

  15. I really like the new bourjois concealer, you're right it blends so well!
    Philippa x

  16. Baby Love has definitely been my most loved blush for the past six months. It's a stunning blush, I really can't get enough of it.

    brooke | brooke elise

  17. I loved reading this post, I am looking to have a huge purchase on the MUG eyeshadows and contour pans :)

    Lee | thatbellemakeup.blogspot.co.uk

  18. Champagne Pop is so gorgeous, it must be a great product to use for everyday looks to add a bit of glow to the skin. You make me want to get all the products you mentioned, but the only one I'll actually be getting for now is the Lash Sensational mascara haha. Great post!

    Julia xx
    Last post: My Daily Makeup Look - http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr/2016/03/tutorial-daily-makeup-look.html

  19. My staples this year so far have been my MAC Studio Fix, Magic Eye Eraser, MAC Mehr, my chocolate bar palette and hourglass Mood Exposure (still obsessed)

    If you are looking for a new way to store your MUG MAC pans I have just posted about my latest purchase, my Make Up Forever Palette, completely in love... and now I can buy MUG shadows!! :)


    1. I did actually order a big one of those to keep at home when I realised we could get them in the UK! I love the Vault for travel though as it's the perfect size :) xx

  20. Oooh I love your eyeshadow palette! I'm currently building mine up, the foiled eyeshadows from Makeup Geek look so beautiful!


  21. I've been hearing good things about Bourjois concealer, something I should check out. Can NARS tinted moisturiser be good for spring/summer? I can't make my mind up, if I want this or Velvet matte skin tint. x

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. It really depends on your skin type/preferences - personally I have combination skin that's dry in the winter and shine-prone in the summer so it makes sense for me to use this in the winter and the Velvet Matte in the summer :) xx

  22. That Vichy powder is amazing! i would it sets your makeup and literally doesnt move and the fact its waterproof as well is amazing!


  23. These are all amazing products. I keep hearing people raving about the bourjois concealer, I really should buy it. X


  24. I've been loving Makeup Geek this year too, I feel like once you try a few of their eye shadows you get hooked and need more!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

    1. The rest of my eyeshadows don't really get a look-in! Haha xx

  25. ohhh how i adore Becca <3

    PeachPlz | http://www.peachplz.com/

  26. I just got my first MUG shadows and I totally get the obsession! The Nyx tinted brow mascara is a favorite of mine too!

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

  27. All these beauty products look so so good! I see many of my favourites.


  28. Ok Jasmine, I come here to hear what you have to say but I always walk away with a longer shopping list. How does that always happen?!? I'm curious about the Bourjois concealer. Peach corrector style you say? Hmmm...
    Sal UmmBabyBeauty

  29. Thank you for all the comments - glad you enjoyed having a look at my go-tos this year so far :) xx

  30. All these swatches are amazing!! I literally want it all!

    Leah xxx

  31. Oh wow there's tons of stuff here that I want to try out! I just ordered some more Makeup Geek eyeshadows. They are amazing!


  32. I love the last sensational so much that I even bought a second bottle of it! Lol enjoyed reading this post, loving your flatlay of these products! ♡

    Evelyn | BeautyCloud9

  33. I really want that sigma highlight brush! So many gorgeous shadows which you've been using!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

  34. This is such an amazing idea for a post! I've actually tried very few of these, I really need to up my makeup game haha!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  35. Great idea for a blog post! ^_^
    I am sooo excited to try the bourjois concealer, peachy tones are right up my street! Also your swatches omg they're the BEST!! I need champagne pop for my birthday this year, it looks beautiful! That too faced blush shade is also so very pretty!

    Iqra | The Blushing Giraffe

  36. I love the Too Faced hangover primer - it's probably one of my most used products x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x


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